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You're such a good friend.
Trish is amazing in the movie. I really think she's gonna win a Best Actress award.
Dez about Trish, in Duets & Destiny

Trez (Tr/ish and D/ez) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Trish De La Rosa and Dez Wade. At the beginning of the series they were "frenemies", but throughout the series, they develop a close friendship, though they still bicker some times.

For the real-life pairing of Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy, see Caini.

Other Names

  • Dish (D/ez and Tr/ish)
  • Desh (De/z and Tri/sh)
  • Dezish (Dez and Tr/ish)
  • Triz (Tri/sh and De/z)
  • Detriz (De/z and Tri/sh)
  • Drish (D/ez and T/rish)
  • Tez (T/rish and D/ez)
  • Trishez (Trish and D/ez)
  • Tridez (Tri/sh and Dez)
  • Diz (D/e/z and Tr/i/sh
  • Tresh (Tr/i/sh and D/e/z)
  • De La Wade (De La/Rosa and Wade)
  • Wadla Rosa (Wad/e and De/La Rosa)


In Season 1, they used to fight a lot and make fun of each other and also tried to annoy each other very often.

In Season 2, they seemed closer and also Dez was the first person to find out that Trish and Trent were dating in Backups & Breakups because he caught them at the movies. They spent a lot of time with each other in that episode and seemed to be good friends, and that made Austin and Ally think that they are dating until Trish and Dez told them the truth about Trent and Trish.

In Season 3, they seem to be good friends now and don't fight that often. In the episode What Ifs & Where's Austin, in the imagination sequence, they even imagined that they kissed which may hint that they may like each other. Dez also had a dream about Trish having a crush on him (Eggs & Extraterrestrials). Also, in Horror Stories & Halloween Scares, in Dez's story, he and Trish were a married couple over 200 years ago and reunited, which hinted that Dez might have feelings for Trish.


Season 1

Rockers & Writers

  • Trish and Dez almost high five, but decided against it.
  • When Austin shows Ally the short song he made, Dez said he wrote the last part, possibly trying to impress Trish.
  • Trish and Dez stand close to each other while Austin and Ally are talking.
  • There is an entire scene of them dancing together, and at the end of the scene, Dez picks Trish up.
  • Dez said "Me likey" when Trish showed him the shocking finger.
  • Dez especially tries to show Trish the perfume made from Austin’s sweat, which is the driving force of her disliking him.
    Trez (2).jpg

Kangaroos & Chaos

  • They sit next to each other while watching the video of Lester getting beat up by the kangaroo romantically.
  • Trish says while Dez is getting beaten by the kangaroo, she says she doesn't want him to get beaten up, but it's so funny.

Secrets & Songbooks

  • Trish remembered that Dez's gingerbread man was named Benjamin.
  • Trish liked Benjamin & Dez made it, so she likes Dez's baking skills.

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers


  • Trish and Dez spend time together and realize they have more in common than they thought.
  • They love to hang out a lot.
  • They both dressed up like Zaliens at the horror movie convention.
    Trez in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers.png
  • They do the "Zalien Brain Suck".
  • They appear to have the same favorite number: 2.
  • They both have the same favorite horror movie, Zaliens.
  • When Trish got a job at T-Shirt World, Trish had a picture of Dez on her shirt and because they were friends (at the time) Dez got a best-friend discount and he revealed his shirt with a picture of Trish on it.
  • Dez refers to Trish as his best friend and smiles.
  • Trish refers to Dez as her friend.
  • The petty way they fight at the end is akin to a married couple (they stop being friends just because they don't have the same favorite pizza topping).    
    Trez Hug.png

Bloggers & Butterflies

  • They both get a job at Pirate Franks.
    Bloggers 1.jpg
  • Dez laughs when Trish says that Ally is going to puke on someone.
  • They both work together to get fired and start laughing when Pirate Frank orders them to get out.
  • Trish liked Dez's idea.

Tickets & Trashbags

  • When Trish asked what the others thought of her dress, she looked at Dez.
  • Trish seemed offended when Dez said her dress was awful and Dez seemed embarrassed.
    Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 1.34.50 PM.png
  • They start dancing nervously after they run into each other on stage.
  • They both eventually caught on to the dance, showing that they are both fast learners and good dancers.
  • Trish stood close to Dez when she said, "I think we were supposed to catch him."
  • Trish looked up at Dez when he said that if he was wearing real pants he'd give them to Austin.
  • Dez and Trish looked at each other guiltily when they saw Shiny Money in a gurney.
  • Trish tells Dez, "Someday you'll have to take that helmet off. And I'll be waiting." Maybe to kiss.
  • She says the above in somewhat of a seductive tone of voice. He looks surprised at her response, almost in a daze.
  • Dez thinks Trish and Ally were playing the "Finish the Sentence" game, so he decided to join it. He tells Trish to say something. She says, "Dez you're such a-", then Dez interrupts, saying "Elephant, tractor, pineapple!". Trish decides to sarcastically reply, agreeing with him.

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

  • Dez looks like he's checking Trish out when he tells her that zebra is her color.
  • Dez decides to hang out with Trish's legs. She then kicks him and starts laughing.
  • Dez helps Trish decide on her entrance to the party.
  • Trish tries to give Dez advice on learning languages to help him out.
  • Dez holds up a present to Trish, which was the only present that had not broken from his fall. The present seems to be a pink glass heart if looked at it closely.
  • Dez saves one of Trish's birthday presents and says "they're not all broken." He then drops it and it breaks.

Deejays & Demos

  • Dez tells both Trish and Ally "the news".
  • Dez comes out from behind Trish in the crowd at the beach.
  • Trish seemed impressed when Dez hypnotizes Austin.
  • Trish hypnotizes Dez into thinking there's a mouse in his pants and she seems amused when he starts jumping around.

World Records & Work Wreckers

  • Dez tells her he's going to break a world record and Trish tells him that there can only be one record holder out of him and Austin.
  • Dez tries to show her he can spin a plate on his finger like he wants to impress her.
  • When he comes back with a smoothie, he stops right beside Trish.
  • When he tries to set the record for not blinking, he is staring directly at Trish.
  • Trish and Dez (along with Austin) look strangely at Ally as she continues to laugh at her own joke.
  • Dez acknowledges Trish when he and Austin walk up to her and Ally in the food court.
  • Dez looks only at Trish when saying, "Well, it's the easier-est thing I've ever done!"

Songwriting & Starfish

  • Dez agrees that Trish is a terrible employee, something that she has said before.
  • Dez smiles and points at Trish when she is playing the cowbell.
  • Trish and Dez sit next to each other the entire time the police officer is interrogating them.


  • Dez tells Trish that "It is never a waste to tell somebody you love them!".
  • When Dez comes back from being in the water, he stops next to Trish.
  • Dez and Trish (along with Austin) laugh at Ally when she gets stuck in the beach chair.
  • Trish offers to rip the starfish off Dez's face back at the beach and does so in the police station.
  • Trish agrees its a good idea to call Dez.
  • Trish and Dez are handcuffed together and they have nowhere else to go.
  • Trish and Dez are next to each other when they are listening to the radio at the beach.
  • Dez has his arm around Trish during the group hug and she has her head on his shoulder.

Soups & Stars

Trez in Soups & Stars.png
  • Trish implies she taught Dez "to get paid, not to work".
  • Trish smiles and nods at Dez after Ally reads Austin's twit about eating pancakes with Dez.
  • Dez and Trish (and Austin) unfollow Ally in Tweeter.
  • When she and Mrs. Suzy first walk up to the table, she stops beside Dez.
  • Dez smiles amusingly at Trish when she tells them her nickname.
  • They both seem happy for each other when they both receive gold stars.
  • Trish and Dez laugh at Austin's comment on Tweeter.
  • Dez is amused by Trish's "acting".
  • Trish seems impressed by Dez's tap dancing.
  • Trish and Dez join in singing with Austin.

