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Samantha Silver and Joey Manderino are writers for Austin & Ally. Samantha has also written an episode for Good Luck Charlie as well as the films Pretty Little Devils and Legacy. Joey has written episodes for The Morning After and Viralcom. He is also a producer and director for those shows. They are well known for having Auslly moments in their scripts. As of the Season 3 premiere, they are also credited at the end as "story editors".

Before they began writing together, Silver wrote the 2008 film Pretty Little Devils and wrote an episode of Good Luck Charlie and Manderino has written for the web series The Morning After. Manderino is also one half of the comedy team Joey & David with David Young, who have produced a number of videos for

The Twitter for ALL the Austin & Ally writers is: AustinAllyRoom

Episodes written

Season 1

  1. "Tickets & Trashbags"
  2. "Club Owners & Quinceaneras"
  3. "Successes & Setbacks"

Season 2

  1. "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"
  2. "Girlfriends & Girl Friends"
  3. "Solos & Stray Kitties"
  4. "Tunes & Trials"
  5. "Real Life & Reel Life"

Season 3

  1. "Beach Clubs & BFFs"
  2. "Directors & Divas"
  3. "Fashion Shows & First Impressions"
  4. "Fanatics & Favors"

Season 4

  1. "Grand Openings & Great Expectations"
  2. "Duos & Deception"
  3. "Mini-Me's & Muffin Baskets"
  4. "Burdens & Boynado"

List of Episodes Samantha & Joey Have Been Credited as Story Editors

Season 3

  1. "Road Trips & Reunions"
  2. "What If's & Where's Austin"