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I hate it when I admit things! I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT!
— Tilly Thompson's catchphrase

Tilly Thompson is the much-famed Miami H8TER GIRL. Her alter-personality was revealed in the Season 1 episode, "Bloggers & Butterflies". She created a blog specifically to ruin Austin's reputation by posting false pictures and videos. She is portrayed by Audrey Whitby.


Tilly seems to be a very delusional and crazy (if not insane) girl, as she has held a grudge over Ally for over 10 years. Tilly will do anything to get what she wants and won't let anything stand in her way. Still, she is a very intelligent girl as she created her blog called The Miami H8ter Girl. Ally described her as "insane-ly talented".


She claims to hate Ally because, in kindergarten, Ally wrote "The Butterfly Song" which was chosen to be in the pageant instead of Tilly's "Ladybug Song"; in return, Tilly threw a tantrum. Because of this, she posts humiliating stuff about Austin on her blog, figuring if she tries to ruin his career, she will ruin Ally's as well. She claims she is a master of disguise and is able to disguise herself as a cowboy, a biker, a baby, a catfish, and a recycling bin. She also still seems to believe that her song was better than Ally's. She eventually uses Ally's stage fright against her and blackmails her into singing "The Butterfly Song" in front of the mall or else she will keep posting bad stuff about Austin in order to destroy his career. Luckily, Austin sings the song for her, and Tilly accidentally admits that she is H8TER girl and she made everything up. Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish are later seen watching a video of Tilly throwing a tantrum and destroying the mall stage. Trish mentions that Tilly took her blog down in humiliation.

Ladybug Song

"I'm a little ladybug
I have my polka dots
I love to eat pizza
And ride my bicycle"


  • She hates it when she reveals things even though they're true.
  • She's good at disguises. Some are unrecognizable.
  • She owns the blog Miami H8TER Girl.
  • She knows Ally and Trish from kindergarten.
  • She is often described as insane or crazy.
  • She might be related with Connie Thompson, the blonde psycho who is obsessed with Luke on Jessie.
  • She was a fan of Austin until he stood up for Ally
  • She hates Ally.
  • Her first and only appearance on the show was in Bloggers & Butterflies.
  • However, the end of the episode hinted a possible return for Tilly (disguised as a baby saying "Miss me?") but she is never to be seen again after that, especially with the series concluded.


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