Burglaries & Boobytraps

  • Dez uses Trish's hair extensions as a beard.
  • Trish uses her hair extensions as a way to pull Dez out of the glue.
  • Dez calls Trish nice when she offers to share her prizes with the rest of them and is excited when she gives him a candle.

MyTAB & My Pet

  • If Trish had actually stayed at the mall that night, her sleeping bag would be right next to Dez's.
  • Dez asks Trish to hide him when they spot Mindy coming.
  • Trish grabs the fake Owen from Dez.
  • Trish looked jealous after Mindy and Dez confirm their date.
  • Dez and Trish are at Austin's acoustic performance at Sonic Boom.
  • Dez kept nudging Trish throughout Austin's performance.
  • Trish looks at Dez and Mindy as they dance.
  • When Trish said "Hey guys", Dez actually looked at her and smiled.
  • Trish is the only one who laughs with Dez when he teased Ally.

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

  • Dez gives Trish a part in his movie.
  • Dez said he was going to name the crab after her.
  • Dez seemed impressed as Trish did her skit from the school play she was in.
  • Dez ran over to Trish when she was pretending to call for help like he really cared for Trish also like he wanted to save her.
  • Dez changes the line to "Why, why'd you take my sister" after Trish suggested it.
  • Dez wanted Trish annoyed on purpose.

Diners & Daters

  • Trish and Dez dance the "Raspberry Robot".
    Trez in Diners & Daters.png
  • Trish stands up for Dez after she realizes that Mindy was taking advantage of him.
  • Trish calls Dez her friend.
  • She also calls him "Dezzy-Roo", before she realizes what she said.
  • Trish quits because she thinks Mindy is taking advantage of Dez's Chicken Pot Pie problem.
  • Dez moved to a table with Trish, when he was with Mindy.
  • Dez and Trish seem to be having fun talking to each other.
  • This is the first time Trish defended Dez for anything or did him a "favor".

Everglades & Ally-Gators

  • Trish wants to be in Dez's Movie.
  • They both blew out power.
  • Dez says he wants to look for "Big Momma" with Trish.
  • Dez teases Trish throughout the whole episode in a joking, flirty manner.
  • Dez was scared to go alone so he asked Trish.
  • Dez told Trish he was scared to go alone
  • Trish seemed really flattered by the fact that Dez considers themselves friends
  • Trish was paid $20.00 by Dez to look for the monster.
  • Dez considers Trish a friend.
  • When Trish was dragging Dez to the window, she was holding his hand
  • They talked to each other more than any other character in this episode.
  • Dez made his production about Trish being a monster.
  • At the end of the episode, Trish said "I love it!" and hugged Dez really tight.
  • Dez enjoyed the hug.
  • They both went into the hug naturally, for the first time.
  • Even though Trish said the price of friendship was $20, Dez still gave her the money meaning he wants to be around her.
    • Trish and Dez (along with Austin) were helping Ally get into MUNY.
    • When Dez asked Ally is she can teach him how to kiss, he glanced at Trish for a quick second.
    • Dez grabbed Trish's hand while it was on the table.
    • It's the first time Dez made Trish realize something.
    • Dez puts his hand on Trish's shoulder while she is telling him he made her realize something.

Season 2

Costumes & Courage

  • Trish corrected Dez's pumpkin carving of Taylor Swift.
    Trez in Costumes & Courages.png
  • Trish was curious about what Dez was doing with the ghost hunting kit.
  • They went upstairs to the haunted house together.
  • They went ghost hunting together.
  • While Austin and Ally were performing "Don't Look Down" they were both happy that Ally finally sang on stage.
  • Trish seemed jealous when all the girls thought Dez was Austin.

Backups & Breakups

  • Dez and Trish watched a romance movie together (with Trent).
  • Dez was telling Trish his secret.
  • When Dez was telling Trish his secret they were holding hands.
  • Dez got worried when Ally had a hunch about Trish dating.
  • Trish told Dez her secret which means she trusts him.
  • When Trish gave the motion for Dez to vote for Trent he winked in a flirty way.
  • They hugged at the lockers after Trent got the part for the new back-up dancer marking their second hug of the series.
  • When Trish said that they only need one dancer and that the rest of them are losers, Dez said the same thing but in a different way. 
    Backups & Breakups 24.jpg
  • Trez1.jpg
    When Ally tells Dez and Austin that Trent is using Trish, Dez is the only one that says something, which means he feels bad for Trish.
  • In the end confrontation with Trent, Dez says 'nobody gets to be mean to Trish, except me. We're mean to each other it's kind of our thing. Well, technically she's more mean than I am to her..." And Trish cuts him off saying "okay, that'll do Dez."
  • When Austin says, "well sorry or not, you're fired," to Trent, Dez [and Ally] back him up by saying, "ya!", defending Trish.
  • Austin and Ally think they're dating and could see their 'moments'.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

185px-Benji's Bungee (18).png
  • After Ally and Austin jumped off the bridge, Dez asked Trish to hold his hand so they could jump off together (similar to how Austin asked Ally) but Trish refused.
  • They were on the same side of the bridge.

Crybabies & Cologne

  • He told Trent to leave Sonic Boom when Trent tried to apologize to Trish.

Big Dreams & Big Apples

  • Dez cleaned up Trish's mess. Ally said he didn't have to, but he said he cleans it up because he cares, meaning he might care about Trish.
  • When Dez told them all to not look because he didn't want them to know his hiding spot for his money she covered her eyes like everyone else, but then snuck a peek.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

  • When Ally and Austin ask her to quit her favourite job she disagrees but after Dez asked her she agreed.
  • After Dez says, "Please Trish! Pretty please!" Trish sighs before giving in. She then remarks that she'll fall
    asleep, as usual, when Dez tells her stories, implying that Dez tells her a lot.
  • Trish takes the caramel apple from Dez and puts it on his head and laughs. Afterwards, he takes the apple off and continues to eat it.
  • Trish and Dez are backstage alone. 
  • When walking into the photo booth, Dez opens the curtain and lets Trish come in first, then him. He doesn't seem to open it for anyone else.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

  • Trish congratulated Dez (and is the only one.)
  • When Dez was about to say that Kira's breath stunk, Trish punched him lighter than usual.
  • Dez kept filming Trish when they were having pizza.
  • He was genuinely concerned for her potentially developing a cavity in her upper left wisdom tooth.
  • They both think that Austin and Ally are cute together.
  • When Ally and Trish are eating the leftover picnic food, Trish wonders where Dez is.

Campers & Complications

  • Trish offers to hang out with Dez when he has no one to hang out with.
  • Trish needs someone to go to the spa with, and Dez goes with her. Dez gives her the money to go.
  • Trish asks Dez to clean the counters with her.
  • Trish asked Dez to hang out with her tonight.
  • Trish does the bird motion, resembling Dez.
  • She later admits that she hung out with Dez too much.
  • She calls him a good friend.
  • Before Trish asks Dez to clean up, he excitedly thinks she meant play with him.
  • After Dez asks her to play with him, she does.
  • Dez seems very happy when Trish offers to hang out with him.
  • They spend a lot of time together in this episode.
  • They said they had fun spending time with each other.
  • Dez gets excited when Trish's asks to hang out again.

Chapters & Choices

  • They were discussing how Austin and Ally should be together.
  • They both told Austin and Ally the same thing when separated: "We weren't really talking about the song. We were talking about you and Ally/Austin".
  • When the scene shows the two pairs trying to eavesdrop on the other pair, Trish and Dez's hands seem so
    Trez in Chapters & Choices.png
    close to actually touching.
  • Ally thinks that Dez will want to marry Trish.
  • Dez and Trish are the only ones who saw Austin and Ally kiss and the only ones who knew they kiss.
  • They both had the same shocked look on their face when Austin and Ally kissed.
  • They were depressed along with (Austin & Ally) when Kira said she wanted to be Austin's girlfriend.
  • Ally says that her biggest fear is that Dez will marry Trish and they would want to live with her.
  • They sat together before and after the Auslly duet.
  • Trish and Dez were the entertainment at Penny's book release party when Austin and Ally were not performed. 
  • They both really wanted Austin and Ally to be together. 
  • They are both hardcore Auslly shippers.
  • They seemed to get along more in this episode.

