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I was just given this amazing song, and it's the perfect way to open my show. (pause) But, I realized that there's only one person who should sing it. Ally, will you please come up here and sing your song?

"Tracks & Troubles" is the seventeenth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 36th episode overall. It aired on the 23rd of June, 2013. The episode was the sixteenth episode filmed of season 2. This episode got 3.289 million views on the night of its premiere.[1]


Jimmy Starr signs his daughter, Kira, as the newest recording artist to his label. When Kira has her first performance, she wants to sing one of Ally’s songs, but Ally wants to sing it herself. Meanwhile, Austin accidentally records over one of Kira’s demos for her new album, and Jimmy thinks Austin and Ally are trying to sabotage Kira’s career. He fires Austin and the gang tries to change Jimmy's mind about firing Austin. Willing to give up her song to help Austin get his record deal back, Ally gives it up to Kira so she can convince her dad to change his mind about Austin. In the end, Kira realizes that Ally should sing the song she gave up and Austin and Ally both got signed at Starr Records.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Austin and Ally playing foosball (table football). Then Dez comes in, wearing a white snow-coat and posing. Ally tells him that it's 90 degrees outside and asks why to wear so much wool, but Dez said that the snow-coat is made of alpaca fleece because his cousin owns an alpaca farm. And when he tells both of them to feel the wool, it turns out to be really soft. Trish came with an envelope, looking confused when Ally and Austin were touching Dez and when Ally asks Trish to feel Dez's coat, she refuses. Trish tells Ally that she has good news. Jimmy Star wants to meet her. Ally is confused because Jimmy says that he didn't want to sign her, but Trish said that she submitted Ally's song to him and said he loved it and wants to meet her. Austin bet that Jimmy will give Ally a record deal. Ally thanks Trish then hug her, then Trish tells her to submit her as "Manager of the Year", and then hands her the envelope of the application. When Ally opens it, she says she already filled it out and it just needs a stamp. Dez told Ally that he's so happy for her and then says group hugged everybody. Trish looks confused because she was touching Dez and it was soft.

Later, Ally and Trish are in Jimmy's office talking about the song and Jimmy tells them that she loved the song. Trish mentions that she was nominated for the Manager of the Year Award. Jimmy tells her he can see why because she brought him a hit song, and that he wants his new female artist to sing it. Ally thinks that he was talking about her and she was excited. But when Kira walks in and Jimmy and said "there she is" and Ally was confused, Trish assumed that Kira was his new female artist and she was right. Jimmy says that he wants to buy her song for Kira

Ally and Trish in Jimmy's office

's album. Ally, disappointed, assumes that he's not offering her a record deal. Jimmy tells her that she is very talented, but he's still not sure if signing her and Austin on the same record label will be a good idea. Ally says that it's okay, but says she can't sell her song. Kira thought that it was because of the dating Austin drama but then Ally says it wasn't about that at all, she explained that the song title was Finally Me and it was about her and it would be wrong if someone else sings it and when Jimmy wrote the price for the song she refuses, even though Trish was about to seal the deal, Ally tells them she can't then leaves with Trish.

Meanwhile, back at the Sonic Boom Austin and Dez are preparing Ally's congratulation party of the record deal, Trish rushed into the store, without Ally and quickly tells them to put away the party because Ally didn't get a record label. And then they were running everywhere to put away the decorations but when Ally walks in on them and awkwardly say hi. Then, Austin says that he heard about Ally not getting signed and Ally said that it's okay, then Dez asked why Jimmy asked her to come if he didn't want to sign her. She tells him that he wanted to buy her song for Kira.

The next day, all four head down to Jimmy's new recording studio; there, they run into Kira who just finished recording Elevator Doors. Kira once more tries to get Ally to sell her the song, claiming that an already-written song would be great for her gig tomorrow night. Ally denies once more, and Kira and Jimmy temporarily leave the studio, leaving the gang all by themselves. They play with the studio, with Austin, & Trish pretending to announce for appearance & Manager of the Year & Ally singing I Got That Rock n' Roll with a squeaky voice. They decided to play it back, but then they discover that Dez accidentally recorded over Kira's new single. Jimmy came back to show how amazing the sound quality is by playing Kira's track, but they got him to leave saying that his wife called & that he has to go home right away, because he was out of dog food even though they don't have a dog, because they talked about not getting a dog & left. The Gang worries, and concoct a plan to record Kira singing her song when she goes to yoga, while Trish watches out for Jimmy. After a few poses, they finally get a pose painful enough to get Kira to sing, & went back to the studio seeing that Trish wasn't there. Right before they are about to put Kira's singing with the music, they discover that Dez has, unfortunately, recorded over her singing again. Jimmy got back & played Kira's track, & discovers they messed up recording and thinks that they have purposely sabotaged Kira's career. Ally told Jimmy it was an accident, but Jimmy thinks she ruined her song because she wasn't signed to Star Records. Austin stands up for Ally not to blame her, Jimmy said he won't but instead blames Austin for breaking his daughter's heart & purposely ruined her for single, so he had no choice but to he drops Austin from his label. Trish comes back from playing at a basketball court on the roof, then sees Jimmy found out everything throwing the basketball at him and ran away from him

