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Team Austin & Ally is the team of the four main characters of the show Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez, as they try to help Austin and Ally's dreams. Altogether, they are known as Trauzlly, or more commonly, the Fearsome Foursome. As of Season 4, they've expanded to become the crew of the Austin & Ally Music Factory


Consisting of all the main characters in the series, they have quite touchy moments in every single episode of this series. Mainly, they are trying to help Austin reach the top of his singing career. Since after Partners & Parachutes, Ally is also a singer on their team, like Austin, since she no longer has stage fright.


As the four friends have their successes, they grow as a team and now it seems that they are going to continue being friends for a long period of time. Team Austin & Ally is a supported team and pairing as Trauzlly. Much is to be expected for the impact of Austin and Ally's musical careers, with these four friends helping out with each other, as they find what they've truly been looking for through life.

Austin, Ally, Dez and Trish


Season 1

All throughout Season 1, Team Austin & Ally was known as Team Austin. Ally did not have a musical career yet because she still had stage fright there for Austin was the main focus of the team.

Rockers & Writers

In the first episode, Rockers & Writers, you find they are not a team yet, only being formed somewhere near the end of this episode. They first meet at Sonic Boom, Ally's dad's store, though Trish is not there yet, as at work, from her first job, at Cupcake City. Ally stops Austin from playing the drums, and there is a small moment where they discuss the rules of the store. Later, Austin enters Ally's practice room and hears her playing a song she wrote, called "Double Take," on the piano. He gives her a few small tips- only to end up taking the song as his own. Ally confesses to Trish the song is her own and that she wrote it when Trish shows Austin performing it online, becoming an overnight sensation. Trish, supporting Ally, tells her to expose Austin for who he is. Though this is not much, it shows that they support each other and they need each other to encourage each of them. In this episode, Austin supports Ally, saying her song is amazing and tries to get her over her stage fright. The rest support each other too, such as making music videos for the person (Dez to Austin), trying to make her get her moment, and claim what was rightfully hers (Trish to Ally). The end of the episode shows Ally's practice room remodeled, and Austin offering a partnership between the two. Austin already hired Trish as his manager based on her long list of jobs, and Dez was already his filmmaker. Ally agrees and Team Austin begins.

Kangaroos & Chaos

Team austin.jpg

In Kangaroos & Chaos, the four members of Team Austin are rushing to help out on Austin's new music video, before people forget who he is. Trish and Dez get mixed-up, wacky orders for the video, such as ordering a kangaroo, caramel, and a camel. For the video, Trish "borrows " an ultimate fighter named Face Puncher's jacket, from the dry cleaners, for the music video. Unfortunately, the jacket is ruined, the window in the music room is broken, and they are all hurrying to fix their situations. They finally earn enough money to repair the window, and all enjoy Austin's performance, of A Billion Hits. After the concert, they go back to the dry cleaners. Trish messes up Face Puncher's jacket, and when she is about to get punched, Austin says he deserves to get punched, Nobody gets hurt because Face Puncher's daughter appears and thinks the jacket is for her. At the end, they are shown laughing together, at the video of Mr. Dawson getting attacked by the kangaroo.

Secrets & Songbooks

In Secrets & Songbooks, the four all try to help Ally find her book (despite Austin thinking Ally had a crush on him.) Once, everything is cleared up about this, Ally writes a new song re-vamped just for Austin, entitled, "Not a Love Song", which they are all found at the end, enjoying together.

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

In Zaliens & Cloud Watchers, Ally, at the beginning, is excited to show the other members of the team her new song, even though Austin didn't seem to like it. Later, as Austin and Ally get to know each other, they all meet up at the Fright Fest. As the twists and turns in that part go on, Ally writes Austin a new song, It's Me, It's You, a song based on Austin and Ally's relationship, and Dez films a video for the website that Trish put together. They all arrive for the live broadcast and all love Austin's performance.