Partners & Parachutes

  • They hung out mostly in the end.
  • They were both very happy when Austin serenades Ally.
  • They both were happy that Austin and Ally were finally a couple.
  • They were standing next to each other when Austin serenaded Ally.
  • When Dez turned and put his 'Team Ally' shirt, Trish looked at him with a smile.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

  • Dez gave Trish a money tree.
  • Trish likes the money tree, and gives Dez a leaf for it, possibly thinking it was money?
  • Dez was gasping after Chuck winked and flirted with Trish.
  • Trish/Ally looks upset when girls wave at Dez/Austin
  • Trish and Dez high-five at the end of Dez's story.
  • The episode is a short story Dez wrote and includes Chuck's flirtations with Trish, which means he was sort of indirectly calling Trish "Trishita Bonita".

Note: There weren't a lot of Trez moments since this episode is not in chronological order and is totally fiction.

Couples & Careers

  • Dez and Trish work together on the Zaliens video instead of Austin and Dez.
  • Trish says Dez is an awesome director.
  • Dez nods when Trish says she's an amazing actor.
  • When Trish said "whattttt" she sounded like Ally did when she was caught staring at Dallas (her former crush)
  • When Trish complimented Dez and she said ' whaaatt' she might possibly also be doing it because she might like Dez.
  • They got along well in this episode.
  • Dez hung out with Trish while Austin and Ally were spending time together.
  • They had a high-five three times.
  • They were both a bit upset that Austin and Ally had broken up.
  • When Dez said that he will never get over the fact that Austin and Ally had broken up Trish give him a smile.

Spas & Spices

  • Dez thought that Trish was asking him to go to the spa with her.
  • Dez asked Trish for a neck rub
  • Trish basically forewarned Dez of what could happen if she put her hands on his neck instead of just doing it and hurting him.
  • Dez was upset when he realized Trish asked Ally to go to the spa with her instead of him.
  • He tried to convince Trish to let him go to the spa with her.

Solos & Stray Kitties

  • Dez confirmed Trish after she said no one reads fine prints.
  • They were alone in the waiting room.
  • Trish looked jealous after Dez admitted to like Glamour Kitty.
  • Trish and Dez high five each other.

Boy Songs & Badges

  • Trish called Dez a "Honorer Pioneer Ranger" when she gave him the badge.

Tracks & Troubles

  • Dez wanted Trish to feel his coat.
  • Trish hugged Dez (Group hug) and she felt his coat.
  • Trish stood right behind Dez after messing up Kira's song, both gaping in shock.

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

Tunes & Trials

  • They both were watching Crime and Judgement together at the beginning of the episode.
  • Dez pulled out the briefcase they got with the Crime and Judgement series, which he used as a picnic
    Trez - Tunes and Trials.PNG
     basket (quite a romantic one; complete with a rose, an electric candle, grapes, and a chocolate cake) - probably for him and Trish?
  • They spent four days together watching Crime and Judgement, as said by Trish
  • They both were working on who Austin wrote Steal Your Heart for.
  • Dez was telling Trish about what he saw when he saw Austin with all his ex-girlfriends.
  • Dez took a magazine from Trish, and Trish didn't do anything about it.
  • Dez wanted Trish to know that he makes a 'pretty mean wedding cake'.
  • They were both convinced Austin wrote Steal Your Heart about Ally.
  • When Austin confessed to Ally that Steal Your Heart was about her, they both had the same look on their faces.
  • They were interrogating Austin together.

Beach Bums & Bling

  • Dez called Trish adorable.
  • Dez booped Trish's nose.

Family & Feuds

  • Trish was worried when Dez fainted.
  • When Dez fainted Trish said "Dez!" because she was worried, she was also the only who said "Dez" when he fainted.
  • Dez gave Trish $20 so she can be on his side of breaking up Chuck and Didi.

Real Life & Reel Life

  • They had a Team Austin and Ally meeting together at the beginning of the episode.
  • They were both working on making an Austin & Ally movie about their partnership.
  • Dez told Trish that he was worried about the movie when Austin and Ally couldn't stop fighting.
  • Trish said to Dez that she was worried that Austin and Ally would never make up.
  • They did a scene together for the movie.
  • They both wanted to bring Austin and Ally back together and make them friends again.
  • When Dez came up with the idea to do the scene from Chapters & Choices, when Ally overcomes her stage fright, Trish immediately agreed to the idea.
  • When Austin and Ally kept kissing for the movie when Dez said 'cut!' they were both surprised that they wouldn't stop.
  • They were both happy that Austin and Ally reconciled.
  • When Austin and Ally were singing You Can Come To Me, Dez turned to Trish and smiled at her and she smiled back.
  • Trish and Dez pretend to be Austin and Ally at one point, and it is likely that they ship Auslly, meaning that they were shipping themselves.

Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions

  • Dez and Trish were standing happily next to each other watching Austin's performance.
  • Both Dez and Trish didn't know about the note Austin gave to Ally
  • They both said at the same time "What thing?" and "The thing that you put in the card that you gave her?"
  • It was revealed when they said what they did over the weekend that they spent time together (Trish watched Dez throw up).
  • Dez used Trish's toothbrush.
  • She said that he could use her toothpaste.
  • They played the game Sorry together while on the bus ride.
  • Dez didn't care that Trish stopped the game, stating not everything's a competition.
  • When Dez bought a bag of Crunchie Cheese Puffs Trish grabbed it from him and stomped them and then smiled, yet he knew to buy another one. This could imply that he knew Trish would do that so he came prepared.
  • In many instances, Trish and Dez are standing near each other as seen in the tour bus, backstage where Austin and Ally see each other again and so on.

What Ifs & Where's Austin

  • Trish and Dez are both worried about Austin.
  • They both imagine what life would be like without Austin.
  • Dez asks Trish (and Ally) if she'll be his friend.
  • When Trish sang in Sonic Boom Dez smiled showing he enjoyed her singing.
  • Dez follows Trish (and Ally) around.
  • Trish wants Dez to be her assistant.
  • Dez wants to be Trish's director.
  • Dez agrees to be Trish's "friend" (though he's really her assistant).
  • Dez doesn't believe Ally when she says that Trish is using him.
  • When Trish starts being snobby, Dez doesn't get upset with her as Ally does.
  • While Trish performed, Dez enjoyed it, shown when he danced and sang her song backstage.
  • Dez is the only person who doesn't abandon Trish.
  • Trish realizes that Dez wasn't just her assistant.
  • Dez is excited when he thinks that Trish thinks of him as a friend.
  • Trish tells Dez that he's more than a friend, and signals for Dez to kiss her, at which point, Dez kisses her.
  • After they imagine kissing each other, Trish and Dez scream in shock. As Dez is screaming, he puts one leg up in the air, like a girl usually does when she is enjoying a kiss.
  • When Trish and Dez pull apart in the story, real-life Trish and Dez panic.
  • When Trish says that the worst part of the story was kissing Dez, Dez is offended and tries to convince Trish otherwise. Trish later admits to Ally that the worst part of the story wasn't kissing Dez after all, but losing her best friend [Ally]. Then, Dez teases Trish by making kissy-faces at her.

