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"Parents & Punishments" is the fourth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally, and the twenty-third episode overall. It first aired on November 4, 2012 to 3.33 million viewers.[1]

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When Ally accidentally gives away all the instruments to her family's store, she decides to host a fundraiser to get the money back.

Episode Summary

When Nelson and his music class come into Sonic Boom, he reveals to the gang that they lost all their instruments in a flood, which Mrs. Ingram, his music teacher, backs up. Ally asks her father, Lester, if they can donate some instruments to the school program, but he says no since there is no profit. After seeing how crushed the music program is by the news, Ally decides to let them borrow the instruments; unfortunately, Nelson misinterprets her statement as her giving all the instruments away. The store is left with no instruments.

To stock the store up before her dad returns, the four decide to host a fundraiser to buy the instruments back. Unfortunately, Austin gets yet another bad grade, which leads to his parents grounding him. After seeing how pathetic the fundraiser is without him, Austin sneaks out to perform at the fundraiser to not let Ally down. He is almost caught by his parents -- the second time indirectly; Trish tells Lester that Mike Moon and Mimi Moon hate him to spare Austin -- and even after getting back into the house before his parents, the fan alert rats him out. He is grounded again.

Ally is also grounded when Lester discovers the missing instruments.

Memorable Quotes

Nelson: I'll never smile again! [spots Megan] Hubba hubba! Hi, cutie! [coughs and makes his voice sound lower] I'm Nelson, heh heh.
Megan: I'm flattered, but my career comes first.
Trish: Hey, we still have this kazoo.
Dez: Hey guys! You forgot this kazoo! Nelson!
Mike: And it also means no pancakes!
Austin: Whoa whoa whoa: let's not get crazy!
Mimi: Honey, it's for your own good. [turns to Mike and whispers] It's really good
Ally: Dez! Get off the stage!
Dez: But I've waited my whole life-

Ally: [growls] Get off the stage.

Dez: I can wait a little longer.

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  • Austin's parents return for their first episode of Season 2.
  • Moon's Mattress Kingdom may not be attracting many customers since Austin's parents state that they are having business difficulties.
  • After Trish announces her grade, she reveals that she uses a guessing system.
  • The episode title refers to both Ally and Austin receiving punishments (being grounded) from their parents.
  • Despite Ally having stage fright, she went on stage and spoke to the audience and the camera numerous times.
    • However since the start of season 2, Ally has become more confident and out going.
  • Ally's punishment is to not read any books.
  • This episode is the after show of the new series Dog With A Blog.


  • When Austin was watching the fundraiser live, it had sound, but when his parents entered the room and he turned it so the screen was facing down, it had no sound.
  • When Austin was performing Heartbeat, Lester and Ally are missing depending on the angle of the camera.


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