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Aww, nartz!
— Nelson's catchphrase

Nelson is a little kid most likely 9 years old that Ally gives music lessons to because he wants to be an aspiring musician. He always comes in with something/someone that he believes he's supposed to have a lesson on. Ally then tells him that he's supposed to have a different type of lesson. Nelson is also a part of the Music Program at his school. He is a recurring character in Seasons 1 and 2. His famous quote is "Awww Nartz". He is portrayed by Cole Sand.

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Nelson is shown to be a very good kid with good intentions. Nelson always has a nice attitude and is very sweet. Nelson's catchphrase is "Awww Nartz", which is also the name of his teddy bear.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He wishes he had a mustache.
  • He has a homeless uncle named Hank.
  • He rides the bus.
  • He has his own piano.
  • He isn't really good at playing the instruments as shown when he hits notes in the wrong order and key.
  • When he shouts or gestures a command, everyone else does what he tells them.
  • He was in Dez's movie, (Claws: Dun Dun Dun) as a scared little boy.
  • He takes piano lessons from Ally.
  • He takes oboe lessons from Ally.
  • He tends to bring his own piano to Sonic Boom for his lessons with Ally.
  • His school music teacher is Mrs. Ingram.
  • He has a crush on Megan Simms.
    Audition 16.JPG
  • He seems to frequently misunderstand things. 
  • He takes instruments from Ally in Parents & Punishments.
  • His mom is his agent.
  • He seems to care intensely for Ally, seeing as when Ally practiced telling the rest of Team Austin that she was leaving to New York, he ran out crying.
  • Another reason to support him caring for Ally is that at the end of Albums & Auditions, Nelson packed himself up in an envelope, asking Trish to mail him to New York.
  • He was the first little kid to have a somewhat important role in the show (second is Megan Simms).
  • Ally is his favorite piano teacher.
  • He may have had multiple piano teachers before Ally, seeing as he considers Ally his favorite piano teacher.
  • He didn't want Ally to move to New York.
  • He has an extremely high tolerance for spicy foods. He didn't think Dez's chili was hot until Dez added in the whole jar of your-mommy pepper.
  • He has a teddy bear named Nartz.
  • He is a fast runner, as shown in Boy Songs & Badges.
  • He got the "Track & Field Badge".
  • He is a Pioneer Ranger.
  • He always gets things that sound similar mixed up.
  • He became president in Future Sounds & Festival Songs in Austin's dream.


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