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"Sports & Sprains" is the twenty first episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 40th episode overall. It aired on August 4th, 2013. The episode was the twenty first episode of season 2 to be filmed. This episode earned 2.881 million viewers on the night of its premiere.[1]


It's Spirit Week at Marino High School and Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez decide to become more involved in their school's extracurricular activities. Austin decides to join the basketball team after realizing he wants to be known for more than his music career. However, after he injures himself in a game, the foursome must figure out a way to save his upcoming school performance. Meanwhile, Dez joins the cheerleading squad and competes against his arch rival Chuck for "Yell King".

Episode Summary

When Ally interviews Dez on his dream of being a cheerleader for the Marino Manatees for the school paper, it is then that Trish and Austin learn that it is Spirit Week at Marino High. Due to this new knowledge, natural talent and some persuasion, Austin decides to join the basketball team; Trish is also inspired after learning that the student showing the most spirit gets one thousand dollars.

Trish and Ally show up to the basketball team's practice; Ally shows up for an article while Trish shows up to do her new job as the helper. Then the cheerleading squad has try-outs; Dez and Chuck both try out, and both make it onto the team.

After getting onto the team, Kimmy informs Dez and Chuck that it is between them for the position of yell king. Meanwhile, a game comes up, and Jimmy comes into Sonic Boom to inform Team Austin that he has invited the manager of the Heat to come to the concert that Trish arranged to delude everyone into believing that she had plenty of school spirit.

Dez asks Jimmy to come earlier so that he can watch Austin play basketball and Dez cheerlead; after hearing this, Jimmy tells Austin to quit. He cannot risk having Austin get injured by playing--since he has spent and invested a lot of money in Austin, who is a singer and dancer--but after Ally tells him to continue to play, he sticks with the team.

However, during the ending of the game, Austin injures himself, which places the team in a bit of a dilemma to make sure that Jimmy does not notice his injury. The end result is that Austin performs Living In The Moment with wires on so that he can dance and the pressure is relieved off of his knee.

In the end, Austin quits the team, Ally's article gets on the front page, Trish ends up winning a thousand dollars in the form of Manatee Dollars and Dez willing lets Chuck gett the position of yell king, which is a good thing since what the yell king had to do at half-time was get shot out of a cannon. Austin was also invited to perform half-time at a Miami Heat game.

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Memorable Quotes

Dez: For as long as I can remember, it's been my dream to be out on the court. There's nothing better than being in front of the fans, everyone screaming. I mean, what little boy doesn't want to grow up to be a cheerleader?
Austin: I can think of one.
Ally: I think it's great you're trying out for the cheerleading squad, Dez.
Trish: What are you guys doing?
Ally: I'm interviewing Dez for the school paper.
Austin and Trish: We have a school paper?

Kimmy: Easy boys, I know you're both tough.
Dez: [laughs] Oh, I'm much tougher than he is. I'm so tough, NAVY Seals want to be me when they grow up.
Chuck: I'm so tough, when something bad happens, people don't say, "Tough luck," They say, "Chuck luck."
Dez: I'm so tough, if I were a math problem, I'd be impossible to solve!

Trish: Guess who made cookies for the basketball team?
Ally: Ooh, and they're manatee-shaped. That's nice of you.
Trish: I had no choice. Darcy Pivnicks made cupcakes for the football team. There's no way I'm going to lose to that goodie-two-shoes.
Ally: That's the spirit. [bites into a cookie] This tastes horrible.
Trish: Yeah, I ran out of sugar, so I just used sand.

Ally: Now's the time when we're supposed to be having fun, playing sports, taking risks.
Trish: This coming from the girl who wears a helmet when she jumps rope?
Ally: Hey! Do you know how many people get injured jumping rope every year?
Trish: Zero?
Ally: Exactly. And I am not going to be the first.

Chuck: Oh yeah? My cheers are so loud, I get noise complaints. From dead people.
Dez: My cheers are so loud, they come with earplugs and a warning. Warning: my cheers are loud.
Chuck: Well, my cheers are so loud, when I cheer in Florida, they tell me to keep it down. In Canada.

Austin: Look, it's not your fault. I made the decision to play basketball, and I just have to be honest with Jimmy about my knee.
Trish: Here he comes!
Austin: Forget honesty! Help me hide it!

Trish: (unenthusiasticly) Yippee, School, Rah-Rah-Rah.
Ally: You know they're giving 1000 bucks to the person who shows the most spirit, right?
Trish: (ecstatically) Yippee! School! Rah-Rah-Rah! Gooooo Mustang!
Austin: We're the Manatees!
Trish: Oh. Go... Manatees!


  • This is the second time Austin got injured, the first being "Club Owners & Quinceaneras".
  • Usher is mentioned in the episode by Jimmy Starr.
  • This is Chuck's 3rd appearance.
  • Austin is shown to be good at basketball.
  • Ally is a reporter in the school newspaper.
  • This marks Kimmy's second appearance.


  • Chucks Cheer Demonstration has him say "Marino High is the team to Beat," when he meant to say "Team to Be".
  • Though the wires "took pressure" off of Austin's knee during his performance, he should have still felt pain since he was moving and bending it.
  • It's illegal to cannonball someone against their will, unless Chuck agreed thinking it was a joke.


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