Maybe he can talk, he just can't tell a lie.
Dez, talking about Owen.

"MyTAB & My Pet" is the fourteenth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on April 22, 2012 to 2.86 million viewers.[1]


Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez take turns waiting in line for the new myTAB, but after Dez lets everyone go ahead of him, Ally and Trish have to take over line duty. Now Austin and Dez are left in charge of watching Ally's pet bird, which they accidentally let escape. Meanwhile, Ally is making people frustrated by her constant control of the line rules.


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Memorable Quotes

Ally: How do you like your eggs?
Austin: 4 hours from now... and scrambled.
Trish: Oh hey guys! I totally slept here. In fact, I'm sleeping now. I must be sleepwalking!
Austin: You're also sleep lying.
Ally: It'll be months before Tech Town gets another shipment in.
Dez: I can't wait months. I really need that Video Editing app.

Austin: I really need the Music Recording app.

Trish: And I really need to resell our myTab for 5 times what we paid for it.
Ally: He can keep us company, and tell us stories.
Austin: Ally, your bird doesn't talk.

Ally: He talks. Don't you, Owen? Come on, like we practiced. Ally's cool. Ally's cool.

Dez: Maybe he can talk, but he can't tell a lie.
Ally: And that's your last birthday present, Owen. Sorry I didn't get you a lot this year.
Trish: Didn't get him a lot? We've been watching you open bird presents for 3 hours!
Mindy: Hey, Dezzy cakes. Did you get my flowers?

Dez: You sent me flowers?

Mindy: No. Did you get me, my flowers?
Mindy: I don't know why you're so mean to me, because I'm always so nice to you. Will you shut your stupid bird up?

Ally: I'll have you know, my bird is not stupid. He talks a lot.

Mindy: Well I wonder where he gets that from
Austin: Ally, please, it's not that hard to stand in line.
Dez: They key is to stay focused. Hey, is that a balloon?
Trish: What's with the popcorn machine?
Ally: My dad found it in the dumpster behind the movie theater. He's giving it to Owen for his birthday. Owen loves popcorn.
Trish: Did Owen tell you that?
Ally: I wish I didn't have to work today I need to be in that line.

Trish: Relax, it's not like Dez is there by himself. Austin is with him, and Austin would never leave the line.

Austin: Hey, guys. I left the line.
Ally: You left Dez there by himself?
Austin: Ally, it's only been 5 minutes. Do you think Dez is just going to let people go in front of him?(scene change)
Dez: You can cut in front of me.
Billl: Dude, they so took advantage of your kindness. On a totally unrelated note, if I don't get a myTAB, my girlfriends gonna break up with me.

Dez: That's terrible
Billl: Yeah. If she breaks up with me. I'll be alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-
Dez: All what?

Billl: All sad.
Dez: I know some bird calls. This is my cockatiel. (makes various noises)
Austin: I think that was your chicken call.
Dez: No, I ordered from the Chicken Hut earlier. I was starving! Thank you, or should I say, BRAWKKK!
Trish: Is that Ally's-
Austin: Nose! Yup, that's Ally's nose. Boop!
Ally: Don't boop my nose.
Dez: Pretty bird, oh it's a pretty bird.
Austin: You found Owen?!

Dez: No, but I built a new Owen! Ally will never know the difference!
Austin: Yeah, this looks exactly like him, except for the candy corn beak.
Trish: Let's see how he flies. (throws it)

Dez: It can't fly; he's fake.
Austin: Aren't you putting in a little too much?
Trish: I'm sorry, who here was fired from a popcorn store? That's what I thought.
Mindy: She got out of line.

Ally: But I just-

Mindy: No savesis, no cutsises, no insises, no outsises. Your words, bird girl.
Trish: Owen, Owen. [Ally enters] Get your Owen popcorn, Austin. This popcorn's my-en.
Ally: Okay, what's going on.

Austin and Trish: Nothing.
Ally: why are you both talking at the same time.
Austin and Trish: Were not.
Ally: why'd you both look up stairs.

Austin and Trish: We didn't.
Dez: Hey, everybody. I just got a job at TechTown and good news were giving away a free myTAB. All you've got to do is find the golden horseshoe hidden somewhere in this mall. Oh, you heard me, a free myTAB. They're going to fall for it. Then we'll steal their spots in line. Suckers.
Pirate Frank: We were so starving we were about to give up our spaces to get some food.
Billl: But now we don't have to 'cause it's raining sky cheese.
Dez: Hey, Mindy. How about I take you on a date if you give us back the myTAB?

Mindy: How about you take me on a date and I keep the myTAB?
Dez: Awesome. Wait. Aw, man.
Mindy: See you Friday night, Dezzy cakes.
Dez: Oh, actually I have plans.
Mindy: I said Friday night.

Dez: Pick you up at eight.
Ally: So Owen, did you have a nice birthday?

Austin: Give it up, Ally. The bird's never going to talk.
Owen: Austin let me out of the cage. Trish and Dez knew about it. Wait, there's more. Dez touched your song book.
Dez: Don't listen to Owen. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Owen: I tried to find you earlier, but I got lost in the food court. Then, I pooped on a statue. It turned out to be a real guy. Wait, there's more-

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  • The item, myTAB, is a parody of the iPad.
  • The fact that Dez is true to his word is shown again as his scheme to hide a golden horseshoe was actually real.
  • The item, myTAB, was also used in another Disney Channel Original Series, Good Luck Charlie, in various episodes. This could be a reference to the show and a mini hint that the two shows are set in the same universe, setting up for a potential crossover. Though, this probably won't happen, due to the fact that Good Luck Charlie ended in February 2014.
  • This episode's alternative title was "My Pads & My Parakeet."
  • The myTAB shown in this episode is actually an HP tablet.
  • It is revealed that Ally has a pet cockatiel named Owen.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mindy.
  • This is the 4th episode to have an animal. The 1st was Kangaroos & Chaos, the 2nd was Zaliens & Cloud Watchers, the 3rd was Songwriting & Starfish and the 5th was Everglades & Ally-Gators
  • This is the second time Austin sang "Not A Love Song."
  • The myTAB case looks like a Samsung Galaxy Tablet case.
  • This episode title refers to Team Austin waiting in line to buy a myTAB, and Austin losing Ally's pet bird, Owen.
  • The Chicken Hut could be a parody of Pizza Hut.
  • This is one of three episodes that has no plurals in the title. (The others being Real Life & Reel Life and Austin & Alias.)
    • It is the only episode like this in Season 1.
  • In Lab rats episode, Zip It, Chase and Bree Davenport get a job at Techtown, meaning that Lab Rats, Good luck Charlie, and Austin and Ally series may be in the same universe.



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