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I can get all that stuff for you! Wait... Is it the grandma that makes delicious cookies, or the one that tells really boring stories and smells like cabbage?
Austin to Ally

"Spas & Spices" is the 14th episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 33rd episode overall. It aired on May 19, 2013. The episode was the thirteenth episode filmed of season 2. On the night of its premiere, this episode earned 2.56 million viewers.[1]


Trish gets a job at a spa and invites Ally for some treatments before an upcoming photo shoot. Meanwhile, Austin agrees to pick up Ally's necklace for her, but things go awry when he drops it in a pot of chili that Dez is entering in a chili cook-off.

Episode Summary

The episode starts out with Trish and Austin giving Ally advice on what to do for her interview with Miami Music, showing her a couple different of poses and after she reveals that she has a lot of errands to do, Austin offers to pick her necklace and dress up so that she and Trish can go to the spa. Austin also lets Dez know that he will help out for the chili competition. Later on, Chuck comes in, and teases Dez, saying that Dez will get 2nd place, once more, and that Chuck will win, yet again. After he leaves, Dez reveals to Austin that, this year, he has the "Your Mommy" spice that will be sure to make his chili the spiciest. Ally's time at the spa does not go so well; she drinks massage oil, her feet get burnt with hot stones, her hair is messed up, her teeth are green, her face is pink, and her hands end up getting stuck to a relaxing wax. When she and an eyebrow-less Trish come to the chili cook-out, Austin and Dez both reveal that Ally's necklace has been lost in the chili. Ally is devastated, and Dez lies to everyone there, saying that the person to find the necklace will win a thousand dollars. After searching through all the bowls, they find one left-over bowl with the necklace, but Chuck wants the bowl too. Dez and Chuck compete for the bowl of chili, but it is Dez that is victorious. He gives the necklace back to Ally, and feels victory, knowing that he, by default, won the chili competition.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: [still doing her magazine pose] Hi Dez.
Dez: Hey Ally. I'm flattered, but... not interested.
Ally: I'm not flirting with you, I'm practicing poses. I'm going to be on the cover of Miami Music! They named me their songwriter of the year!
Dez: Phew, that's a relief...

Austin: I can get all that stuff for you! Wait... Is it the grandma that makes delicious cookies, or the one that tells really boring stories and smells like cabbage?
Ally: Cookies.
Austin: Yes!

Dez: Hey Trish, could you give me a quick little neck rub?
Trish: Really? You want me to put my hands on your neck?
Dez: On second thought, I'm good.

Dez: There's something different about you guys...
Trish: Yeah. Her face is pink, and I don't have any eyebrows!
Dez: No... That's not it...

Austin and Dez: Ally, there's something we have to tell you. No, I'll tell her. No, I'll tell her! Fine, you tell her. Okay, wait wait wait, stop talking.
Trish and Ally: Guys, will one of you just tell us what's going... Oh, come on!

Austin: [eats some chilli]
Dez: [to Nelson] Any normal person who eats my chili will feel like their mouth is on fire.
Austin: [begins panting and fanning his mouth]
Dez: So they'll grab the fruit juice.
Austin: [grabs the fruit juice, drinks it]
Dez: But the acid in the fruit will just make it worse.
Austin: [does a spit take]

Chuck: So I'll see you at the chili cook-out at high noon.
Austin: It's at 3.
Chuck: You know what I mean!

Trish: Shhhhh, we're supposed to be relaxing.
Madame Trinka: Trish! What are you doing? You're supposed to be working!
Trish: I am, Madame Trinka! I'm showing this customer how to properly relax.

Chuck: Grade A hot beef coming through! Oh yeah, and I got my chili too.
Dez: [disgusted look]

Trish: Hi, you're here for your massage, right?
Customer: [nods]
Trish: I'm so sorry; Ingrid went home sick. Come back tomorrow! [walks around to other side of the room] Hi Ingrid, I'm ready for my massage.

Chuck: My chili's so hot, you have to stick your own tongue in fire to cool it off.
Dez: Oh yeah? Well, my chili's so hot that NASA uses it for rocket fuel.
Chuck: My chili's so hot, it's the second leading cause of global warming.
Dez: Well my chili's so hot, you have to put a smoke detector in your underwear before you eat it.
Chuck: My chili's so hot that they're thinking about renaming the Sun "My Chili".
Dez: Yeah? Well, my chili's so hot that... It...
Chuck: What's the matter? Can't think of anything else? Don't feel bad- I also won 1st place in the Smack Talk Showdown.

Nelson: I'm here for my test on Chile!
Dez: Nelson, I want you to taste-test my chili, not take a test on the country Chile!
Nelson: Awwwww, nartz!

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  • This is the second time that Austin has found food from Dez to be extremely spicy. The first time was the volcano pepper in "Secrets & Songbooks").
  • This is the second time two people said something at the same time when they didn't want tell someone something. The first time was Austin & Trish to Ally in "MyTAB & My Pet".
  • Spas in the title refers to the Tranquility Spa, where Trish works in this episode. Spices in the title most likely refers to the spices used in the spicy chili made by Dez.
  • Dwayne Johnson was mentioned in this episode.
  • Chuck gave Dez nicknames.
  • It is discovered Nelson has a high tolerance to spicy foods.
  • In production order, this is the first appearance of Chuck.
  • This is the first time Ally's feet are hurt, the second being "Beach Bums & Bling".
  • When Chuck and Dez are smack-talking, Dez makes a reference to NASA at one point.


  • When Austin drank the juice he put his hand down, which should have spilled it. However, when he brings his hand back up, the juice doesn't appear to be spilled.
  • Austin took the top off the juice but never puts it back on but he doesn't have it in his hand.
  • When Chuck leftSonic Boom, he pushed the doors, but the doors had a sign on them that said "Pull" & Ally made that mistake in "Partners & Parachutes".
  • It was said that Ally was going to have a photoshoot. She never had one.
  • It's curious how Ally got dressed to go the chili competition with her hands stuck.
  • When Ally injured her feet, she could barely walk earlier, but when during the chili competition, she can walk perfectly fine and showed no sign of pain or hesitation.
  • At the end when Dez and Chuck are smack talking each other about the barbecue cook off, Chuck has a chili cook off first place ribbon. However, this year he didn't win first place.


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