"Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing" is the eighteenth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 37th episode overall. It premiered on July 14, 2013 at 8:30/7:30c. The episode was the nineteenth episode to be filmed of season 2. The episode earned a total of 3.226 million viewers on its premiere. [1]


Ally is nominated as one of Miami’s upcoming new artists, and attends a party with Austin, Trish, and Dez to celebrate. However, when producer Jean Paul-Paul Jean notices Ally doing her signature dance, he warns that this may prevent her from winning. [2]

Episode Summary

Ally gets nominated for the Miami Music Future Five; when she goes to the nominee party, Jean-Paul Paul-Jean thinks of her as flawless--or in his own words, albino panda--but once he sees Ally's horrendous dance moves, he urges the rest of Team Austin to make sure that she does not dance and ruin her chances of winning. Trish, Austin, and Dez think that they will have no troubles with such a goal, but then Ally declares that she wants to make a dance video for the contest. They try to talk her out of it--first by making a chart that has her strengths and weaknesses and then by following her around to try to videotape her dancing--and when those two attempts fail, Dez simply asks Ally to dance for him to record, and she is okay with it.

She dances and they then go back to Sonic Boom, where they show Ally her dancing; much to their irritation, Ally does not think badly of her dancing but thinks that she has improved a lot! The video ends up on the Internet, and even though Ally gets a lot of hating comments for it, she still sticks by her decision to make a dance video. Austin tries to talk her out of it again, but after hearing Ally stick up for herself, claiming that she likes her dancing which is enough, he decides to help her out with the video.

Ally ends up making The Ally Way, and she ends up winning the contest; in fact, her video goes viral which creates The Ally Way parodies. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez try to relax and enjoy their 'vacation' since Austin is completely free this week.

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  • The U-Mix Show (A Latin American TV show) released a clip from this episode, where it's shown something similar to a video-clip where Ally appears (along with Austin, Trish, and Dez) explaining how to dance like her step by step. [3]
  • This is the first episode with a post-credit ending. The "international" version of "The Ally Way" video is seen after the closing credits finish rolling.
  • The episode title refers to Ally's very bad dancing and how her video "The Ally Way" went viral.
  • "The Ally Way" is Ally's second viral video, the first being her embarrassing stage fright incident in Rockers & Writers.

Memorable Quotes

Austin:[enters into practice room] Working on some new moves?

Ally: No I'm trying to catch a fly.

Austin: Oh... It's kinda hard to tell with you.
[Team Austin walk into the mall and notices two guys making fun of Ally's signature dance]

Dez: Hey! That's not funny!
Austin: [deep man voice] You want me to say something?
Ally: [puts hand on Austin's stomach] No! They're just jealous.
Trish: Why is that?

Ally: 'Cause I'm doing it in my way. The Ally way!
Ally: Doing things the Ally way!
Trish: Next week you have a gig at the beach club, rehearsals with your dancers and 2 days in the studio.

Austin: Yes!
Trish: I know, you have a lot of exciting stuff next week.
Austin: No... Yes! 'Cause I don't anything to do this week! I can have my first vacation all year!. This calls for a cocktail weenie.
Dez: Wooh! Vacation! I say we go to beach every day, play video games and sleeping in till noon.
Austin and Dez: What up!
Ally: You realize you still have school, right?

Austin: Awe... Thanks for ruining my vacation.
Jean Paul-Paul Jean: Can I hear some applause? Or what we say in Germany: Applause!
Austin: I love being on a vacation.

Dez: Too bad it's been raining or we could've gone to real beach to see real beach babes.
Austin: Don't worry. I made some calls. [Two girls enters Sonic Boom] Hello, ladies. Oooh I love my life.
Dez: I love your life too.
Austin: Can one of you put sunblock on me?
Dez: I'm on it buddy.
[Girls leaves]
Austin: Dez! I wanted the beach babes to do it!

Dez: With their little hands would've taken forever!


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