Austin & Alias

  • Trish and Dez spent most of the episode together
  • Dez knew that animal print was Trish's thing, but he decided to try it out too. This can imply he wants to try and do and where stuff she likes.
  • Trish liked Dez's jaguar backpack and his hat he wore.
  • When Dez showed Trish his jaguar backpack, he made a clawing gesture at her and growled in a sassy, flirty way. He also said it was so chic, meaning he may be starting to like Trish's style of animal print.
  • When Ronnie Ramone left, Dez told everyone to take a deep breath and said " Trish is a good manager, I'm sure she's starting to come up with a brilliant solution to get us out of this mess". This shows he thinks Trish is a good manager and that he believes in her.
  • After Dez said he was sure Trish had a plan he made a gesture to her face and sweetly said "Right Trish?"
  • After Trish replied to Dez saying Ronnie Ramone's line let me get right to the point, even though she didn't have a plan he put his hand on her shoulder for support.
  • When Trish tried on Dez's hat when he stepped in saying hi she smiled seeing him, maybe thinking it was for her.
  • After teasing her that he bought it with the card she didn't win, each line he pointed very close to her face and then danced in front of her.
  • When Trish wanted the hat Dez offered the card instead. The catch is she had to not insult him for a week. This can imply he wanted to hear nice things for a change from Trish.
  • After the first insult, she promised to be nice and Dez replied she better be. 
  • This is one of the first times Dez had the upper hand over Trish.
  • When Dez said the mariachi guy was good Trish wanted to insult him, but after showing her the card she called him a "sweet and charming boy"
  • Each time Dez teased Trish he danced and got close to her with some kind of gesture
  • After Dez said he loved happy endings seeing Austin and Ally hug he, in turn, hugged Trish (if Trish didn't have a drink in her hand they would have had a sweet hug like Auslly).
  • After he spilled her drink she non-stop insulted him, which pleased Dez and with a smile spent almost all the money on the card, leaving her with $7. 
  • It seems that in a way Dez liked to hear Trish insult him because that's their thing.

Princesses & Prizes

  • Trish and Dez both agreed that Chelsea was beautiful and had flawless skin, like a polished pearl.
  • When Trish said she is not good at making people laugh, after putting on the court jester hat Dez said he thought she was pretty good at it and laughed.
  • While Trish was talking to Ally and said she was not totally cool in her court jester outfit, Dez said " I think you look great!" in a flirty tone.
  • After seeing Dez in colorful clothes like her, she had a confusing face with a sort of smile, implying that she might feel better wearing her outfit after seeing him in his outfit.
  • They both knew that Ally was jealous about Austin going on a date with Chelsea. 
  • In the end, when Dez and Trish danced salsa he asked her if she was ready for the big lift and she replied yep and lifted him high while spinning him (the fact that they danced together implies that she doesn't mind).

Cupids & Cuties

  • Dez offers to give Trish advice on her date with Jace after she refuses to ask Doctor Cupid.
  • Austin pointed out that when Trish gets nervous, she calls people names. This implies that because she calls Dez names, being around him might make her nervous.
  • Dez (as Doctor Cupid) gives Trish advice to just be herself, and if Jace doesn't like her for who she is, he isn't worth it.
  • Dez seems happy that Trish is happy.
  • Trish unknowingly calls Dez 'a love genius'
  • Dez hugs Trish after revealing that he is Doctor Cupid.
  • Trish offers to help Dez get publicity as Doctor Cupid.
  • Trish says she really wants to see Dez succeed with his radio show.
  • Dez sounds nervous as he explains to DJ Smooth that he's never been in love.
  • Dez mentions Trish and Jace when he talks about how he's never going to find love.
  • Trish tries to help Austin and Ally cheer Dez up.
  • Dez thanks Trish for trying to cheer her up, not Austin or Ally.
  • Dez thanks her, possibly knowing that this is Trish's way of showing that she cares.
  • Dez puts his hand on Trish's shoulder, and she does the same to him.
  • While helping them cheer up Dez, Trish says "Any girl would be lucky to have you."
  • Dez looks at her, then turns away smiling after she says this.
  • Cupids & Cuties - 07.PNG
    Trish says that Dez is 'such a catch', shocking Austin and Ally.
  • Trish actually cared and truly seemed upset when Dez says he can't help himself.
  • Trish listens and smiles when Dez tells her and Ally about his date.
  • Trish helps Dez into his doctor's coat.
  • Trish asks Dez for advice with Jace again.

Critics & Confidence

  • Trish and Dez bump into each other as they run over to the magazines in the cart to hide them from Austin. Trish's arm wraps around Dez for a moment after they bump into each other.

Directors & Divas

  • Spike Stevens only hired Dez because he's Austin's friend. Both Trish and Austin know this and don't have the heart to tell him.
  • Trish explains to Dez, "So you can learn how to direct more smoothie-ly" after Dez asks what getting a smoothie for the teddy bear had to do with directing - in an attempt to make him feel better about it.
  • Dez volunteers Trish to be Brandy's new manager, probably thinking that she could handle Brandy.
  • After Trish refuses at first, out of fear of Brandy, Dez tells her, "Do it for me. Spike will see that I'm 
    solving problems, that's what good directors do". Trish agrees after this, not needing much convincing, genuinely only doing it for him.
  • She does the degrading task of trying to feed Brandy yogurt, even after saying that she didn't want to do anything "weird".
  • After Dez volunteers to shoot the rest of the movie for Spike, Trish tells Spike, "Listen to him, he's a really good director."
  • When Brandy starts "losing it", Dez says, "Somebody do something!" Trish is the first to rush over and try and calm Brandy down.
  • Trish, without needing much convincing, agrees to apologize to Brandy for losing her temper at her in order for Dez to be able to continue with the movie.
  • Trish even takes some blame for it, initially.
  • Trish apologizes to Brandy (after being coached by Dez on what to say), even after Brandy tells her
    Trez - Directors and Divas.PNG
    that she doesn't respect her. Her apology includes flattering Brandy and insulting herself. She even ends up apologizing to Brandy's teddy bear's ripped-off head. All for Dez's sake.
  • Austin, Ally, and Trish all look shocked and impressed at Dez putting Brandy in her place.
  • Austin, Ally, and Trish planned for Dez to have a shot with directing the movie, showing Spike Dez's films.
  • While going into the group hug for Dez, Trish says, "I'm proud of you, Dez."
  • Dez used Trish's term "Whack-A-Doodle" when talking about Brandy Braxton.

Hunks & Homecoming

Trez - Hunks and Homecoming.PNG
  • Dez was flattered and immediately assumed Trish was talking about him when she said they knew someone who proved people can be both pretty and talented.
  • Dez went behind her, reached over, and touched her hand after she said this, and thanked her.
  • Dez seemed upset and a bit jealous when Trish said she meant Austin was pretty and talented.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

  • Dez asks Austin "Yeah, but does she floss? You can tell a lot about a girl by her gums." He then tells 
    Trez - Fashion Shows and First Impressions.PNG
    Trish to open her mouth, pinching her nose and holding her mouth open to check her gums while she flails. He says "Yeah, this one's feisty", in reference to Trish. This is the second time he's checked inside her mouth (first time being in Girlfriends and Girl Friends).
  • Trish informed Dez that he's wearing a sock.
  • She also looked a bit concerned and said "How's it going, Dez?" when he approached her, Piper, and Carrie, angry about the fashion show. 
  • They both agree that Ally can't walk well in heels.
  • Trish didn't make any snappy comments towards Dez after he said that he could "finally get to put his supermodel good looks to use".

Fanatics & Favors

  • Dez brought Trish a beverage in the first scene.
  • Trish has a fangirl crush on Dez's cousin (Dwyane Wade).
  • Trish slams the piano keys, hurting Dez as he hides inside the piano - yet Dez doesn't appear upset at her for doing so.
    Trez - Fanatics and Favors.PNG
  • Dez puts his hand over Trish's mouth when she starts singing her version of Dwyane's song, changing the word "girl" to "Trish". Perhaps he's not cool with her having a crush on his cousin?

