Shredder's Beach Club
Beach Club








Miami, Florida

Number of location(s)

1 (known)

Known Employees

Hazel (boss)
Trish De la Rosa (quit or fired)
Carrie (fired)

Shredder's Beach Club is the beach club where a restaurant named " Humpty's Burger Bar" used to be. It's also the gang's new hang out spot, as opposed to the mall. Shredder's was first introduced in Beach Clubs & BFFs.  It was last seen in Records & Wrecking Balls because the writers revealed that they got rid of the set and will not be shown in the Season 3 finale, Relationships & Red Carpets.


Season 3


  • This was first introduced in Beach Clubs & BFFs.
  • Ally sang her song Redial there.
  • Austin and Ally sang their song I Love Christmas there.
  • The Children's Christmas Party was held there.
  • Trish got a job there in Beach Clubs & BFFs.
  • It is unknown who owns this beach club or who founded it.
  • Working here is the first job that Trish has managed to keep for more than one episode apart from being Austin and Ally's managers.
  • The cast says that they completely got rid of the mall of Miami set, and this is the replacement.
  • This will not be shown in the Season 3, finale, and the writers said they got rid of the set.
  • Trish still works here.
  • Along with Sonic Boom, this is where the gang mainly hangs out in the third season. 
  • In Beach Clubs & BFFs Hazel was the boss of Trish in this beach club. Then Hazel appeared again in the following episode Mix Ups & Mistletoes. However after that episode, Hazel hasn't appeared since, even though the beach club has appeared since then. It's unknown if she quit working there or if she just hasn't been seen. 


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