I guess we're officially a couple.
Austin to Ally

"Partners & Parachutes", originally known as "Shut-Ins & Situations", is the eleventh episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 30th episode overall. It first aired on March 17, 2013 to 4.38 million viewers.[1]


After talking to her mom and Trish about Austin, Ally decides to focus on her music career now that she's conquered her stage fright. Meanwhile, Austin is unsure about his friendship with Kira.

Episode Summary

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There is a brief overview of the last few episodes, starting from Girlfriends & Girl Friends to the cliffhanger ending of Chapters & Choices, before this episode truly starts. When this episode actually continues on, Ally tries to make up excuses as to why she has to leave, but since she keeps accidentally hinting that a kiss occurred, she merely runs off. Trish goes after her, leaving Austin with the just-as-shocked Dez and the oblivious Kira.

The next day, Ally talks to her mother and Trish about the kiss, and it is revealed that Austin was Ally's first kiss. She is obviously down about it, seeing as she makes fairy tale references that aren't so optimistic (see Quotes below) and Trish adds on to the joke, but only makes it worse. Penny then makes Ally feel better by telling her to think of last night as the night that she conquered her stage fright, and Trish agrees with Penny, then adding on that Ally should start a solo career now that she isn't restricted by her fright. Trish even offers to manage Ally, and Ally agrees to go along with going solo.

In the next scene, Austin and Dez are eating at Mini's when Austin spots Ally. He calls her over,
Parteners & Parachutes Pic
and after relocating to an empty table, they discuss the kiss. While they admit that the kiss was amazing (see Quotes below for exact description) Ally won't take Austin as her boyfriend unless he breaks up with Kira. Since he hadn't yet, Ally simply leaves. After joining Dez again and inadvertently causing the tower of French fries to collapse, Austin vows to break up with Kira so that he can be with Ally.

Meanwhile, Trish and Ally have their first-ever Team Ally meeting- which just consists of the two of them- and Ally admits that she has made some progress in both roles (singing and songwriting). Trish then admits that as Ally's manager, she, too, has made some progress: she's gotten Ally an interview with Megan from Cheetah Beat. However, that doesn't go so well when Megan leaves before asking Ally any questions relevant to her solo career- she's interested in getting some news about Austin's girlfriend.

Austin and Dez are discussing ways to break up with Kira, and once Dez gives a good idea (Get Jimmy to find out, so that he'll do the breaking up for them) Austin goes through with it. He calls Jimmy down to Mini's, and even though Jimmy has a strict policy for his daughter not to date any singers, he makes an exception and gives the couple his blessings since Austin was responsible enough to ask for his permission. Soon, however, Austin finally gets the opportunity to break up with Kira, and although Kira is okay with it, for the most part, she screams at him at the beginning. Fortunately for Austin, he only hears her scream the words "You inconsiderate" before construction noises in the background drown out her screaming. After she gets that out, they hug as friends, unaware that Megan has snapped a picture of them hugging.

Later on, Austin tries to ask Ally out again, saying that Kira is out of the picture, but as soon as Trish shows the magazine with Austin and Kira hugging on the cover, his chances are blown and Ally turns away. At school, Trish shows Ally some publicity photos for Ally to use, but they're not really to her liking.
Austin, I...
Austin and Dez then walk up to the girl pair, and he suggests writing a few new songs with Ally, but Ally walks away, using the valid excuse that she and Trish have to create some better publicity shots. Austin then complained to Dez that getting her attention was difficult, and Dez suggests doing something big. Austin suggests giving her a piano to use at her first concert, but after Dez tells him to think something bigger, Dez then gives Austin the idea to send her a piano using a parachute. At the party, the plan goes terribly wrong when Dez never pulls the parachute string- the party is ruined due to the crashing piano. Austin apologizes and leaves with Dez. They head back to Sonic Boom, and in the practice room, a heartbroken Austin finds one of Ally's new songs (I Think About You) in Ally's diary/songbook by flipping to the page with the bookmark, or the note that Austin sent to her in Girlfriends & Girl Friends. Austin decides to serenade Ally with this song to get her to forgive him, prove to her that he liked her more than Kira, and be his girlfriend. During the chorus of I Think About You, it shows romantic clips from previous episodes. Once the performance is over, Ally is speechless; Austin puts his finger on Ally's lips, hindering her from speaking, telling her to just "come here" meaning hug him, and Ally accepts so the two happily hug
Auslly is officially Auslly

Auslly is officially Auslly

Austin and Ally are officially a couple

while Megan snaps some cute pictures for Cheetah Beat of them. In the ending scene, Trish comes in holding up the new issue of Cheetah Beat which has Austin and Ally on the cover and Austin says, "I guess we're officially a
Auslly partners and parachutes

A happy Auslly ending....

couple," before putting his arm around Ally. Meanwhile, Dez is trying to put the broken piano back together, and after "successfully" resurrecting it, he begins to play and sing I Think About You (his version) in a way that makes the others awkwardly laugh.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: It'll be nice to talk about just Ally. Not Austin and Ally.
Megan: I want to talk about Austin and Ally!
Megan: Can you say exclusive? [Takes picture of Austin and Kira hugging]
Austin: Dez, the parachute's not open.
Dez: Yeah, it hasn't been pulled yet.