Bloggers & Butterflies

In Bloggers & Butterflies, they learn that Austin is being followed by an annoying blogger named "Miami H8ter Girl". H8ter Girl is using embarrassing photos and videos of Austin on her website. The four stake-out, during the middle of the night, set to find out who H8ter Girl really is. All of them check H8ter Girl's blog frequently. When Austin sings The Butterfly Song, for Ally, because of her stage fright he is cheered on by Ally, Trish, and Dez. It shows who the team members always have each others back.

Tickets & Trashbags

In Tickets & Trashbags, Austin is torn between which Team Austin member he should bring to th

Team Austin Pic.png

e Miami Internet Awards, where he is performing, with, Shiny Money.) Ally, Trish, and Dez all have their reasons why he deserves to go, but Austin soon realizes they were only wanting to go for themselves, and brings none of them to the awards, bringing Nelson instead. The three friends soon learn that they need to support Austin for everything, and decide to sneak into the show. Trish and Dez nearly ruined the show, breaking Shiny Money's arms and legs. Toward the end, however, Austin forgives them for their actions and they all remain friends.

Managers & Meatballs

In Managers & Meatballs, Demonica Dixon, a manager of the eight top singers, tries to get Austin

Trauzlly Pic.png

as her newest client. Demonica gives Austin everything he seems to want, and is always at the top, and knows how to take Austin to the next level. Austin fires Trish and works with Demonica. During another Team Austin meeting, she gets an idea from Dez to hire a hot, new director. Dez is also fired and is left in sadness. Only Ally is left with Austin. Later, however, Demonica hires a new team of professional songwriters for Austin, and Ally is out of the picture. Team Austin was soon broken up. Austin, later, has a dream, however, that life wouldn't be as amazing without his friends. Team Austin humiliates Demonica at the press conference, showing Austin's music video for Better Together, and Team Austin gets back together. Because of this, this is the Team Austin/Trauzlly episode.

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

In this episode, Team Austin separately help Trish plan her Quinceanera. Dez helping Trish on how she enters, Austin offering to be entertainment (but is probably doing it for his own cause), and Ally handing out invitations. 

Deejays & Demos

In Deejays and Demos, the four friends could be found as "Team Ally "(but at the same time, Team Austin), since they all work together to help Ally get her song heard. Austin suggested her doing it in the first place, Trish pretending to be Ally, and Dez working the stereos and controls. 

Successes & Setbacks

In this episode, Team Austin meets Jimmy Starr, owner of Starr Records. If Team Austin makes a demo and Jimmy likes it, they might get a record deal. Sadly, while the four friends are working on the demo, Austin loses his voice and has to get a medical procedure done, or he may never sing again. Ally and Dez get Austin gifts, though Trish hadn't an idea they were getting him presents, and encourage him to get the procedure done and attempt to help him after it's done. Austin is able to perform for Jimmy Starr, and Ally, Trish, and Dez cheer him on.

Albums & Auditions

Audition 31.JPG

In this season finale, Team Austin is quite conflicted. They have Austin reaching a good point in his music career, seeing as he is releasing his first album, and then Ally could possibly be leaving Team Austin for MUNY, making it the second time in the series that Team Austin has almost broken up, first being Managers & Meatballs. In this episode, it truly shows how much they all care for each other, showing that 'Team Austin' isn't just a team anymore; they're good friends. Team Austin minus the songwriting Ally are conflicted and want Ally to stay at first for them, but after a surprisingly deep conversation with Dez, the three decide to let Ally go, making her a 'Goodbye Ally' video, thinking along the lines of 'If you love something, let it go. If it loves you back, it'll come back to you.' And Ally indeed does love them as she realizes that her dream is not attending MUNY, but rather working with her friends. Team Austin almost falls apart in this episode.

