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Mini's is a restaurant in the Mall of Miami in the show. It first appeared in the episode Costumes & Courage and was a major hangout in season 2. The restaurant serves food that is extremely small, that's why the restaurant is called "Mini's." The food is the same price as regular-sized food would be. This is to be one of the main Season 2 hangouts. After Season 2 it was no longer seen nor mentioned again.


Below is a list of the known foods sold at Mini's along with known prices.

  • Mini Tacos - $1.50
  • Mini Pizzas - $2.00
  • Mini Corn Dogs - $2.50
  • Mini Burgers - $3.50
  • Mini Turkey Burgers

    Ally holding mini fries; Austin holding mini drink

  • Mini Hotdogs
  • Mini Cakes
  • Mini Pancakes
  • Mini Milkshakes
  • Mini Fries
  • Mini Cupcakes
  • Mini Kolaches
  • Mini Soft Drinks


Costumes & Courage

Mini's can somewhat be seen here when Jimmy and Ally meet up to discuss Taylor Swift loving Don't Look Down.

Backups & Breakups

Mini's first official appearance is in this episode. Ally, Dez, and Austin are seen eating there at the beginning of the episode. Ally complains about how small the food is, and then finally understands why the place is called Mini's, Dez agrees and says he should have ordered more than one taco. He then asks Ally if he could have a bit of her pizza, and he finishes the whole thing with one bite since it is so small. Ally then tries to take Austin's food, but he eats it before she could. At the end of the episode, Ally has bought a cake from Mini's to celebrate Austin's new music video. Austin then says he calls the big piece, and grabs the cake and eats the whole thing since it was so small.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

At the beginning of the episode, Ally, Trish, and Dez were at Mini's waiting for Austin and Brooke to return. Dez is eating a slushy, but it is oddly full-sized. Later on, Austin, Trish, Dez, and Megan were all sitting at Mini's, and Dez gets a mini pancake stuck on his face after he fell asleep while eating.

Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year

During the Jessie half of the hour-long special, Mini's is seen multiple times. It was usually seen during Luke and Ravi's sub-plot involving Mrs. Kipling.

Partners & Parachutes

Throughout this episode, there was construction going on near Mini's. Mini's was seen a few times throughout the episode. The first time, Austin and Dez were already sitting there when Ally came up and she and Austin discussed their kiss. Austin also destroyed the Fry-Fle Tower there. The next appearance in the episode was when Austin invited Jimmy over to let him know that he and Kira were dating; Jimmy then gave the two his blessings. When Kira and Austin broke up, they were at Mini's. Ally's party was held at Mini's.


  • In Campers & Complications, there was a poster that revealed that the particular day was "Mini Taco Tuesday".
  • Known prices are:
    • Their Mini Tacos cost $1.50
    • Their Mini Pizzas cost $2.00
    • Their Mini Corn Dogs cost $2.50
    • Their Mini Burgers cost $3.50
  • This is another place where the characters hang out.
  • For an additional dollar, customers can get drinks with any of the four main meals: tacos, pizza, corn dogs, and burgers.
  • Mini's only appeared in season 2 and has not appeared in the series since.


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