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Don't touch my science book!
Ally to Dez

"What Ifs & Where's Austin" is the second episode of Season 3 of Austin & Ally and the 47th episode overall. It premiered on November 3, 2013 to 3.478 million viewers.[1] The episode currently holds the highest views of Season 3.


Ally, Trish and Dez imagine how their lives would be if they’d never met Austin.

Episode Summary

Team Austin are now in Missouri, and Dez wakes them up for breakfast, But after another one of Dez's disastrous attempts at making breakfast, Austin goes to get everyone breakfast burritos at the diner (with the exceptions of cameos in the imagination sequence and the end, Austin makes no further appearance in this episode). While he's gone, the gang imagines what life would have been like if they had never met Austin.

In their life without Austin, Ally reprimanded Austin for playing on the drums with corn dogs, and he quietly apologized before leaving. Trish comes in, having started work at the Cupcake Store after getting fired from the Recycling Center and the two encounter friendless, weirdo Dez. Meanwhile, Ally plays her slow version of Double Take for Trish, and Trish's idea of making it better is to slow it down further and make it soulful. She sings as indicated; Dez applauds both of them. Trish


calls Jimmy Starr up to listen to Ally; being so nervous -- as she still has her stage fright -- Trish convinces Ally to simply play so that she can be signed on as a songwriter. Trish sings Double Take, and Jimmy signs Trish on.

Fame immediately goes to Trish's head; she rejects Finally Me, prefers to sing a song that talks about how her fans are inferior to her, begins to act very selfish towards Ally. She also hires Dez to be her 'friend' that is really just an assistant. Ally eventually loses interest in music, and becomes a scientist -- she even turns the practice room into a chemistry lab.


When Trish performs her song, she gets booed and immediately loses all her fame. Ally and Trish had an argument. Back at Sonic Boom, Dez was arranging jellybeans for her dressing room but spilled them all. Trish admits that Ally is the real talent, and thinks she should be a manager because she liked the booking concerts, and behind the scenes. Through this, she realizes that she lost her record deal and her best friend all along. Dez always admits she's not alone, and still with her. They share a kiss, and after that, they scream loudly, including Ally, and that's when they stop imagining, thinking their lives would be terrible. Austin comes back with the burritos a moment later. They all hugged him, leaving Austin confused when he was gone for only an hour. Dez said he'll explain it to him playing a game and went outside. Trish was wondering if their lives would've been like that without Austin, but Ally said it was all their imagination, and that they were friends before they met Austin. Trish states that kissing Dez wasn't the worst, losing her best friend is and they hug. Ally bubble-wrapped all corners so if Austin does fall and get hurt, Trish added training wheels on the skateboard so he won't fall, and Dez made him breakfast which Austin thinks it's oatmeal, but it was actually pre-chewed bacon and eggs which Austin didn't eat. Austin states that nothing bad will happen to him, went into the room, gets attacked by the chicken, and Dez's disastrous attempts to make breakfast.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: (to Dez) Don't touch my science book!
Dez: I love jumping.

Dez: *bangs frying pans together* Rise and shine sleepyheads! Time for Dez's world famous tour bus breakfast!
Trish: What time is it?
Dez: I just told you time for Dez's world famous tour bus breakfast! *bangs frying pans together again and Austin and Trish take them away, but Dez pulls out another pair and bangs those together*
Austin: Dez! Every time you cook it's a complete mess.
Ally: Yesterday you burnt the toast so bad we had to evacuate the bus, then you forgot to put a lid on the blender and splattered smoothies everywhere!
Trish: *pulls blueberry out of her hair* I'm still pulling blueberries out of my hair.
Dez: *takes blueberry and eats it* Well no messes today now how do you like your omelettes?
Austin: Forget it Dez! I'm just gonna go to the diner and get us some breakfast burritos.
Dez: Nonsense I have fresh eggs. *he leaves then comes back in with a chicken which makes all the plates break*

Austin: Well, he did say fresh.

Trish: I'm completely alone.

Dez: (looks at her sympathetically) You aren't completely alone... I'm still here.
Trish: ...You're right. You haven't been my assistant... you've been my...
Dez: (excited) Friend?!
Trish: I think we both know you've been more than a friend.
Dez: (gasps)
Trish: (signals for Dez to kiss her)
Dez: (bends down, kisses Trish)
Ally: (walks in, sees Trez kissing)
Trish and Dez: (pull apart)
Ally: (screams)

Trish and Dez: (scream)

Trish: Our lives would've been terrible without Austin!
Ally: I had given up my dream!
Trish: I had never become a manager!
Dez: I had to do the most disgusting thing because I was desperate for a friend! I can't believe I-
Trish: Kissed me? (shudders) I know.
Dez: I was going to say I can't believe I gave up directing. Come one, kissing me wasn't the worst thing in the world.

Trish: Yes Dez, yes it is.

Trish: You really think things would've turned out that way?
Ally: We were just imagining the worst. We were friends before we met Austin, I'd like to think that we'd still be friends without him.

Trish: Me too. Because kissing Dez wasn't the worst thing in the world. Losing my best friend was.

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Austin only appears in the scene before the theme song and briefly in the imagination sequence and the end, making this the first Austin & Ally episode in which Austin is a minor character.
    What If's & Where's Austin -2-.jpg
  • In this episode, Trish and Dez have their first kiss together, though it is imaginary. 
    What If's & Where's Austin -5-.jpg
  • This marks the first episode of Season 3 to have a kiss in it, though it is imaginary.
  • This episode features Trish performing her first song by herself.
  • There is a reference to a Season 1 episode Zaliens & Cloud Watchers when Dez is xylophone grilling.
  • Two references are made to a Season 1 episode World Records & Work Wreckers; both Dez and Austin try to break the world record for longest time spinning a basketball on their finger.
  • A reference is made to the season 1 episode Kangaroos & Chaos when Dez talks about how to play banjo badminton.
  • In the imagination sequence, Dez almost reveals his last name, but Trish cuts him off.
  • There was a parody of Ally's song Finally Me, written and performed by Trish called You Wish You Were Me.
  • In this episode, Ally has her hair back to the way it was in Season 1 during the imagination sequence.
  • In the imagination sequence, the "Please do not play the drums" sign is on top of the piano, but in the series premiere Rockers & Writers, it's on the wall.
  • According to Raini Rodriguez (Trish), it took 20 minutes to figure out how to position her and Calum Worthy (Dez) for the kiss.
  • This episodes focuses on Trez.
  • This was the second episode that remakes the events of the first episode, the first being Real Life & Reel Life.


  • When Dez says that he has fresh eggs and gets them, they are collected from Clucky. However, in the end, when Austin is attacked by the chicken, Dez uses "he" for a pronoun of Clucky. Male chickens don't lay eggs, only hens do.


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