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No matter what, I'll be proud of you.
Ally to Lucy

"Moon Week & Mentors" is the twenty-fourth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 43rd episode overall. It aired on the 15th of September 2013. The episode was the twenty-second episode to be filmed of season 2.The episode earned 3.556 million viewers on the night of its premiere.[1]


Austin and Ally are asked to be celebrity judges on a singing competition show that is celebrating "Austin Moon Week." Ally takes a contestant under her wing that reminds her of her former, shy self and she and Austin work to make the girl a top contender. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez try and create the most impressive fan signs in an effort to be seen on TV. [2]

Episode Summary

Austin and Ally are asked to be on the singing competition show, America's Top Talent, as celebrity guest judges for "Moon Week". When they are introduced to the three contestants, Ally sees a shy girl that reminds her of herself--Lucy, who turns out to be the joke contestant – and, to the shock of everyone else, decides to take little Lucy under her wing. However, when she and Austin work on turning Lucy into a top contender, Ally ends up controlling and changing everything about Lucy and indirectly says that Lucy will be fine as long as she is not herself. When Ally tries to justify herself at the competition, she accidentally reveals that Lucy was taken on to be the joke contestant, which turns into a bit of a misunderstanding. Ultimately, Ally explains herself to Lucy and tells her to just be confident in being herself. Lucy ends up performing "Who I Am" – as opposed to "Don't Look Down", which Ally had originally told her to sing – and actually wins the entire competition.

Meanwhile, Trish and Dez create signs cheering Austin and Ally on, in hopes of making it onto the show. They fail twice.

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Guest Cast

Memorable Quotes

Austin: "This is so exciting! Trish, you're the best manager ever!"

Trish:"I KNOW!"
Austin and Ally: doing the handshake "What up?!"
Dez:"Dude, that's our thing!"
Austin: "Sorry Dez, I just got excited."
Austin and Dez: Doing the handshake "What up?"
Dez: "That's better"
Dez: [rotating on the speeding chair] "Weeee! I love being dizzy!, I don't"

Austin: Well, we know who's not getting picked.
Ally: We choose Lucy!
Lucy: Seriously?!
Jett: Seriously?
Trish and Dez: Seriously?
Val and Jean Paul: Seriously?

Austin: Seriously?
Lucy: Sorry to bother you, but are you Austin Dawson and Ally Moon?

Jett: This. Is. It. America's. Top. Talent. Is............ [Dramatic Buildup]
Trish: Say It Already!

Jett: Little Lucy Gluckman!


  • Radio Disney's N.B.T Season 5 winners, Chloe & Halle Bailey were guest stars in this episode as the previous season's winners of America's Top Talent.
  • The show that Austin and Ally guest mentor on, America's top Talent, is a parody of America's Got Talent. America's Top Talent was featured in Hannah Montana.
  • The format of America's Top Talent is a parody of The Voice since they seem to choose by listening to a person's voice first and then get a look at their looks. Also, they press a button and quickly turn around.
  • Costumes & Courage is referenced when Ally reveals to Lucy that Don't Look Down was the song that she performed when she started to break her stage fright.
  • Austin & Ally and Jean Paul-Paul Jean have supporters but Val has none.
  • This episode was after the show of the all-new series Liv & Maddie.
  • When Lucy began singing, she chose to sing "Who I am", but when Ally was training her, Lucy was convinced to sing "Don't Look Down".
  • In the end, Lucy won and sang "Who I am".
  • This episode marks the Disney Channel debut of Sabrina Carpenter, who played Lucy Gluckman in this episode. A year later, she would go on to star in another Disney Channel show called Girl Meets World as Maya Hart.
    • In 2015, both Ross Lynch and Laura Marano would guest star on Girl Meets World as Austin & Ally as part of Disney's Monstober Spooktacular Halloween event.


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