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This article is just a fan page. It is a part of the Austin & Ally fanbase all based on information from the series or cast and crew.

Cast Shipped

Ross Lynch and Raini Rodriguez


Close friends, co-workers


Raura, Caini, Coss, Laini

Roni (Ro/ss and Rai/ni) is the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Raini Rodriguez. They seem to have a close relationship. They are very comfortable around each other.

For the in-show pairing between Austin Moon and Trish De la Rosa, see Traustin.


Ross and Raini are both close friends of the Austin & Ally cast, they seem to have a good and close relationship. They both are satisfied and settled with each other. They also laugh together sometimes and hang out.


Other Names

  • Rosaini (Ros/s and R/aini)
  • Rainoss (Rain/i and R/oss)
  • Rass (Ra/ini and Ro/ss)
  • Rossaini (Ross and R/aini)
  • Rossini (Ross and Ra/ini)
  • Roini (Ro/ss and Ra/ini)
  • Rossi (Ross and Rain/i)
  • Rossni (Ross and Rai/ni)
  • Rainiross (Raini and Ross)
  • Rodrinch (Rodri/guez and Ly/nch)
  • Lynchiguez (Lynch and Rodr/iguez)
  • RLRR (R/oss L/ynch and R/aini R/odriguez)
  • Shalena (Sh/or and Alena)
  • Shorna (Shor and Ale/na)
  • Shorena (Shor and Al/ena)
  • Shona (Sho/r and Ale/na)
  • Rodrilynch (Rodri/guez and Lynch)
  • Rolyguez (Ro/dri/guez and Ly/nch)
  • Alshona (Al/e/na and Sho/r)


  • They both have a Twitter account.
  • They both can sing very well.
  • Their first names both start with the letter "R".
  • Both of them have siblings who all have names starting with R.
    • Raini's brothers are named Rico, Ray, and Roy Jr.
    • Ross' siblings are Riker, Rocky, Ryland, and Rydel.
  • They both work together on Austin & Ally (co-stars).
  • In the live chat, they shake their hands and they were laughing together (along with Laura and Calum).
  • They both have starred in a music video. Raini in "Living Your Dreams", and Ross in numerous Austin & Ally videos such as Double Take.
  • Ross and Raini always hug on a special event.
  • They both are real-life singers.
  • They're both actor/actress.

Official Color

The color is brown because Ross' favorite color is yellow and Raini's favorite color is purple which makes brown.