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Okay, this is the scariest thing I've seen all day.

"Zaliens & Cloud Watchers" is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on January 8, 2012 to 2.99 million viewers.[1]


After Ally writes a song that Austin doesn't think sounds like him, they decide to hang out more with each other in order to learn what do they do for fun. When things get out of hand they realize that they are opposites but that's what makes things work perfectly. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez realize they have more in common than they thought.

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Austin and Dez playing the xylophone with metal spatulas while hamburgers are cooking on the keys. Ally comes in and announces she finished the song and questioned what they were doing, to which Dez replied with Xylo-Grilling. Austin claims it is a way to combine Austin's music skills with Dez's cooking skills.



holds an open hamburger bun and Dez flips a raw hamburger backward, missing the bun and causing it to stick to the window. Dez then scrapes the burger off the window and offers it to Ally. Trish enters, dressed as a giant slice of cheese with a new job, Cheese Out of My League. Ally diverts her attention back to Austin and tells him to listen to the song she finished. Austin says he loves and Ally cheers before walking away. As Ally leaves, Austin tells Dez and Trish that he actually hated it. Dez scoops some of his drum-chili onto his burger. When Austin clarifies he didn't like the song, Dez scoops some of his drum-chili onto the mp3, wondering if it will help. Trish is working at Cheese Out Of My League, while Austin and Dez are playing a game of "Go Fish", but with cheese.

Ally writes about what she thinks is the best song she ever wrote about Austin. He hears the song and hates it because it doesn't describe him at all. After a webcast, Austin tells Ally that he doesn't like the song. They decide they need to get to know each other better, so they do activities that each other thinks is fun. First, Ally takes Austin with her to her "Cloud Watching Club," but Austin thinks it's boring. He then takes Ally to a horror movie convention which she thinks is boring. Meanwhile, Dez and Trish watch Zaliens 3, a horror movie, and discover that they share some things in common. Ally then takes Austin to the mall pond, and tells him that her inspiration for writing songs comes from Pickles the Goose but then they have to take him away when the pond is turning into a new parking lot.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Memorable Quotes

Austin: Got any cheddar?
Dez: Go fish. Got any provolone?
Austin: (hands him a slice of cheese)
Dez: (eats it) This is monetary jack. Cheater.

Trish: Man, I hate this job. My entire uniform is made out of real cheese. Including my underwear.
Dez: I wear cheese underwear all the time. I love it. I feel like I can breath in it. Especially the Swiss.
Trish: Why would you do that?
Dez: Because the goat cheese is too squishy

Austin: (hoarse) Ally bad news. I can't do the webcast today. I lost my voice.
Ally: Oh no. That's terrible.
Austin: I know I feel awful. We're going to have to reschedule there's no (returning back to normal) way that girl is cute.

Austin: I like having fun. I break some rules. I color outside the lines.
Ally: Why do you have a coloring book?
Austin: I just told you. I'm fun.
Ally: I can color outside the lines... I can't color outside the lines

Austin: Okay, okay. I see a snowman eating marshmallows.
Ally: Eh. Wrong. It's a bunny on a bicycle. How can you not see that?

Ally: Ugh. I hate horror movies there so boring.
Austin: More boring than staring at clouds all afternoon?
Dez: Yeah. That's the boringest thing I've ever heard. Hey, check it out. A bunny on a bicycle.

Austin: How did you not like swamp bride? There was a wedding. Girls love weddings.
Ally: The swamp guy ate the bridesmaids.
Austin: They ran out of appetizers.

Walter: Oh, don't "hey" "hi Walter" me. You littered in my theater.
Austin: We didn't litter.
Walter: Oh yeah? Look what I found underneath your seats. Recognize this?
Ally: Yeah. It's popcorn.
Walter: Ah ha. How would you that if you didn't litter?
Ally: Uh, because we've seen popcorn before?

Dez: I'm a Zalien. Character from my favorite 13 movies of all time. Zaliens, Zaliens 2, Zaliens 3, Zaliens 4, Zaliens 5, Zaliens 7-
Ally: Ah, ah, ah. You forgot Zaliens 6.
Dez: Ugh. That movie stinks. I wish I could forget it.

Ally: Don't you think he's cute?
Austin: I guess.
Pickles: (honks)
Austin: Okay, you're cute.

Austin: Awesome. I never thought I'd see Ally Dawson, dressed as a swamp bride, stealing a goose, and running from a security guard.
Ally: I'm not running from a security guard.
Austin: Well you should be.
Guard: Freeze!

Austin: I honked at you. Honk.
Walter: Excuse me? I'm warning you kid, I speak goose and that kind of language will not be tolerated in my theater.
Austin: Sorry, Walter. I meant to say: honk.
Walter: Apology accepted.

Austin: This is awesome!
Ally: Awesome? Pickles just caused a panic in the theater and is attacking Walter. How can you be laughing?
Austin: Because, Pickles just caused a panic in the theater and is attacking Walter.

Ally: ...I've got a new goose. His name is Austin.
Austin: Cool! You named a goose after me? Where is he?
Ally: It's you. You're my goose.
Austin: Why, because I pooped on a bench one time? I was two years old!

Trish: Guess who got a job at Tee-Shirt World? (opens her jacket to reveal a picture of Dez)
Dez: Guess who gets a best friend discount? (opens his shirt to reveal a picture of Trish)
Ally: I'm so happy you guys like hanging out together. And by happy, I mean totally weirded out.

Dez: First, she likes pepperoni. Then, she doesn't want to get it delivered because she doesn't think we get out enough. But sometimes I'm tired and I just want to watch TV.
Trish: Why are you so tired all the time? I'm the one who works at least 2 jobs a day.
Austin: Well, everything's back to normal. Let's see what you've got.
Ally: You're gonna be so proud of me. I colored outside the lines.
Austin: Where'd you color outside the lines?
Ally: Uh, right there.
Austin: (colors all over the page)
Ally: No! Stop!
Austin: Who's outside the lines now?
Ally: You broke my crayon!

Songs Featured


  • Ally broke every rule that was listed on the "POND REMOVAL BEGINS TOMORROW" sign:
    • No writing.
    • No singing.
    • No hanging out with Austin.
    • No sitting on benches.
    • No naming geese.
    • No petting geese.
    • No feeding geese.
    • No hanging out.
  • Ally says 'urrr, wrong' when she is cloud-watching with Austin. In fellow Disney Channel show 'Shake it Up, CeCe says 'urrr, wrong' in an episode.
  • A running gag is whenever Ally is seen from the camcorder's perspective, she tries to duck out of the way.
  • This is the second episode to have an animal, the first being "Kangaroos & Chaos".
  • When Austin was holding Ally's hand and broke her crayon, the line was unscripted. Ross had accidentally broken it.[2]
  • This is the first episode that doesn't have an alliteration, possibly to emphasize Austin and Ally's differences.
  • Trish is hired and fired from two jobs in this episode, Cheese Out Of My League and T-Shirt World, where she bought herself and Dez shirts of their faces.
  • The episode title refers to Austin and Ally experiencing new things, such as going cloud watching and watching a Zaliens horror movie, to get to know each other better.
  • There was a dance similar to Trish's when she was stalling, in "Club Owners & Quinceaneras".
  • A section of this episode was featured in the "A Billion Hits" music video.
  • This is the first episode that aired in 2012.
  • This was the first episode to do with Zaliens. The second was "Couples & Careers", and the third was "Eggs & Extraterrestrials".


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