After Austin goes through a brief phase of wanting to rely on his back-up job, of being an electrician, they try to convince Jimmy to resign Austin. Dez was thinking to bribe him with cash or an alpaca, but Trish states that he's rich & not an idiot. Trish wanted to give Jimmy another chance to take Austin back before signed to another record deal which was a lie, but Jimmy still refuses thinking that ruining Kira's song wasn't a misunderstanding. Trish decided to take Dez's idea to bribe him, but Jimmy said no because he's rich & not an idiot. Back at the Mall Ally apologized that it was all an accident, so Ally giving Kira her song on the night of her gig to hopefully convince Jimmy to resign Austin. The other three arrive too late to stop Ally from selling her song; they decide to just watch Kira. Kira has a change of heart, however, and decides that only Ally should sing her song. Ally performs her song and Dez once again, tapes the whole thing with him talking in it. But they were in for a surprise when Jimmy decides that Austin has earned back his record deal, but Austin doesn't want him to take him back, because he won't sign Ally so he wanted to take her instead of him, but Jimmy doesn't only want Austin back but, he also offers Ally a record deal.

Jimmy had a meeting with Dez bringing an alpaca with him, Jimmy tells Dez to leave & making Dez give him another chance to give the Alpaca to him, but Jimmy tells him to just leave, making Dez forgetting his Alpaca & leaving it with Jimmy.

Memorable Quotes

[talking about the alpaca fur to Trish]: Trish, you need to really feel Dez's coat. It feels like a cloud and a teddy bear had a baby.

Me touch Dez? Nah. No, thanks.

I'm so happy for you, Ally. Group hug.
Okay, this must be soft, because I'm actually touching Dez.

Told you.

We're supposed to check out Jimmy's new recording studio tomorrow. I just hope things won't be awkward.
Why would things be awkward?

Yeah, if anything, it'll be humiliating. Having to face the guy who just crushed your dreams--awkward! Oh, you're right, it is kind of awkward.

Kira, you sounded great.
Thanks, Austin. That means a lot coming from you.
[he shrugs] Maybe we could work together someday.
Maybe. I was really hoping I'd get to work with Ally. I'd really like to sing that song Ally wrote at my gig tomorrow night.
Kira's first ever gig.
I just wish I had that one great song to really put it over the top, Al-ly. A song that's already been written, Al-ly.

Yeah, I'm not going to sell you my song.

Austin Monica Moon, get back here!

Does everyone know my middle name?

Did you know that electricity travels at 186,000 miles per second?
Of course.

Don't care.

Ally! You can't give up your song for me.

Too late. I already did.

Austin, I want you back to Starr Records. [everyone gets happy, except Austin]
Jimmy, wait. I don't want you take me back.
[laughs nervously] Austin, what are you doing? [gives him a look]
You keep saying, that you can't sign Ally, 'cause you don't want us in the same record label. So... take her instead of me.

Austin, you don't have to do that for me.

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Main Cast

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  • Jimmy Starr wanted to buy Ally's new songs for Kira
  • Laura Marano, the actress who plays Ally, co-wrote the song Finally Me.
  • Two real actors - Taylor Lautner and Ryan Gosling -- were mentioned in this episode by Trish.
  • Jimmy says "Austin Monica Moon, get back here!", just like Austin's dad in "Parents & Punishments".
  • At the end of the episode, both Austin and Ally got signed by Starr Records.
  • Partners & Parachutes is referenced in this episode: Jimmy says to Austin that "he broke her heart, and now ruined her first single."
  • The 'Auslly Arc' is referenced in this episode when Kira asks if the reason Ally isn't selling her song is "because we both dated Austin and all that drama."
  • This episode earned the 3rd most amount of views on the night of premiere--it fell behind Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up, but managed to do better, view-wise, than Dog with a Blog.
  • It's unknown if Ally accepted the record deal. She might have because this is the 16th episode filmed and Boy Songs & Badges is the 18th episode filmed and in that episode, Ally has to write 3 songs for her demo reel, so she probably did get signed. She said Trish messed up on the applications, so they weren't turned in on time.
  • This is the first time Kira has sung on stage on Austin & Ally.
  • This is the second time we hear Kira sing; the first time was in "Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath", on the Ferris Wheel. 
  • This episode aired in the UK on the 20th September and Australia on 17th October
  • Kira is revealed to be a singer and is Starr Records new recording artist.
  • This is the first time that Austin was willing to give up his career for Ally, the second was in "Relationships & Red Carpets" because he wanted to be with Ally as a couple which he was completely fired from Star Records & wasn't allowed to make music anymore.


  • Dez told Ally he recorded her performance, "So she can always remember this special moment," however when he played it back for her, after he accidentally just recorded over her performance, the recording on the camera actually says, "So you can always remember that special moment."
  • When talking to Jimmy and Kira at the beginning of the episode, Ally calls her song "Finally Me". When Ally goes to perform it she calls it "I'm Finally Me". It is also seen in the credits that it is called "Finally Me".
  • Dez is a bit out of character with him constantly messing up with technology, despite in all previous appearances he is incredibly good at using it.
  • When Dez said "Man, this is just not my day.", but it was actually 2 days.
  • Trish said that she would never touch Dez when everybody wanted her to feel Dez's sweater, however right after she said that she touched him to push him out of the way.
  • In this episode, Ally gets an offer to sign with Starr Records, and Trish says that she already has a bunch of offers and doesn't accept. But in "Fresh Starts & Farewells" when she gets an offer from Ramone Records she acts as if she hasn't gotten an offer before. This is also out of continuity with "Solos & Stray Kitties".


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