Season 2

Costumes & Courage

In this episode, Team Austin change a bit. Ally may become also another singer of Team Austin. In this episode, it shows the relationship of the four friends have become more serious, since Ally may become less frequent of her Stage Fright. When it completely goes, Austin and Ally's partnership has lost some of its points since Austin is the singer, and Ally's part is the songwriter, with stage fright, since her songs can then only be performed by Austin because of it. At the end of the episode, Ally is unsure that her stage fright as gone, and that she could have only performed because she was pretending to be someone else.

Backups & Breakups

In this episode, Team Austin seems to be getting closer. Since Trent had betrayed Trish, only using her to be Austin's back-up dancer, as a team, they stuck together to stick up for Trish (Dez, Austin, and Ally). They helped her face Trent and his lies, which comes to show they care for each other. Also, Trish, Dez, and Ally were cheering Austin for his Dance-Off with Trent. This also shows the caring towards one another.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

The relationship is sort of strained when they have to face lies about Austin, and maybe even Ally. A moment can be when they all have to jump off a bridge (Bungee Jumping) together. Ally kept teasing Austin about all the lies he had to face. But then Austin teased Ally from when she made up a lie about how she gets inspiration from her songs. Trish had thought what Austin does in his real life is boring, which is far from a compliment.

Parents & Punishments

Team Austin all helped each other with Ally's fundraiser, since she gave away all the Sonic Boom Instruments (on accident), instead of selling them. When Austin was grounded he didn't give up and tried his best to make Ally and probably the rest of Team Austin, by showing up at the fundraiser and performing. As they all tried to raise money to get the instruments back or replaced, this is considered teamwork and Austin snuck out of his room and he performed.

Crybabies & Cologne

Together as a team, when Trent stole Austin's (or maybe Ally's) song, Team Austin worked together and plotted to get revenge on Trent, rather than succeeding, One of Austin's products, or mainly, Cologne, was also stolen by Trent, but it had the ingredients of honey. This works out to be that there were also Bees released (by Dez) at the same location, who covered Trent in at least a couple of thousand bees. Team Austin had worked together, no matter how silly, or lame, or really mean, the revenge ideas get.

Big Dreams & Big Apples

In this crazy yet fun crossover, Team Austin's separate jobs stood out. Trish booked Austin for Times Square in New York, as she is the manager. Ally wrote the song for Austin to perform there, to maybe collaborate with the Times Square feeling and theme. Dez, most probably created a video of Austin's performance. And Austin, of course as the singer, performed. As their positions, they did this together.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

As we saw the first appearance of Kira and discovered her bad breath, Team Austin tried to figure a way together on how to get rid of her or make her quit, considering she was Jimmy's daughter. 

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Except for Austin. Ally, Trish, and Dez tried to save Austin's date with Kira, this shows how much they care for each other, even their personal 'Love Lives'. It also gets Ally more comfortable and closer to Austin, as in an expression, she's taken the plane from 'Dallas to Austin', meaning she has developed a crush (feelings) on him (Austin).

Campers & Complications

Trish tries to help Ally realize that Austin is jealous, and has now developed feelings for her (Ally). Dez helps Austin with his feelings, and Trish also offers to hang out with Dez, but of course as a price. There aren't many Team Austin moments in this episode, but they help each other in a separately way.

Chapters & Choices

Except for Ally. Trish, Dez, and Austin help Ally getting over with her Stage Fright. Dez considering throwing a beach ball/Trash at her, Giving along with some boo's, (With Trish), which shouldn't help at all. Ally got over her stage fright. And yet again Team Austin helped each other separately, also, Austin and Ally shared their first kiss in this episode.

Partners & Parachutes

Austin got Ally a piano, but it broke since he attempted to fly it down from a parachute, considering the parachute wouldn't open. Then, Austin sang Ally a song from her songbook to show her how he feels about her. Austin and Ally become Boyfriend and Girlfriend in this episode.

