Warning! The following episodes are recent and if you haven't seen them, you have been spoiled.

Here are my episode reviews for episodes. I won't do every single episode, but recent ones. If you are offended of what I write, keep your opinions to yourselves. I stole the idea from the Victorious Wiki.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath S2E7

This episode was good. I loved the humor, especially Kira's problem. I don't care if there's a few little Auslly moments.

The beginning was good. I'm so glad Lester had a few lines. We haven't seen him since Parents & Punishments.

Trish got a job at Puffy's Pillows. Ally says Trish finally got a job she actually liked. She did like her jobs as Austin's manager and the cell phone accessory cart. Dez and Ally were able to convince her to quit her job at Puffy's Pillows and get a job at the amusement park. My idea of a pillow store was the Pillow Factory, but that was close. I also got an idea of her getting a job at the nail salon, and the writers stole my idea in Backups & Breakups. I came up with the idea in April and the episode was filmed in probably June.

Austin used the new guitar Lester bought and Ally built, but when Austin fist strummed it, it broke. She forgot to use the screws. That was a little humor.

The gang first meets Kira. Austin checks her out, and says she's flawless, except her stinky breath. Ally was the wardrobe girl. She would've been that for Dez's movie Claws (Dun Dun Dun). She talked to Kira, and she wrapped the scarf around her nose to keep from smelling her breath.

Turns out Kira is Jimmy's daughter, which means the gang can't fire her. I loved Austin's "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" lines. I loved Ally's line "She takes our breath away."

I loved the gang's plans to fix Kira's breath, especially the drooling. I really liked Trish's line "That girl can't take a hint, or a mint.", it's a reference to one of the best songs on Victorious.

Trish and the little girl's scenes were so awesome!

I thought Austin's drooling was really gross, but it made up the humor for the episode.

Austin and Dez were recasting Austin's love interest for the video. Lester got more lines! I loved Ally's outfit. Kira apologized and offered to finish the video. I totes didn't expect that.

Austin had to speak for the kids at the mall. I liked the Trez. It's so obvious that they like each other. Austin was drooling and as soon as you know, his drool was squirting at everyone. I enjoyed Dez's screaming.

Ally was the one that admitted Kira's breath was bad. Of course she did, she is honest all the time.

The video was pretty good. I actually loved how Kira and Austin didn't really kiss. I hope it's not like that for Auslly. I must admit, No Ordinary Day is one of my favorite songs from Season 2.

I love how Dez delivered his line "I know why your cat ran away". The little girl complained about Trish and she got fired.

I liked the photo booth pictures. There was some Traustin and no Auslly, but I really don't care. They were so flawless.

Overall, this episode was good. I could watch it everyday. I give it a 9/10.

More reviews will be up after the next episode airs.

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