Austin: Who's gonna pull it?

Dez: RUN!
Ally: Well, I better get smooching, I mean scooching. There's a movie I don't wanna kiss, I mean miss! [laughs nervously]
Ally: We kissed, it was good.

Austin: Really good.
Ally: Okay, really good.
Dez: Magical even.
Ally: It was really good and magical. But the point is, you chose Kira. So lets just stick to being friends and partners and pretend the kiss never happened.

Austin: But I can't pretend that it never happened. Ally, I wanna be with you!
Ally: Austin I wanna-

Austin: Shh. [puts his finger on Ally's lip] Just come here.

(Austin and Ally hug)
Austin: Oh, hey Ally!

Ally: Oh. Hey, guys.
Dez: Do you guys wanna be alone?
Austin: Uh yeah. Kinda.

Dez: Cool. There's nobody sitting at that table over there.
Austin: So... did you see Dez's french fry building? I call it the Fry-fle Tower. It was funnier when I said it earlier.
Dez: Bummer man. Have a fry. It will make you feel better. [Austin takes a fry and the whole structure collapses] First Ally, now the fries? Do you have to destroy everything you touch?
Austin: So if I'm gonna get Ally to change her mind. I have to break up with Kira first. She's gonna be mad.

Dez: Her dad won't be too happy, either.
Austin: Yeah, he doesn't even know we're dating. Wait, that's it! If Jimmy finds out, maybe he'll do the breaking up for me.
Dez: Mmmmm.
Austin: Good idea, huh?

Dez: No, I'm just enjoying my fry. Mmmmm.
Ally: Yeah, it felt like Cinderella. Until the prince's girlfriend showed up. Then my glass slipper broke, the pumpkin exploded all over me, and the gingerbread man found a wolf in his grandma's house.
Penny: I think you're mixing up your fairy tales...
Trish: Yeah, it was pretty Grimm... (laughs; Ally glares) Too soon?
Trish: Okay, so I've come up with a one year plan that will get you from here to here!
Ally: Great! What's the plan?
Trish: Not a clue, but you end up here!


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  • This episode, as revealed in a live chat with Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, went through many creative changes. A few days into the week of filming, the writers and producers completely changed the script, as well as the title (which was originally named Shut-Ins & Situations).  
  • This is a direct continuation of Chapters & Choices.
  • This episode is the fourth part of the "Auslly Arc".
    Partners Parachutes27
  • Auslly becomes canon in this episode.
  • "Partners" in the title refers to the fact that Ally is going to leave Austin and not be his partner, while "Parachutes" refers to the parachute that is supposed to carry the piano.
  • Austin was Ally's first kiss.
  • Dez calls himself the Love Whisperer again; Austin and he start a similar conversation to the one they had during Diners & Daters.
  • Penny commented about Ally mixing up her fairy tales and Trish added "It was pretty Grimm", she refers to Grimm's Fairy Tales.
  • This is the second time where it's shown flashbacks from previous episodes. The first time was in Albums & Auditions.
  • This is the first episode where Trish did not get a new job.
  • This episode is one of Raini Rodriguez's top 5 favorite episodes.


  • Austin is just singing the acoustic guitar when singing I Think About You to Ally but in the background you could hear instrumental music playing along with the guitar when there are no other people playing different instruments
  • When Austin was playing the guitar during I Think About You, it wasn't synchronized properly.
  • While Austin was talking to Kira, in one shot she had her pink purse on her shoulder, but in the next shot the purse disappeared, then it came back.
  • When Ally pulls the piano out of the cake, it isn't a real piano- the keys are connected and the black keys are 2D.
  • Also, when Dez "fixes" the piano at the end, it is seen as an upright piano. When Austin crashes it at Ally's party, though, it is a grand piano.
  • Trish gives Ally a piece of cake that has a piano in it. However, when the piano crashed, it landed only next to the cake so bits of the piano easily couldn't have broken into the cake.


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