Couples & Careers

At the beginning of the episode, Austin asks Ally out on a date, and then Trish walks in telling them about a song they have to write for a new movie that's coming out, called Butch & Bitey. In the middle of the episode, Austin and Ally, speak privately and individually to Trish and Dez, about their relationship and the fact that they are worried that they have made a mistake about becoming a couple. Trish tells Ally to go with the flow and Dez tells Austin to compromise. The song they made turns out terrible, and Austin and Ally end up talking about their relationship through Butch and Bitey in front of the producer. Near the end of the episode, Austin and Ally decide to they break up because they aren't ready to be a couple just yet, meaning that they still have strong feelings for each other and will get back together soon. At the end of the episode, Austin and Ally go back to the place where they had their first date just as friends, and then Trish and Dez walk in wondering if Austin and Ally are on a date. They learn that Austin and Ally are no longer a couple. Trish is happy if they are happy, but Dez isn't happy and he cries. They show Austin and Ally the video they made that won the contest to see the premiere of Zaliens 8: My Brains.

Real Life & Reel Life

Trish and Dez walk into Sonic Boom and say that they are going to make a movie about Austin and Ally's partnership. They start off with the day Austin and Ally first meet and do it like a James Bond movie. Later, Austin finds out that at first, Ally didn't want to be his partner and thought he would be a One Hit Wonder, making Austin really mad with her. When they are doing the scene from Costumes & Courage, Austin continues to be very mad at Ally. Later, Ally finds out that Austin met with another songwriter when she got over her stage fright, making Ally really mad with Austin and it causes them to start a huge fright, that almost breaks the team-up. When Trish and Dez are worried that Austin and Ally might never forgive each other, they decide to recreate the scene from Chapters & Choices where Austin helped Ally overcome her stage fright, which resolves them kissing for a second time. Dez then says cut twice, but Austin and Ally don't wanna stop and Trish and Dez know that they are no longer mad at each other. After the kiss, Austin and Ally forgive each other and apologize, and Trish and Dez ask them why they didn't pull away when Dez asked them and they get nervous and leave. Trish and Dez then are seen making a scene together and the episode ends.

Fresh Starts & Farewells

Team Austin & Ally are all excited and ready to go on Austin's first tour together. Austin and Ally help Dez pass his biology test, which he does. Trish gets Ally a meeting with Ronnie Romone but messes up the venue, which causes Ally to get cross at Trish and she fires her. When everyone is at the concert, Ally performs The Me That You Don't See, and Ronnie offers her a record deal, bust says she can't go on tour with Austin if she accepts the deal. When talking to Trish, Ally admits she still has feelings for Austin and is worried that if she doesn't go with him, it could ruin their feelings for each other. After Austin performs Better Than This, Ally tells him about the record deal offer, which saddens him. Just before everyone leaves to on tour, Ally turns up and says goodbye to everyone cause she accepts the deal with Ronnie Romone. When Austin and Ally are saying bye, they share a tight hug. A few seconds later, he comes back out of the bus and almost admits he loves Ally, by almost saying "I love you", but doesn't have the courage so gives her a card with the words "Thinking Of You" on the front and goes back on the bus and they all leave for tour. In the final scene, Ally is seen in the recording studio and looks at the card Austin gave her, with a smile and the episode ends.

Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions

Austin, Dez, and Trish are all missing Ally on tour, and when they are all video chatting, they convince Ally to come on tour for a few days and she accepts. When she goes to the wrong Portland, Ally is revealed to be three thousand miles away from everyone, making them all really disappointed. Later, Ally meets up with Trish and Dez, but Austin has accidentally gone on the wrong bus and ended up going to Washington DC. Near the end of the episode, everyone meets up again and Ally realizes she wants Austin's help with the songs, and stays on tour with them, making them all very happy, especially Austin.