Eggs & Extraterrestrials

  • Dez gets tickets for his "four favorite people", himself, Austin, Trish, and Carrie. He says Trish's name even before his own girlfriend's.
  • Trish smiles when he says her name.
  • She also seems a bit put off when he says "and of course the brilliant and beautiful...Carrie".
  • This is the third episode in which Dez and Trish were both dressed in their matching Zalien costumes.
  • They are both embarrassed by Ally's mediocre roleplaying.
  • When Zilch says "Zed's the slow one in the group", Trish says "Yeah, we have one of those, too", referring to Dez. Dez looks offended and points to Austin, saying "it's him".
  • He dreams that Trish had a crush on him (or so he assumes that she does), and repeats this "fact" several times throughout the dream. He screams about it, but it could be in shock rather than in horror.
  • When she sarcastically says she has a huge crush on him, he stares at her and continues to do so even after she tries to convince him that she was just being sarcastic. Perhaps it's because he wants to determine whether or not she's really joking?
  • Trez - Eggs and Extraterrestrials.png
    In the dream, he leans on a wall and asks Trish, "So...When did you realize you had a crush on me?" in a manner that makes him seem like he's interested.
  • When looking at all of the eggs that they need to smash, Trish says "then I guess there's only one thing we gotta do", then her and Dez smile at each other - pretty much reading each other's thoughts.
    Trez - Eggs and Extraterrestrials - 2.png
  • Dez and Trish work together to try and find the unbreakable Zalien prince egg by smashing all the fakes.
  • When Zip and Zilch find out Dez is actually a human, Trish says "He's a human? Let's all eat his brain!" Dez, looking very alarmed and hurt, shouts "Trish!" She apologizes right away, saying "Sorry!" in a very timid way that shows that she meant it.
  • Trish holds onto Dez's arm a lot throughout this episode.
  • Trish is the one that shakes him awake as she hears him talking/shouting in his sleep.
  • Trish seems offended and upset when Dez says, in horror, that she had a crush on him in his dream.
  • Trish finds Dez's Zaliens-related jokes hilarious.

Proms & Promises

  • Trish really seemed to love Dez's Zaliens-themed prom ask for Carrie.
    PromsPromises - Aww.PNG
  • Trish looked concerned for him when Carrie Karate-chopped his head.
  • Dez looked concerned for Trish when she said she didn't have a date for prom.
  • Dez knows one of Trish's secrets - perhaps it's because she feels she could confide in him?
  • Dez seemed really offended when he finds out that Trish and Chuck are going to prom together. Perhaps it's because he doesn't trust Chuck, and he's concerned for her? Or jealousy? Or both?
    Trez - Proms and Promises.PNG
  • Dez continues to glare at Chuck as Chuck shows off the corsage he made/grew for Trish.
  • Dez really wanted to surprise Trish and see her happy with the fact that Jace came to prom, so he didn't tell her (and probably also to prove to her that he could keep a secret).

Last Dances & Last Chances

  • "This is it." "Let's go win that thousand dollars."

    Ally convinces Trish and Dez to dance together to win the prize money in the dance competition.
  • Dez doesn't understand what Ally is suggesting at first until Trish explains it to him.
  • They both agree to it right away; no weirdness about it.
  • They are seen in the back, practicing their dance moves until Gavin appears.
  • Dez and Trish hold hands before going to the dance floor, with their fingers crossed. Dez says, "This is it." Trish, looking up at Dez, says, "Let's go win that thousand dollars."
  • Dez leads Trish onto the dance floor all the while holding her hand.
  • "Bigger finish."

    They warm-up/stretch together, then dance together in the competition.
  • Their "big(bigger) finish" move involved Trish grabbing hold of Dez's hand and arm and spinning him around, then he runs and flips off a table and spins her around. Last, they hold each other (Dez's arm around her waist, and Trish's arm on his shoulder), and do "jazz hands" with their free hands.
  • This is the fourth time they've danced together on the show.
  • Waiting for the results of the competition, they hold hands, once again.
  • They win the competition.
  • They share a hug - this is the second mutual hug they share that isn't part of a group hug, or with either one of them being weirded out about it. You can see them both smiling in the hug.
  • They were both annoyed when they found out that the money would be going to Chuck's club.
  • "This is so romantic." "I know!"

    They were both extremely happy, hugged, and smiled when Auslly finally got back together.
  • Dez rested his head atop Trish's saying, "This is so romantic", in which she replies, "I know". They stay in this (somewhat romantic) embrace for a bit, until Dez turns his head to look down at Trish. Trish looks up and immediately says "Ew!", however, Dez doesn't say "Yuck!" until after Trish voiced her own disgust. They then rush over to their respective dates. 

Beauties & Bullies

  • Dez is impressed by Trish's skills at playing "Sleeping Beauty". Particularly the sleeping part. When Trish falls asleep, showing them "how it's done", so to speak, Dez says (after crashing cymbals together to try and wake her up) "Wow, she's good! Real good." 
  • Dez is cast as Prince Charming, and Trish is cast as Sleeping Beauty. Dez showed remorse only because he wanted to be the blacksmith - neither of them seemed upset by the fact that they were playing the lead couple.
  • Trez-BeautiesandBullies-1.PNG
    Dez and Trish are later seen at Sonic Boom, practicing their roles. This required Dez attempting to kiss her - however, Trish pushes him away saying, "Okay! That's enough rehearsal for now." This could be in either in disgust or nervousness.
  • Dez, along with Austin, Ally, and Carrie, was really put-off by the mean comments about Trish on the website.
  • Dez, along with Austin and Ally, tries to help cheer Trish up.
  • Dez, along with Austin, defends Trish against the people at school that are laughing at her. He says, "Yeah! This stops now" - only to be hit with a bar of soap. He then says "Now this stops now." He is then hit with yet another bar of soap. Perhaps this implicates that he's been bullied, too, and knows how he thinks Trish must feel?
  • Dez is annoyed and angry when the other students make fun of Trish.
  • Trish says, "Dez, thanks, but I'm fine. This kind of stuff doesn't bother me." She thanks Dez, yet not Austin, for standing up for her.
  • Trez-BeautiesandBullies-2.PNG
    After Trish walks away, seemingly undeterred by the bullying, Dez says, "Yeah, I'm more upset than she is," really showing his concern for her.
  • Dez, along with Austin and Ally, asks her "Are you crying?" - really looking concerned for her. He walks in a seemingly cheery mood but stops suddenly upon seeing her cry. He continues staring at her in concern.
  • Dez joins in on the group hug to comfort Trish.
  • Dez notices how Margo misspelled "beauty" as "b-e-a-u-t-e-y", just as the bully had done. It's interesting that he paid attention to this detail. He finds out through this, that she must be the bully. He seems really angry about it.
  • Trez-BeautiesandBullies-3.PNG
    Dez plots revenge against Margo for hurting Trish. He has her sprayed by a skunk on stage in front of the audience, humiliating her. For Trish's sake. 
  • TrezKiss-BeautiesandBullies-2.PNG
    Trish, although upset at Dez for taking revenge for her sake, still smiles back at him as she says "Well, it was easy when I have great friends like you by my side."
  • Trish and Dez share not one, but two-stage kisses (as Trish wouldn't awaken). Dez puts his cape over her mouth to kiss. The second one seemed a bit deeper and probably would've gone on longer if she didn't startle him with her snore. Both times, he kisses her/the cape without hesitation.

