You're a songwriter with stage fright, I'm a singer who loves being on stage! We're a perfect match!
Austin describing him and Ally

"Rockers & Writers" is the first episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on December 4, 2011 to 5.66 million viewers. This episode currently holds the title for the most viewed episode in Austin & Ally history to date with 5.7 million viewers. [1]


Unbeknownst to Ally, Austin and Dez "accidentally borrow" one of her songs, record it, create a video, and post it on the Internet, after which the song and Austin become overnight Internet sensations. When Trish convinces Ally to tell the world she wrote the song, Ally confronts Austin, but he refuses to give her credit. However, when Austin is asked to perform another original song on the Helen Show the next day, Austin pleads with her to write another hit song for him and not create any fuss. At first she refuses, but after hearing about his dream to pursue music, she agrees to work with Austin and the others as a team to further Austin's career.


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Memorable Quotes

Ally: Hey, do you want to go to the movies Sunday?

Old Lady: Oh, I'd love to go to the movies!
Ally: Oh, um, great. Because you're exactly the person I was asking.
Old Lady: It's a date!
Ally: Can't wait, lady, I never met. Yeah, oh. Where'd you go?

Trish: I was on the phone. That was work. Apparently "being there" is a part of the job.
Trish: Guess who got a job at the Magic Store!

Ally: What about to your job at the Cupcake City?

Trish: Apparently being a horrible employee is grounds for termination.
Ally: I wrote that song and you have to tell everybody the truth.
Austin: I can't. Do you know how embarrassing that would be for me? Consider my feelings. Are you really that selfish?
Trish: Has anyone seen a giant snake about yay big?

People in store: [panicking]

Trish: He's probably not poisonous... But there's a really good chance that he's totally poisonous.
Ally: How about this? "I'm not helping you with your song, get out of my store!"

Dez: That doesn't rhyme.
Ally: There's the door.

Dez: That's better.
Trish: Guess who got a job as Austin's manager!

Austin: She has so much job experience, her résumé was like eight pages!

Trish: Oh, I promised his fans we'd have news song up on the website every Friday. Oh, I don't work Fridays or other weekdays.
Austin:Who am I kidding? My dad always said music was a waste of time. He said I had a bazillion to one chance of making it.

Ally:That's exactly what my dad said to me.

Dez: You know what my dad said to me? [Mimic of his dad] "Dez, stop texting the dog!"
Austin: The main ingredient is my sweat.

Dez: *to Trish* Wanna try? [spray in her face]

Trish: I don't like you.
Austin: I want you to be my partner.

Ally: Spend more time with you?
Austin: You're a songwriter with stage fright. I'm a singer who loves to be on stage. We're a perfect match. What do you say?

Ally: We're partners!

Songs Featured


  • The Helen Show is a parody of The Ellen Show.
  • Entertain Me Tonight is a parody of Entertainment Tonight.
  • This episode is counted as a series preview. Even though it aired 2 days before the actual premiere its counted as a series preview.
  • This episode aired directly after the Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! movie.
  • This is the first episode to feature two new songs. (Double Take and Break Down The Walls).
  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • The episode of Crybabies & Cologne was a remake of this episode. 
  • This is the first out of two episode to air on a Friday.
  • Trish gets five jobs in this episode. She gets a job at Cupcake City, the Magic Store, The Pet Store, The Mug Store, and as Austin's Manager. 
  • This episode is the only episode in the whole series, including the crossover event and episode Campers & Complications to be viewed by over 5 million viewers.
  • The episode title refers to Austin and Ally's clashing roles, Austin as a rockstar, and Ally as a songwriter. Austin even mentions their roles in a way at the end of the episode.
  • The song  "Double Take" and "Break Down The Walls" were featured in UK's Best Austin & Ally Song Countdown (by Laura herself), named "Austin & Ally: A Billion Hits", as both considered one of the top 5.
  • This is the first time the audience is able to see the crew.
  • A section of this episode was featured in the A Billion Hits music video.
  • When Austin was playing the drums the song is close to The Simpsons theme song.
  • This is the first time that Austin uses one of Ally's songs without telling her.
  • This is the first time Austin & Ally viewers have heard Ally sing.
  • Of all the episodes in Season 1, this episode has the greatest amount of new songs in one episode.
  • Ally says no eating in the store which is a recurring scene in the show where she tells a customer not to break a store rule. This scene is mostly seen in Season 1.
  • It first aired on December 2, 2011, as a preview, after the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!.
  • This episode currently holds the title for the most viewed episode in Austin & Ally history to date with 5.66 million viewers. [2]


  • In the beginning of the episode, Austin said he needed instruments for his music video, but he already had several different instruments in his room when Ally came over to his house.
  • When Austin and Dez show Ally and Trish the Austin peanut butter, Austin said "Chunky", but the wrapper said "Crunchy." Dez said "Smooth", but the wrapper said "Creamy."
  • In the beginning of the episode, when Ally puts her hand on the edge of her book after denying Austin instruments, the old lady's dentures come rolling past the book, but Ally's hand is no longer on the edge. When the camera pans out, Ally's hand is still on the edge, just as if she didn't move it.
  • When Trish tells Ally about her new job at the Magic Store, Ally sets her book down where she was thinking of more lyrics for an unknown song. Trish shows off her bomb trick, but you can't see Ally's book where you saw her put it down at. Ally asks Trish about her job at Cupcake City, though it turns out she moved her book, but we didn't see her move it when Trish shows off her bomb trick.
  • After Austin "funs Ally up", her and Austin walk to the piano. You hear Ally say, "Let's write a song", but do not see her say it.
  • Even though Ally wiped her mouth with a napkin, the frosting was still on her lips.
  • When Austin was naming the instruments that he could play when he said the harp, he gestured to off screen when the harp was actually behind the staircase.
  • It's very unlikely that a parent would let their daughter stay up all night with a boy she just met by themselves. The same goes for Mike and Mimi.
  • Austin and Ally should have been sued for destroying The Helen Show set. It's unknown why they weren't.


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