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Miami, Florida

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Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Carrie (sister)
Dez Wade (brother-in-law)
Darrie Wade (nephew)


Austin Moon (ex-boyfriend)


Austin Moon
Dez Wade
Ally Dawson

First Episode

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

Last Episode

Last Dances & Last Chances

Portrayed By

Hayley Erin

Piper is a recurring character in Season 3. She was Austin's girlfriend for a couple of episodes, until he and Ally got back together. She is also Carrie's sister. Her first appearance is in Fashion Shows & First Impressions, and her final appearance on the show was in Last Dances & Last Chances.

Piper is portrayed by Hayley Erin.


Piper is shown to be cool, collected and adventurous. She also hopes to be liked for who she is, not just how she looks, shown by when she tested Austin to see how far he would go to prove himself; even to the point of giving up soap, technology, and his hair products. She tends to tease Austin, but in a friendly way, which could be her way of suggesting her feelings for him. She likely gets a kick out of Austin making a fool of himself for her. They then started dating at the end of the episode.





Fashion Shows & First Impressions

Piper is first seen at the beach, presumably on her way back from surfing. Austin instantly falls for Piper, but comes off as being somewhat shallow. Piper then tests him to see how far he'll go to prove he genuinely likes her. At the end of the episode, they agree to go on a date.

Proms & Promises

As shown in the promo, Piper sits with Austin at the piano and they talk about prom while Ally watches in the background. Then, Piper takes a picture with Austin. Afterwards, she spots Austin complimenting Ally, telling her she "always looks great". Later, she and Austin are seen at prom together.

Last Dances & Last Chances

This was Piper's third and final appearance on the show. She kept becoming suspicious of Austin's relationship and feelings for Ally, when he kept acting weird around Piper and Ally. Piper also thought Austin and Ally still had feelings for each other, which they did. Later, Austin broke up with Piper, because he wanted to be with Ally instead of Piper, and she was okay with it, and told him that she broke up with him instead of the other way around, if anyone asked. 

Physical Appearance

Piper has tan skin, blonde hair, and brown eyes. When Austin first saw her and subsequently met her, she was wearing a pink shirt and yellow shorts. When Austin was introducing her to everyone, she was wearing an orange dress. When Austin brought her the food and poem, and she first started testing him, she was wearing a white sweater with green, yellow and red stripes. And from when she was admitting to Dez that she was testing Austin to when she and Austin started over, she was wearing a t-shirt with a pattern on it and jeans.




Carrie is Piper's sister. While they are sisters they have very different personalities.

Austin Moon


Main article: Ausper

Austin and Piper started dating in Fashion Shows & First Impressions. They went to prom together in Proms & Promises. They broke up in Last Dances & Last Chances.

Dez Wade


Aside from Dez having met Piper before Austin met her, and him having described her as being "every bit as amazing as Carrie", not much is known about Dez and Piper's friendship. Prior to Austin having met Piper, Dez tried to set Austin up with her, albeit to no avail.

Trish De la Rosa


Trish considers Piper manipulative, which she thinks is a good quality.

Ally Dawson


They first interacted in Proms & Promises when they were all talking about prom. They were both excited about it, and worried about how Austin and Gavin were gonna ask them to prom. They were seen hanging out together with Trish and Carrie at the beach club. In Proms & Promises, Piper became suspicious of Austin's relationship with Ally, and Ally showed slight jealousy of Piper, showing she might still have feelings for Austin and seemed a little jealous of their relationship. It's unknown if they will stay in contact since Piper's final appearance was in Last Dances & Last Chances, and due to Ally now dating Austin.




  • She first appeared in Fashion Shows & First Impressions.
  • She and Austin broke up in Last Dances & Last Chances.
  • Her last appearance on the show was in Last Dances & Last Chances.
  • Carrie is her sister.
  • She's a vegan.
  • Before Austin met her, Dez showed him a picture of her, in which she looked like a nerd. It turned out to be from Nerd Day at school, but, at the time, Austin didn't know, and assumed that was what she really looked like.
  • Piper likes surfing.
  • Piper is the third girl shown that Austin sang to. The first was Cassidy in Diners & Daters. The second was Ally in Partners & Parachutes.
  • Despite Piper being the third girl Austin sings to, she is his second girlfriend that he sang to, and Ally was his first considering Cassidy never actually dated Austin.
  • Out of all the recurring characters in this season, Piper appears the least amount of times.
  • She went to the prom with Austin. (Until Last Dances & Last Chances).
  • She was the second fan Austin dated, the first being Brooke.



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