What private thoughts are you writing in your book of secrets, Ally?
Trish tricking Austin

"Secrets & Songbooks" is the third episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on December 11, 2011 to 3.40 million viewers.[1]


Ally loses her songwriting book, which is also her top secret diary, so she and Trish comb the mall looking for it, not knowing that Austin and Dez have already found it and read it, revealing that Ally has a secret crush (Dallas). When Austin is convinced it's him through the clues given in the book, he tries to find a way to let Ally know they're just friends in a nice way but his plan doesn't work out as excepted.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: I have to find it before someone reads it. Some of the things I wrote in there are super personal and embarrassing.

Austin: Like how you have an imaginary friend named Ms. Pennyworth you talk to when you're stressed?
Ally: How do you know about Ms. Pennyworth? I've only ever told one person that secret.

Trish: ...Well, obviously, Ms. Pennyworth has been blabbing about you all over town.
Trish: No way! You have a crush on the cell-phone accesory cart guy! That's what you wrote in your book, isn't it?
Ally: What? The cell-phone guy? That's crazy. Why would I... Holy unlimited texting, he is so cute!
Ally: [kissing a mannequin slightly resembling Austin ] (Smooch) Austin. (Smooch) Austin. (Smooch) Austin. (Smooch) Austin.

Austin: [just walking into the store] Ally? What are you doing? Is that doll supposed to be me?

Ally: Oh, Austin. Hi. Yes it is. [turns the dolls face to expose it covered in lipstick] I was just practicing what I would do if you got bit by a rattlesnake... on the lips. It could happen, ohh.
Ally: I think we're close enough that I can tell you who this song is really about.
Austin: [clapping his hands over his ears and running out of the room] If I don't hear it, it's not true! If I don't hear it, it's not true! If I don't hear it, it's not true! If I don't hear it, it's not true!
Ally: Love. Love. Love.

Austin: Like. Like. Like.
Ally: It's a special kind of feeling.
Austin: But not always so appealing.
Ally: All you want is to get close.
Austin: But to close is kinda gross.
Ally: Gotta go for what you want.

Austin: But just keeping things on a friendly level is also a good option if you want things to stay the same.
Trish: I wonder if he's nervous about playing on South Beach Sound.

Dez: Nervous? Austin never gets nervous, especially about performing.
Ally: Then why is he acting so weird around me?

Dez: It's because he's nervous. Austin always gets nervous, especially about performing.
Trish: Oh I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to hurt your family. Your gingerbread family.

Dez: Benjamin!
Trish: We can do this the easy way or the Trish way.
Dez: I cant betray Austin.
Trish: [Bites off gingerbread arm]
Dez: No! You monster!
Ally: Dez, you can end all this senseless suffering right now. Tell us!
Dez: Never!
Trish: I wonder what Benjamin will look like without a head?
Dez: Austin read Ally's book and knows she has a crush on him.
Ally and Trish: What?
Dez: There now you know everything.
Trish: [Bites off head]
Dez: What are you doing? I said I told you everything.

Trish: I know, but Benjamin's really tasty.

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  • This episode marks the first appearances of Nelson and Dallas.
  • The violin rack has a sign over it reading "H&K Instruments." "H&K" refers to Kevin & Heath Productions, the company run by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, which make the show Austin & Ally.
  • Ally's line about "getting bit by a rattlesnake on the lips" was previously used in another It's a Laugh production; specifically, the Shake It Up! episode "Age It Up."
  • Trish is hired and fired from the Make-Up Kiosk.
  • It is mentioned in this episode that Trish once worked at the Lost & Found.
  • The episode title refers to Ally's songbook disappearing, and Austin and Dez finding out some of the secrets her book contained.
  • A section of this episode was featured in the A Billion Hits music video.
  • The episode contains scenes from Rockers & Writers as well as Kangaroos & Chaos.


  • Austin's sweat was only on the front of his T-Shirt, the back was completely dry.
  • Ally said "on the lips" but she clearly only kissed him on the cheeks.


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