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This is why we don't touch stuff, young man.
Ally to Austin

"Presidents & Problems" is the 3rd episode in Season 3 of Austin & Ally and the 48th episode overall. It first aired on November 10, 2013 to 3.034 million views.[1]


Following the last show of Austin’s tour, the gang does some sight-seeing at a Washington D.C. museum, where Austin accidentally gets stuck with a priceless object and must find a way to return it before performing for the President.[2]

Episode Summary

In the beginning, everyone is sleeping on the tour bus at night. Austin changes his clothes after seeing the time on the clock. Ally and Trish are woken up and say he couldn't be late for the ceremony. They find out that Dez changed the time on the clock, so they'd be on time for the awards ceremony. They can't go back to sleep, so they have breakfast. They all show each other belongings they've collected from every state on tour.

Austin gets his medal, Dez is jealous that he's never won an award before, and Trish reveals that she is planning something very special for Austin and they decide to go sightseeing. Ally suggests that they go to the Smithsonian Museum as a compromise -- she can enjoy historical exhibits while they can see the movie exhibits -- and they agree. While there, Ally takes over as a tour guide and Austin tries on garments from various theatrical and music productions. He gets his feet stuck in silver shoes from The Wizard of Oz, and they go through various methods to get the shoes off. None of them work; Austin is prepared to explain to the museum curators and employees that it was an honest attempt, but he then sees many police men and loses the courage.

Meanwhile, Trish reveals that the surprise she was planning was for Austin to perform for the President of the United States. They are excited, and Ally comes up with a creative way for Austin to hide the silver shoes. When he performs, he and the other dances perform in very big shoes. Unfortunately, one of Austin's big sneakers comes off; if not for Dez, the shoe would hit the President. The silver shoes are then present; Austin turns himself in, and President Obama says that it takes a true role model to accept responsibility for his mistakes. Austin is soon pardoned.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: Man! Ally, your teacups scratched my bowling balls!

Ally: Hold the ketchup! Are those the real silver shoes from The Wizard of Oz?

Austin: Yeah. What gives? Aren't they supposed to be ruby?
Ally: In the movie, but true fans like me know that they're silver. They were silver in the book and the play. Ooh, I should include that on the next museum tour!
Dez: Ooh, you're wearing Dorothy's slippers and the Wicked Witch's socks.
Austin: The socks are mine.

Dez: Wow, you wear some crazy clothes.

Obama: Now I'm off to see the new exhibit about Henry the Horse Headed Cowboy.

Ally: Oh, you know that's just a myth, Mister President.

Obama: Uh, Ally? Nobody likes a know-it-all.

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Main Cast

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  • This is the third time we see Austin shirtless, the first time was Songwriting & Starfish and the second was in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking.
  • This is the first time where we see Austin just in his underwear.
  • This is the final tour episode.
  • This is the first time an episode doesn't show Sonic Boom.
  • Michael Jackson was mentioned in this episode.


  • In this episode, it says that Dez never won an award, yet in Freaky Friends & Fiction he won the short story contest and in Spas & Spices he won the Chili Cook Off. In both contests he earned a blue ribbon, so he has won an award before. Also in Kangaroos & Chaos, he revealed that he won the 20-pound hamburger eating contest and earned a trophy.
  • When Dez said they should butter Austin's feet to get the shoes out, by listening carefully, you'd hear he actually said 'Ross' instead of Austin.
  • When Trish was freeing Dez from the handcuffs, Austin walked in and interrupted her. She didn't have the time to free even one of his hands, but Dez was free anyway while walking towards Austin.


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