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Miss Suzy
Miss Suzy


Suzanne "Miss Suzy"


Teacher (Formerly),
Soup Store Owner

First Appearance

"Soups & Stars"

Last Appearance

"Soups & Stars"

Miss Suzy is a character in Austin & Ally. She was Ally and Trish's elementary school music teacher. She is now retired and owns a restaurant named Suzy's Soups in Miami.


Miss Suzy's Soups
Miss Suzy has a very cheerful attitude and is often seen with a smile. She gave out gold stars to her students and still gives out gold stars to her employees too, and instead of breaks, she gives them recess.


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When Ally first heard that Trish was hired at Miss Suzy's Soups, she decided to go to the shop. When she arrived, Ally saw that Miss Suzy gave gold stars out for many small things, such as finishing the soup. Ally, wanting a gold star, finished her soup, but Miss Suzy didn't give her one. The next time they went, Ally took a picture of a toy spider in Miss Suzy's soup and then twitted it. The twit made Suzy's business run low so Ally, Dez, Trish, and Austin decided to make a commercial. It turned out very successful and Miss Suzy's business was right on track again. Miss Suzy gave Ally free soup for a year, but Ally explained to her about her desire for a gold star and Miss Suzy finally gave her one.


Soups & Stars

Trish's new boss Miss Suzy was also her and Ally's former elementary music teacher. When Ally inadvertently plays a prank on her because she wanted to get more followers on Tweeter, Miss Suzy's Soup's started to suffer. Ally felt terrible, so she, Austin, Trish, and Dez came up with a plan to help get customers back. They made a commercial in hopes to save her restaurant. It became a success and Ms. Suzy got back in business.


  • She is the owner of Suzy's Soups.
  • She only gives out gold stars to people who need the motivation to improve.
  • She used to be an elementary school music teacher.
  • She gives her employees recess instead of breaks.
  • Ally is/was her favorite student.
  • It is unknown if she will appear in future episodes.
  • She never gave Ally a gold star until Soups & Stars.
  • She had small nicknames for her students, such as "Trish-Kabab" and "Ally-Gator".
  • It is unknown if she still works at Suzy's Soups.
  • She's a big reason why Ally took music seriously.


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