Happy new year! I'm going to be a lot more active. The show may have ended, but let's try to keep this alive, okay? If you've heard of or have discord, we can even set that up too. Nonetheless, back to the topic, I'm doing a songwriting contest. I can't do prizes and I may be bad but if you want I can try rendering something for you. Anything, whether it be a background image, simple edit, or something animated that you want rendered to transparent. Of course, this is only optional, there's no official reward for this, that'd be hard.


  • Please do not include anything inappropriate within your song.
  • Your song does not have to be related to the show.
  • The length of your song must be to the equivalent of one minute of singing. No less. Maximum is four minutes.
  • The song must be original - anything copied or stolen will automatically mean disqualification and you will be unable to participate in future events under the justification of cheating.
  • You are allowed to collaborate to write the song. Artists work together, too, after all.
  • Post your song in the comments to enter.
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