Horror Stories & Halloween Scares

  • Trish calmly answers Dez's "is it just me?" questions, instead of insulting him for asking them.
  • Trez-HorrorStoriesHalloweenScares-01.PNG
    Dez and Trish sit really close to one another as Austin tells his story, with Dez curled up to her a bit.
  • In Dez's story, the married ghost couple's names are Dezmond and Patricia, likely named after himself and Trish.
  • Dezmond says, "She used to be my love, but then we quarreled on my birthday and she hasn't talked to me in two centuries."
  • Dezmond said he had bought the violin to lure Patricia to him.
  • Trez - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares.PNG
    Austin and Ally's characters in this tale assist in getting Dezmond and Patricia to reconcile.
  • Dezmond flirts a bit with her, saying, "You...Look good. You don't look a day over 250."
  • Trez - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares - 01.PNG
    They fight a bit again — over the fact that Dezmond had put dynamite on Patricia's birthday cake instead of candles, by accident, and that's likely what led to their demise.
  • Ally tells Patricia that Dezmond took her violin so that she would come back to him.
  • Patricia asks him if it's true, to which he responds, "I guess I still have feelings for you...I guess I've always..." Patricia cuts Dezmond off here and says, "Stop talking and come here. I may dead, but I don't have eternity to listen to you blabber on."
  • Trez - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares - 04.PNG
    Dezmond and Patricia share a kiss. They're interrupted by Austin and Ally cooing at them. Dezmond asks them for some privacy, to which Ally responds, "You're the ones that can disappear."
  • They kiss again after this, then disappear.
  • Esmeralda - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares.PNG
    The little girl, Esmeralda, is revealed to be Patricia and Dezmond's daughter. She thanks Austin and Ally for helping get her parents back together.
  • Dez telling this story could mean that he has feelings for Trish.
  • Dez seems really upset when Trish calls his story "lame".
  • In Trish's story, when they hear the creepy teddy bear knock on the door to the practice room, Trish clings to Dez's arm as they approach the door to open it.
  • Dez grasps Austin and Trish by the shoulders - pulling Trish in closer to him, and says "Happy New Year".
  • Esmeralda appears at the end (with the creepy teddy bear from Trish's story), for real. This could mean that Dezmond and Patricia are real, as well - and perhaps could be Dez and Trish's past lives.

Records & Wrecking Balls

  • Normally Dez and Trish would hang out with Austin and Ally or one or the other, but they ate together just the two of them, looking like they were in a date-like setting.
  • When they ate together, as Carrie served them, it was as if she was serving two people on a date.
  • "And I met Trish here."

    Dez drinks from Trish's "salad dressing smoothie" after she had already sipped from it.
  • Dez cracks a joke about the walls talking, and Trish genuinely finds it funny and laughs along.
  • After Austin takes Ally's hand and says, "I met Ally here", Dez takes Trish's hand, in a way in which their arms wrap around each other, as well, and says, "And I met Trish here". (Important to note that they actually first met in Austin's bedroom; regardless, Dez wanted to have this 'moment' with Trish, as Austin did with Ally).
  • In Austin's tone of voice of saying he met Ally in Sonic Boom was in a romantic tone, instead of just saying it in a friendly tone or plain tone (because they're dating), Dez also said it in a romantic tone, being sweet with Trish, making the audience aww.
  • Though Trish threatened Dez for holding her hand she smiled prior to. 
  • Dez compliments Trish, saying "Good idea," to her suggestion of having Ally's record-release party at Sonic Boom.
  • Dez asks Trish for help on figuring out a new job for Carrie, and she obliges and proceeds to list all of her jobs.
  • Towards the end, when Dez tells Lester he has the perfect person to hire at Sonic Boom (referring to Carrie), Carrie says, "Ohhh, yeah. Trish, I think he means you".

Relationships & Red Carpets

  • Trish tells Dez, excitedly, that she got a call from Beyoncé, as well as many other celebrities, that want to sign with her.
  • Dez asks Trish if she's taking on any new talents, and suggests his neighbor's cat that can meow the alphabet. As Dez, himself, begins meowing the alphabet, Trish stops him - yet not to rebuke him. Instead, she says, "have the cat call me". This shows Trish's developed tolerance for Dez's quirkiness.
  • Trish expresses her sadness for Dez's sake when he finds out that Carrie is moving to Los Angeles. She explains it to him, in a caring tone, when he does not initially understand.
  • "Doesn't she look beautiful?"

    They walk into a restaurant together, where Austin and Ally are on a date.
  • At the said restaurant, Trish consoles Dez - telling him that long-distance relationships can work.
  • Dez calls Trish beautiful when he films her, just before leaving for the music awards. This film is for his girlfriend to see, so he clearly doesn't feel the need to hide that he finds Trish beautiful from his girlfriend.
  • Trish flies Carrie out, back to Miami, for the music awards for Dez's sake.
  • Trish says she was tired of seeing him sad. She also said she was tired of him asking her to hug him all the time, which can imply that they hugged a lot during Carrie's absence. Either way, Dez wanted hugs from Trish.
  • Trarriez.png
    Dez, as well as Carrie, hug Trish from either side of her. They even rub their cheeks with hers. Dez hangs onto her a little more, cheek still rubbing onto hers, even as she pushes them both away.
  • Both Trish and Dez cheer and applaud when Austin and Ally finally admit their love for each other and kiss on stage.
  • They share a group hug towards the end. Ally says, "I love you guys." Trish says, "I love you." Could that be to a specific person since she had not added "guys" as Ally did? Could that person be Dez?
  • As they leave, Trish checks with Dez, asking if he has everything. Dez replies, saying that he has a feeling that he's forgotten something. She states, "You probably did." This sort of banter is very married-couple-esque.

Season 4

Buzzcuts & Beginnings

  • Dez jumps out in front of Trish, yelling "SURPRISE". After he tells her, "You're not Austin and Ally", she seems offended that he wasn't greeting her, saying, "it's nice to see you, too".
  • Dez leans towards Trish as he swings himself over the counter closer to her.
  • They start bickering (yet again in their married-couple-esque way) over who gets to surprise Austin and Ally first. Dez says to Austin and Ally, once they arrive, "guys, please, we're in the middle of something".
  • Dez and Trish both have Boynado on their minds (although for different reasons), replicating the parallel Austin and Ally have going in the next scene.

    "Me and Trish just have this special thing."

  • Dez is excited for Trish when she announces that she will be getting her diploma online so that she can continue her tour with Boynado.
  • When Trish says she's going to miss her friends, Dez looks down bashfully. When she says "one of you more than the other", Dez puts on a smug face, figuring right away that she's talking about him.
  • He says, "Sorry, Ally. Me and Trish just have this special thing."
  • He leans down and hugs her, resting his head on her shoulder and swaying a bit as he pulls her in.
  • Right before he starts sobbing on her shoulder, you can see Trish smiling for split second, and rubbing his back.
  • Surprisingly, Dez is the first one to pull away in this hug. You can see Trish pulling away a little bit after, looking at him with concern.
  • Trish feels really shocked and upset for his sake when Dez reveals, in tears, that Carrie had dumped him.
  • BrushingDezsTeeth.PNG
    He said he was sad and lonely in L.A. without his friends there with him.
  • Dez tells Trish her idea to have them all spend their senior year in Miami together is a "great idea".
  • Trish nicely tells Dez to "please" do something about his bad breath.
  • In the group hug, Trish and Dez reach across both Austin and Ally to hug each other, as well.
  • At the end, both Ally and Trish hold Dez down to brush his teeth.

Mattress Stores & Music Factories

  • Dez offers Trish some of his kebabs.
  • Dez calls himself a "doof", which is what Trish usually calls him. Trish agrees, saying "no one's arguing with that".
  • Dez shows how well he knows Trish and her work ethic, listing off all of the reasons she has been fired in the past, trying to figure out which one was the main reason. He manages to

guess the right one eventually, "sleeping on the job."

  • Trish and Dez work together to help Austin get fired from his parent's mattress store.
  • Trish tells Dez that his eating crackers on the mattress is a great idea.
  • Trish says Dez's idea about popping the water bed is great, and that she should have thought of it sooner.

Grand Openings & Great Expectations

  • Trish and Dez both have the same idea to promote buzz for the A&A Music Factory, saying they could all have new students ready to perform in a week.
  • They both believe Austin and Ally would be able to train the kids to play well in a week.
  • They both turn out to be pretty good mentors/teachers, finding ways to help the students.
  • In the last scene, Dez and Trish sit close together as they read Beverly Robin's article about the A&A Music Factory.
  • They continue sitting pretty close next to each other as Austin and Ally arrive.