Eggs & Extraterrestrials

Dez invites Austin, Ally, and Trish to the zalien conversion, which they all go to. They all meet two guys who Trish and Dez think are real zaliens and are revealed to be, but Austin and Ally don't believe them until they see Zip suck Ziltch's brains, and Austin and Ally have to perform for them to save their lives! The zaliens liked it so much, they decided to everyone back to their planet to meet the leader instead of the prince egg. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the whole thing was Dez's dream and everyone is then seen at the convention and Dez tells zalien jokes.

Proms & Promises

Everyone is very excited about prom coming up, and Austin and Dez have ideas how to ask Piper and Carrie to prom. Dez asks Carrie and she accepts. Its also revealed that Dez is bad at keeping secrets. Trish comes in and tells everyone that she doesn't have a date cause Jace broke his leg whilst doing a skateboard trick. Later at Shredders, Austin sings to Piper to ask her to prom, and she said yes, making Ally jealous, showing she still has feelings for Austin. When Gavin finally asks Ally to prom, she says cause she wonders if she is with the right guy, showing she still has feelings for Austin. On prom night, everyone is at Sonic Boom and are about to leave for prom. When Dez insults Ally, Austin is sweet to Ally, making her blush, and Piper becomes suspicious about their relationship. In the last scene, Ally walks into prom and Austin realizes he's meant to be there with Ally instead of Piper! Carrie overhears this, and then almost tells Piper the truth, but the episode ends with 'To be continued'.

Last Dances & Last Chances

The episode starts off where the last one left off, and Carrie decided no to tell Piper the truth, but threatens to ruin Austin's night if he doesn't make it special to Piper, so tries to make it special for her throughout the episode. Austin kept saying he wants to be with Ally and not Piper, making Dez very happy. Later in the episode, Austin and Ally win king and queen and Austin leaves to break up with Piper, to be with Ally. When Gavin turns up, Ally breaks up with him to be with Austin. Dez and Trish enter and win the dance contest together, only to find the money will be used for Chuck's club, annoying them both. When Ally comes back in, Austin asks her to dance and she accepts. When dancing, they admit they still have feelings for each other and never stopped. Austin then asks Ally to be his prom date, and she says yes, they then share their third kiss and finally get back together with Trish and Dez watching, happily, in the background. In the final scene, everyone is happily dancing together. (Dez with Carrie, Trish with Jace and Austin with Ally). Ally then tells Austin her night turned out perfect cause she was with him, and they are seen dancing together again and the episode ends.

Videos & Villains

The episode starts off with Ally and Trish in Sonic Boom and Austin and Dez walk in. Austin is revealed to have his own pair of shoes, called 'moonwalkers' and he was scheduled to perform on Video Countdown Live and be interviewed by Jett Deely. When he can't find them, he heads back to Sonic Boom and finds them, but gets trapped by Brooke until he'll write a love song for her. Ally, Dez, and Trish get worried when he doesn't perform. Trish goes first but gets trapped in the practice room, too. Back at Shredders, Ally and Dez are there and Trish texts Ally to help her and Austin escape. Dez attempts to rescue them but fails. Ally later manages to help them escape and Austin performs a newer version of Upside Down, which everyone loves. In the final scene, everyone is seen back in Sonic Boom and Austin's moonwalkers are selling like crazy. It's also shown that his shoes have inspired Dez to create his own footwear.

Beauties & Bullies

The episode starts off with everyone in Sonic Boom and they all want to audition for the school play (Sleeping Beauty). They all get parts. (Austin and Ally as town folks #1 and #2, Dez as Prince Charming, Trish as Sleeping Beauty and Carrie as a tree). Later, Trish reads some comments about the play and they end up being mean, saying she isn't pretty enough to be playing Sleeping Beauty, etc. The next day at school, she gets more mean comments and the rest of Team Austin stick up for her, but she takes it surprisingly well. However, she ends up crying because of it. After 3 days, it's revealed that Trish hasn't been to school for the past 3 days, so a girl named Margo steps in for her. Ally later goes to see Trish at Shredders and Ally found out that Trish was faking her sickness and says she's dropped out of school. Austin and Ally write a song (Superhero) for Trish and he performs and dedicates it to Trish, but she still doesn't come back to school. Dez and Carrie find out that Margo is the bully and wants to get back at her for hurting Trish. During the play, Dez gets revenge on Margo and Trish turns up, telling Coach Simmons what happened. At the end of the episode, they all perform in the play, with Trish as Sleeping Beauty.

