aka Hannah

  • I live in your dreams :)
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is having too much feels
  • I am a person

Heyyyy I'm Hannah. I'm too lazy to actually update my page but I'll put in some stuff when I grow out of my laziness phase. For now, please feel free to get to know me more by enjoying the userboxes I have.


Last Dances & Last Chances254
I ship
Lunapic 136494495390916 22 This user is an Auslly-Gator!
220px-Ally season 2
My favorite character is
Ally Dawson!
Finally mz
This user's favorite song is
Finally Me!
The way
My favorite song is The Way That You Do!
Lunapic 136459716127976 20 This user's favorite Auslly song is I Think About You!
Clip PA&PA-15- My favorite episode was Partners & Parachutes!
Tumblr m67h9e9Ozx1r7r4xb
The party doesn't start 'till this user walks in!!
FF&FHQ-3- My favorite episode is Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction!
AUSLLY kiss This user is freaking over the Auslly kiss!
IMG 1356 My favorite episode was Chapters & Choices!
Lunapic 136405281341273 26 My favorite episode is Campers & Complications!
Tumblr m33ntkyqUm1rnwy27 This user is a girlie!
Girl35 My favorite episode was Girlfriends & Girl Friends!
Austin Setback
My favorite episode is Successes & Setbacks!
My favorite episode is Soups & Stars!
World Records and Work Wreckers
My favorite episode is World Records & Work Wreckers!
I ship
My favorite episode is Rockers & Writers!
Ally still 3
My favorite episode is Secrets & Songbooks!
128655 8302 My favorite song is Don't Look Down!
AllywithBook This user doesn't want anyone to touch their book!
You Don't See Me
My favorite song is You Don't See Me!
I am a fan of
R5WithA&A This user thinks that R5 should guest star on Austin & Ally!
Lunapic 136284357695564 1 This user wants to know Dez's last name!
Couples & Careers My favorite episode is Couples & Careers!
Costumes & Courage
My favorite episode is Costumes & Courage!
Raura-0 This user ships Raura!
3753c1fae4f1217c4dc34857170b1a5aad85a082 My favorite episode is Backups & Breakups!
220px-Ross Lynch Paparazzo Photography This user loves Ross Lynch's Voice!
Aubrey K. Miller This user is a fan of Aubrey K. Miller!
Megansimmswave My favorite character is Megan Simms!
This user is obsessed with
Raura t the red carpet
This User's obsessed with
Tune&Trial My favorite episode is Tunes & Trials!
AllySings This user loves Ally's voice!
Kiss 3 Of course Austin and Ally should be together!
Tumblr lty47uv77P1r25l3yo1 r1 250 This user thinks Austin's voice is amazing!
Solos&StrayKitties (Pillow Fight) My favorite episode is Solos & Stray Kitties!
Austinally-mags-001 My favorite song is Who I Am!
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