Seniors & Señors

  • Trish reassures Dez (albeit mockingly) that no one else is wearing the same outfit as he is.
  • Dez holds his hand out, waiting for someone (likely Trish, since she's right next to him) to give him a high five.
  • As Dez describes Carrie, saying "Her name, Carrie. Her face, pretty", Trish adds on "Her IQ, low". Could she have said this out of jealousy?
  • Trish sympathizes with Dez, his "break up" making her think of her own break up with Jace (she said they decided to "take a break", and she confirms she's "newly single" in a later episode).
  • Dez looks at Trish admiringly as he watches her flirt with another student at their school.
  • Trish and Dez both mock Austin for being a Junior, saying "it's the rules".
  • Trish lies to Dez, telling him what she wrote on the sticker on his forehead ("Bicho raro") means "handsome gentleman", when it means "weirdo". Perhaps she lies to him so she wouldn't hurt his feelings? It could also be because she wants him walking around with that sticker on his head, however.
  • While Austin is singing, Dez is bumping against Trish in the background. (Caini)

Homework & Hidden Talents

  • Dez gives Trish the idea of making a video for her book report, saying he always gets a good grade doing that.
  • Trish agrees to Austin's suggestion of having Dez help her with her assignment, saying "that's not a bad idea", and that he can direct it while she stars.
  • Dez agrees right away saying, "I'm in!", not expecting anything in return.
  • Dez offers Trish the can of shaken carbonated soda, expecting her to get sprayed. Trish knows Dez well enough to point it in his direction so he'd get sprayed. This parallels to Trish and Dez's first meeting in the pilot, where Dez sprays Trish with the Austin Moon Foam-Spitter.
  • Trish tells Dez that the video book eport is a great idea, combining two of her greatest passions in life, "acting and taking the easy way out".
  • As Dez is explaining the opening scene to Trish, he holds her arm for a few moments.
  • Dez doesn't disagree when Trish calls herself an amazing actress.
  • Dez is surprisingly patient and undeterred by Trish and her anger throughout filming.
  • Dez seems to really be pushing Trish to do her best with her acting, making her do all sorts of crazy stunts and scenes.
  • Dez compliments Trish's screams as he waves a bag of live tarantulas in front of her.
  • Trish, has been a lot more patient with Dez than one would expect someone to be.
  • Instead of getting angry at Trish for pouring all that mud, cereal, and milk, Dez calmly says, "I have a feeling that you're upset with me about something".
  • Trish, thinking that Dez was messing with her, is motivated by Dez to actually read the book - then write the report.
  • It turns out Dez wasn't messing with, he states that he was just trying to "jazz it up" to help her get a good grade because he thinks the book is boring. Based on the fact that Austin liked the sound of all the stunts Dez had Trish do, it's likely that Dez puts Austin through similar stuff when Austin acts in his films.
  • Trish seems to forgive Dez pretty quickly.
  • Dez was going to have Trish, as Cecilia, get a foot massage from a handsome Italian sailor, but she quit the film.
  • In the start of the dance scene where Shelby performs, Dez can be seen talking to Trish, and she smiles back at him, showing that she's probably not angry at him anymore.
  • Trish seems to enjoy watching Dez's dance-off with Shelby.
  • Dez motivating Trish to read the book and write the report resulted in her getting an A on the assignment.
  • Dez showed the film he made with Trish to his film class, and tells her that they love her acting and want her to act in their next project, "Attack of the Sharknoceros".
  • After Trish says "no thanks" cause she doesn't want to be attacked by anything else, Dez says, with a smirk, "No - you'd be the Sharknoceros". She agrees, saying "Okay, then I'm in!" This also shows how much he knows her.
  • They high five.
  • This last scene between them parallels to the last scene of "Everglades & Ally-Gators", in which Dez had Trish be the monster in his movie - which she loved.

Duos & Deception

  • Dez is really excited about the fact that Trish booked Billie and Bobbie to come over to the A&A Music Factory to talk to the students.
  • Trish and Dez clean the instruments together.
  • Trish and Dez both wear colorful, striped aprons while doing chores
  • Trish agrees with Dez when he says he works hard.
  • Trish and Dez say "what?!" in sync when Bobbie tells them Austin and Ally are off having lunch instead of doing chores.
  • Dez agrees with Trish when she says, "taking credit without doing work is my thing".
  • Even though Dez wants to hear the song Billie and Bobbie were going to sing to him and Trish, he runs to follow Trish after she calls his name.
  • Trish and Dez team up to confront Austin and Ally.
  • Trish, Dez, Austin, and Ally all start yelling at each other about how much they love and appreciate each other.
  • Trish, Dez, Austin, and Ally all say "what the what?!" in sync when Lily tells them about Billie and Bobbie's rival school that they want to open up.
  • Trish, surprisingly, doesn't try and hurt Dez's feelings when he asks her, Austin, and Ally if Billie and Bobbie telling him that he had great fashion sense was a lie.
  • Trish claps after Dez and Lily's mini-performance.
  • Trish and Dez high five after the mall inspector passes the A&A Music Factory.

Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds

  • Trish books Dez a gig directing a perfume commercial.
  • He asks her, touched, "Trish, you did that for me?"
  • She says she did it to help him get his mind off of Carrie and has so far been the only one trying to help him get over his heartbreak over her.
  • Dez says she's "such a good friend", even after she says that as his manager, she gets his entire paycheck. They both stare at each other sweetly in this bit.
  • Trish seems bashful when he tells her she's "such a good friend".
  • Trish is apparently Dez's manager, too, now.
  • Instead of being annoyed at Dez when he doesn't know what an emu is, she simply tells him it's "a big bird".
  • Dez thanks Trish for coming to the commercial set to support him, though she claims she's in it for the pampering (though Dez doesn't seem the least bit shocked or offended by that).
  • Trish seems very concerned for Dez, and whether or not he'd be okay shooting his ex-girlfriend's commercial.
  • They both gawk at the male model that was to be Carrie's co-star in the commercial.
  • Trish tells Dez that he's overreacting with his discomfort with the scene between Carrie and the male model. He tells her he doesn't think she's overreacting enough.
  • Trish talks to Carrie and tries to help Dez and Carrie realize that their break up was a misunderstanding/accident and helps them get back together - or rather, realize that they never broke up in the first place. This shows that she truly cares about Dez and his happiness.
  • Trish walks away, uncomfortable and annoyed by Dez and Carrie's nose-nuzzling.
  • Trish rolls her eyes fondly at Dez when he tells Austin to kiss Ally.
  • Both of them are very happy watching Austin and Ally's fake wedding.
  • Trish is very disturbed by the commercial at the end, starring Dez and Carrie as the emu lovebirds.

Karaoke & Kalamity

Trez KaraokeKalamity 01.PNG
  • Dez seemed to want to impress Trish with his record of eating 428 chicken wings in an hour at "Club-A-Dub-Dub" (bones and all).
  • Dez wanted to impress Trish with his karaoke singing skills.
    Trez KaraokeKalamity 02.PNG
  • Dez cheered Trish on, with the rest of the crowd, as she sang on stage. Even adding a "woo!"
    Trez KaraokeKalamity 03.PNG
  • Dez was eavesdropping on Trish as she talked to Jimmy when she bumped into him backstage.
  • When Trish was running back to the stage to stop Austin from performing, she put her hand on Dez's shoulder for a moment.
  • When Trish declared herself the winner of the karaoke contest, Dez cheered loudly for her, chanting her name. He was the only one cheering.

Mini-Me's & Muffin Baskets

Trez MiniMesMuffinBaskets 01.PNG
  • Trish corrects Dez nicely at the beginning, saying, "Dez, you already know the surprise", instead of insulting him. It seems that she's been doing this kind of thing more often with him, and is a lot more patient with him.
  • Dez wants to mentor Trish's "Mini-Me", Sadie.
  • Dez smiles sweetly at Trish hugging Sadie.
  • Trish tells Dez, "sit down", and he sits right away, saying "whatever you say".
  • Dez helps Trish train Sadie in managing.
  • In their role-play, Trish pretend-calls Dez, but he doesn't pick up until the third ring, because he "doesn't wanna
    Trez MiniMesMuffinBaskets 02.PNG
    sound desperate." Trish, though annoyed, complies.
  • Dez pulls Trish closer by the unplugged wire of his she's holding.
  • Dez knows Trish's email password.
  • Dez offers Trish a cocktail weenie.
  • Dez rushes over when Trish calls him.
  • Dez runs away with the rugby team's ball, getting chased by the entire team because Trish told him to distract them.