Records & Wrecking Balls

The episode starts off with Ally working and Trish walking into Sonic Boom. She then says that Ally's album will be released the following week and Austin says he's proud of Ally and hugs her, with Trish saying she loves that they're a couple again and Ally decides to quit the store. Later at Shredders, Trish and Dez are there and Austin and Ally come back from 5 movie dates. Everyone is then talking about Ally's album and then Ally tells her dad that she needs to quit and she's happy about it but decides to sell the store, upsetting everyone. When Ally is about to tell her dad not to sell the store, he reveals that he already has to a woman named Ms. Krum. Later in the practice room, everyone is packing up and when Trish says its gonna be really hard to say bye to the room, Austin says he met Ally at Sonic Boom and holds her hand and Dez does the same with Trish, but she threatens him and flashbacks from previous episodes are shown. They all then agree to hold Ally's record release party at Sonic Boom and come up with a way to convince Lester not to sell the store. After the play, he decides not to sell it, but Ms. Krum has already signed the paperwork and now owns the store and then decides to demolish the store for her box store. They then decide to invite Ms. Krum to the party to convince her to give it back to Lester. They try, but it doesn't work. Ally then performs Parachute and sings to Austin and they gaze into each other's eyes. After the performance, Ms. Krum decides to follow her childhood dream of selling cookies and goes into the cooking business, pleasing everyone. Lester then hires Carrie to work at the store as she got fired from Shredders earlier in the episode. Austin and Ally then has a sweet moment and share another adorable, tight hug with Trish watching behind them. When they won't let go, Trish walks off and they're still hugging. In the final scene, Ally is seen talking to her dad and they are very that they have the store back and he then tells Ally that he's hired Carrie to replace Ally. In the end, the store gets hit by the wrecking ball.

Relationships & Red Carpets

The episode starts off with Austin and Ally looking at the MyTab together and they tell Dez that they both have been nominated for best debut album at the Worldwide Music Awards and Trish walks in telling them the same news, and Austin says they found out. Austin and Ally are seen in the practice room and they are both looking forward to telling the world about their relationship. Later, back in Sonic Boom, Jimmy walks in and Austin tells him that he and Ally are dating, but Jimmy bands them from going together, which really upset them. Meanwhile, Dez finds out that Carrie is moving to LA, and Trish tells him that long-distance relationships can work like it is with her and Jace. Austin and Ally are seen on a date and agreed to not act like a couple so Jimmy would let them go together, but they fail. Austin also hints he wants to marry Ally in the future. Later, at the awards show, Jimmy threatens to fire Austin from Starr Records, so Austin had to choose between Ally and his career. During the show, Austin and Ally temporarily broke up. Then Austin and Dez are talking and Dez revealed he's moving to LA to be with Carrie, really upsetting Austin. When Jasmine Friea is saying her speech after winning best debut album, Austin goes on stage and he chose Ally over his career, saying that she's the best thing that ever happened to him and they finally admitted they love each other! Ally ran on stage and they shared their fourth kiss. In the final scene, everyone meets seen in the store and Trish revealed that Jimmy had fired Austin from Starr Records, but he said he made the right choice for choosing Ally over his career and they hug tightly. Trish then revealed she's starting her new management company and is going to LA with a new artist she's signed and everyone will be in LA together when Austin and Ally arrive at LA during the tour. Team Austin and Ally all say bye and hug. Ally goes back to grab her songbook and Austin walked in and the very happy couple leave the store and the episode ends.


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