They say love is forever, your forever is all I need ♥
— Sleeping With Sirens♥

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Always find a reason to smile...ღ

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I love this song! {:

David Guetta feat

David Guetta feat. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne - I Can Only Imagine Official Lyrics Video HD HQ

A&A pointing

Auslly! Complete opposites! Future couple... <3

Etharah Drawing

Etharah (MBAV)!!


Etharah Almost Kiss


Auslly Hug


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Creddie Kiss

So I ship them.....

Deal With It xD

xDDDD My way of saying 'Welcome to my world'!

About Me :)

Welcome to my page! :) So glad you're reading because I have A LOT to share to you... so let's get to it! First of all hi I'm Celeste, aka the girl next door, the kind of person who isn't as wild but loves having a good time whenever she can, always looking for a bright side out of everything, peacemaker! I dislike Algebra a lot, reasons are that when I think I get it, I always don't. I have a hard time on it but I'm making my way through it by believing in me (: My life revolves around the ones who love and care for me and only those people I care for them and their opinions. Such as my family, real life and wiki friends too! I love my wiki friends more than they could imagine! They are all the sweetest human beings ever :D

I enjoy watching Austin & Ally everytime I can. I love Auslly but then again who
doesn't right? ....I love young romance a lot. I love couples where the guyfriend has a crush on the lead girl or simply are adorable together, therefore I ship Flyna, Creddie, Etharah, Mannes, Mikanda, Jalice, Dilly, and a lot more. The only love/hate relationship I think I'll ever ship is Trez!

A little bit more about me is that I love to sing and act. If you know me well you know I LOVE Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and MBAV! If you're a close friend you know part of my life story. I grew up in a place and had space to run and play. I really enjoyed my childhood as a kid. They had the best shows ever; That's so Raven, The Suite Life, Hannah Montana, Wizards, Lizzie McGuire. And now the only good shows I watch is A.N.T. Farm, MBAV, Austin & Ally, and Good Luck Charlie. I also watch a little bit of Gravity Falls as well. I really want the old Disney Channel back. I remember when I would come home from school drop off my backback and hit the Disney Channel. Now, I just put it on to see the new episodes. We need more relatable shows, with REAL life situations. Anyway, I know all the good things eventually come to an end. And I guess that's ok. Well there you go, you just learned a little bit more about me! Ever wanna talk, about the Wiki or just daily problems. I'm here for you! <3



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Msg 2 Taylor

I wish I was that little kid...

I Wish This!







Talk trash about them or Auslly? Will I go nuts???

Pretty Much

I'll give you the look...

The Look

True Story



"Yes, I've been waiting for you" XD

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Peace&Love, Celeste<3


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