Burdens & Boynado

11959996 10153532547975040 2757273722732848904 n.jpg
  • The episode started with Dez massaging Trish's feet
  • Dez praises Trish for suggesting that Benny replace Rupert in Boynado.
  • Dez says, "The real star today is Trish".
  • Trish is genuinely impressed with Dez's lip-syncing to one of Boynado's hits.

Cap and Gown & Can't Be Found

  • Dez wanted to show Trish the new yearbook layout he's been working on.
  • Dez knows that napping is Trish's favorite activity.
  • Dez watches Trish admiringly as Chuck takes her pictures, seeming to agree with him on how pretty Trish looks.
  • Chuck had to shoo Dez away because he was looking at Trish over his shoulder.
  • Trish asks Dez what he thinks brings out her eyes, caring about his opinion of how she looks.
  • Trish and Dez fall asleep, holding hands. Their fingers are interlaced, and Dez is resting his head on Trish's shoulder.
  • Austin doesn't react to them sleeping like that, which could imply that this sort of this might happen a lot between them.
  • Before they act "disgusted" by the fact that they were holding hands, they gauge each other's reactions, first.
  • Dez has tried to hold Trish's hand in the past, and the two have held hands a lot before, so this could just be a front they're putting on.
  • Dez seemed jealous when Trish told Chuck she was "slightly less disgusted" by him than she usually is. He rolled his eyes and said "whatever" then changed the subject to him and Austin being "voted" the "Best Bromance".
  • Dez glares at Chuck as he joins their group hug by hugging Trish. Trish quickly tells Chuck off by saying, "I said slightly".

Musicals & Moving On

  • Dez gets Trish an audition to perform in a musical
  • Trish calls Dez her friend
  • Dez hugs Trish
  • They go to the audition together
  • Dez gives Trish advice
  • Dez is smiling at Trish whilst she is singing
  • They group hug
  • After ALly and Austin kissed, Dez stood up and said Trish's name as he moved closer to her, but she stopped him before anything could happen.

Duets & Destiny

Trez - the finale.jpg
  • Four years later, it shows Trish and Dez together in the first scene
  • Trish and Dez have stayed friends in the future whilst Austin and Ally haven't at first.
  • Dez sums up exactly what their dynamic has been like during the entire series, that they're friends even though they hate each other.  
  • Dez shows Trish the editing he has done for his movie
  • They have a scene together
  • Dez says Trish is an amazing actress in the movie and that he thinks she'll win Best Actress award
  • They work together to get Austin and Ally back together again
  • They stand next to each other a lot in the episode
  • Trish smiles at Dez
  • They group hug
  • They stand next to each other in the group hug
  • They walk into the music factory together
  • Dez says that he and Trish have just come back from the set of Claws: Dun, Dun, Dun 8
  • Trish is smiling at Dez


Season 1

Rockers & Writers

Dez: [About the Austin cologne] Try some! [Spritzes some in Trish's face.]

Trish: I don't like you.

Dez: Trish, for the first video I'm going to need ten thousand monkeys and a big wedding cake!

Trish: You can have a turtle and a donut.

Dez: [Pulls out a turtle with a donut around its neck] But I already have that.

Kangaroos & Chaos

Ally: [About the kangaroo] Aw, he's so cute! [Stops] Aw, I stepped in kangaroo poop...

Dez: Hey, we don't know that was the kangaroo. Trish was in here earlier.

Trish: I will slap those freckles right off your face.

Everglades & Ally-Gators

Trish: You made a monster movie about me?!?!? [Dez looks scared] I love it!!!! [Hugs Dez.]

Season 2

Costumes & Courage

Dez: [Dressed as Austin; singing] Make 'em do a double take! Oh, yeah...

Trish: Great costume! Lousy voice...

Ally: There was no ghost! It was just Trish messing with you!

Trish: It was just strawberry jam on the walls and a fog machine in the chimney!
Dez: [Touched] The ghost put strawberry jam on the walls and a fog machine in the chimney?
Trish: [Sarcastically] Yes, Dez. Yes it did.

Dez: [Excited] I knew ghosts were real!

Couples & Careers

Dez: They're having a contest where fans make a video of their favorite Zaliens scene.

Trish: With Dez's awesome directing and my amazing acting, we're gonna win.
Ally: Did you just compliment Dez?

Trish: [Chuckles] Oh, whaaaat? Psshh... You can't prove that!

Season 3

What If's & Where's Austin

Trish: I lost everything, Dez. My record deal, my fame...My best friend...I don't have anybody, I'm all alone.

Dez: [Looks at her sympathetically]Hey, you're not all alone...I'm still here for you.
Trish: ...You're right. All this time I thought you were just my assistant...But it turns out...You were really m-
Dez: [Excited] -Friend?!
Trish: I think we both know you're more than a just a friend. [Looks at him lovingly.]
Dez: [Raises brows.]
Trish: [Signals for Dez to come closer.]
Dez: [Crouches down, focusing on her, then leans in and kisses her.]
Ally: [Walks in, sees Trish and Dez kissing, is shocked.]
Trish and Dez: [Pull apart, smile at each other.]
Trish and Dez: [Scream.]
Ally: [Screams.]

Dez: [Lifts leg, as he continues to scream.]

Cupids & Cuties

Trish: Poor Dez. He's such a catch!

Records & Wrecking Balls

Dez: And I met Trish here. [Holds Trish's hand.]

Relationships & Red Carpets

Dez: [Filming Trish] And here's Trish, arriving to get Ally for the World Wide Music Awards. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Season 4

Buzzcuts & Beginnings

Dez: Sorry Ally. Me and Trish just have this special thing. [Hugs Trish.]




  • Dez is a boy and Trish is a girl.
  • Dez has red hair and Trish has black hair.
  • Trish is more professional than Dez.
  • Dez prefers mushrooms on pizza but Trish prefers pepperoni.
  • Trish is more sensible than Dez.
  • Trish has had more jobs than Dez.
  • Dez tends to take his work more seriously.
  • Dez is more eccentric than Trish.
  • Trish is more serious than Dez.
  • Dez is currently dating someone (Carrie), and Trish is single.
  • Trish is nice to Ally and Dez is unknowingly rude to Ally.
  • Dez has a son in the future, but Trish has a daughter.




Song: TBA

Episode: Trez episode is Zaliens & Cloud Watchers. In the episode, Trish and Dez find out how similar they are to each other. Another episode could be Everglades & Ally-Gators, because that's when they begin to show some attraction towards each other and they share their first hug, by themselves. Another episode could be Backups & Breakups because they share another hug, and seem to be together a lot in the episode. Lastly, another episode could be, Diners & Daters because Trish started calling him a friend and Dezzy-roo (twice) by accident and might have realized that she liked Dez. Though the real Trez episode is What If's & Where's Austin since Dez and Trish had their first kiss in this episode that they both imagined together alongside Ally. They also both admitted kissing each other wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. The Trez episode could be Horror Stories & Halloween Scares, because, in Dez's story, they were a married couple over 200 years ago and reunited, which hinted that Dez might have feelings for Trish.

Color: The Trez color is maroon, a combination of Dez's red hair and Trish's black hair. It also could be green seeing that in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers they both had green face paint on. The Trez color could also be orange since Dez wore yellow and Trish wore pink when they kissed. Yellow and pink mixed together makes a bright orange.

Animal: The animal is a lion because both wear lion print in Austin & Alias.


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