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I've got a really good feeling about this! You're a Starr, Austin's a Moon; together you'll rule the galaxy!
Ally, about Jimmy Starr and Austin Moon.

"Successes & Setbacks" is the 18th episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It aired on August 19th, 2012 to 3.291 million viewers.[1]


Austin gets signed to a big record deal, but when he practices all night, he strains his voice. Austin must make the decision to either get a procedure that will allow him to sing, but his voice has the chance of sounding different as he does, or he could never sing again. Taking over the family mattress business is also an unwanted option.

Episode Summary

Austin with Trish and his parents!

When Trish comes in and talks about her latest job, she spots Jimmy Starr and squeals in excitement, saying that Jimmy is one of the best in the business. Ally remarks that she teaches his son violin lessons, and Trish walks over to Jimmy to try to sound all cool. It fails, and Jimmy looks puzzled when Austin comes over and introduces himself. Jimmy has heard of Austin, and after Team Austin asks him to sign Austin on, he asks for a demo record before leaving.

The gang rehearses all night, trying to make the demo record absolutely perfect when Austin remarks that his voice is starting to hurt. Ally brushes that off, telling him to practice once more, and Austin complies when his voice is pushed too hard, thus straining his vocal cords. They try that part of the song again with the same results, and Trish suggests that maybe he just needs to sleep on it. He agrees, but the next morning bears the same results. So Ally, Trish, and Dez take him to the doctor where they meet up with Austin's parents, Mike and Mimi Moon. The doctor announces that Austin has vocal nodules, and to get rid of it, he has to go through surgery. He's faced with the big dilemma of either never performing again and giving up on his dreams or going through with the procedure with the slight chance of having a different singing voice than before. He chooses to go through with the surgery.

He has to rest his voice for 48 hours, and successfully does for a while before many events cause him to almost speak. He still doesn't; it's when he and Dez do their 'What up' handshake that he accidentally speaks. They worry that his voice will be messed up, but due to Jimmy needing the demo earlier, they have no choice but to have Austin perform the song live for Jimmy despite not having rested his voice for the full time. He manages to hit the high note and performs without a glitch, thus winning Jimmy over and getting a record deal with Jimmy Starr.

Memorable Quotes

You know what you need to do, right?
Oh yeah. I'll keep giving his son lessons each week, dropping very subtle hints about Austin's music. Then, in 4 to 5 months-

No, we're doing this now.

Jimmy, baby. How the heck are you?
Let's start with who the heck are you?
You, know, Trish. We met at that thing. (chuckles, then makes gun-clicking noises)

I'm pretty sure I'd remember talking to a sausage.

I have a great feeling about this! You're a Starr, he's a Moon; together, you'll rule the galaxy! I'm going to stand over here where I can't embarrass myself... [pudding shoots out of the tuba]

Fixed it!

Come on, we're in the zone. You know what they say; Once the bacon gets groovin', there's just no stopping that sizzle! (imitates a "sizzle" as she hands Austin a pair of headphones)

I'm pretty sure you're the only one that says that.

Austin, relax! So what if we don't have a finished song for him! That just means we'll lose the best chance at getting a record deal.
How's that supposed to make me relax?

I don't know, I'm not good at this!

Dr. Grant
Well, it looks like Austin here, has nodules on his vocal chords.

Oh, no. Not nodules, wait, what are nodules?

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  • Austin's parents, Mike and Mimi Moon, were introduced in this episode.
  • John Henson (Mike Moon) is a co-host on Wipeout.
  • The actors who portray Mike and Mimi Moon are married in real life.
  • Mike and Mimi's names were not said at all but were revealed in the end credits.
  • Before the plot was released, everyone thought the episode was about Austin's parents not letting him sing anymore.
  • Before the episode aired, everyone believed there was an Auslly cheek kiss. 
  • This episode title refers to Jimmy Starr offering Austin a record deal, an obstacle of Austin that could affect his singing career, having his vocal chords strained, and the successful results in the end. 
  • This episode was ranked #4 in Disney Channel Australia's "Fanpicked Austin & Ally Countdown".
  • Robert Picardo, who played the doctor in this episode, has played The Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager.[2]
  • This episode has a similar plot to the episode of Hannah Montana entitled "I am Hannah, Hear me Croak."


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