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  • AusllyCabbieBade

    Well, I'm really mad that everyone mainly watches Austin & Ally because of Auslly. Don't get me wrong, I love Auslly, but I don't watch because of pairings, I watch for comedy. I just get angry when people say "I watch _________ because of the ships." Seriously, I hate when people like a show for something it's not. Austin & Ally is about comedy, not romantic relationships.

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  • AusllyCabbieBade

    Episode Reviews

    January 16, 2013 by AusllyCabbieBade

    Warning! The following episodes are recent and if you haven't seen them, you have been spoiled.

    Here are my episode reviews for episodes. I won't do every single episode, but recent ones. If you are offended of what I write, keep your opinions to yourselves. I stole the idea from the Victorious Wiki.

    This episode was good. I loved the humor, especially Kira's problem. I don't care if there's a few little Auslly moments.

    The beginning was good. I'm so glad Lester had a few lines. We haven't seen him since Parents & Punishments.

    Trish got a job at Puffy's Pillows. Ally says Trish finally got a job she actually liked. She did like her jobs as Austin's manager and the cell phone accessory cart. Dez and Ally were able to convince her to quit her job…

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  • AusllyCabbieBade

    These things might get you detention or suspension, but oh well.

    1. Shout "AUSLLY!!!"

    2. Put a Kick Me sign on the teacher's back while she's not looking.

    3. Pretend to be on the phone. Pretend the phone's battery is dying and throw it on the ground when the teacher is looking.

    4. Read a magazine and fangirl over One Direction.

    5. When the teachers calls on you, scream "YOLO"

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  • AusllyCabbieBade

    Mayors & Museums

    December 15, 2012 by AusllyCabbieBade

    This is my fanon episode. Enjoy!

    Austin performs for the mayor of Miami. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez go to the Miami Art Museum, but they get locked in. Ally tries to save them, but nothing works.

    Party Til' We Drop

    • Ally wishes Austin good luck.
    • Austin wanted Ally to perform with him.
    • Ally was happy when Austin was booked to perform for the mayor.
    • Austin and Ally hugged after his performance.
    • Austin loved Ally's new song "Party Til' We Drop".
    • Austin wishes Ally to have the best dream job ever.
    • Austin and Ally talked about their dream jobs.

    • Ally reveals that she's always wanted to be a librarian.

    I know the fun can't end
    But I can't stay forever (ever)
    Tell me when I should stop my neverending love
    Let's go out
    And party all night
    We have no choice



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