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That's my little prince.
— Mimi to Austin in Albums & Auditions

Mimi Moon is Austin's mom. She and her husband, Mike Moon, own "Moon's Mattress Kingdom" and calls her son, Austin, "Little Prince". She and Mike would prefer Austin work at Moon's Mattress Kingdom, instead of being in the music business.

She's portrayed by Jill Benjamin.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Successes & Setbacks

She appears in this episode when she knows that her son (Austin) was at the doctor's office due to him losing his voice. She and her husband, Mike Moon, tried to convince Austin to join their mattress business but failed.

Parents & Punishments

She and her husband, Mike Moon, grounded  Austin after he earned another bad grade on another test. She and her husband attend Ally's fundraiser and donated $100.00. They later find out that Austin snuck out to perform at the fundraiser and punish him for that.

Relationships & Red Carpets


  • She believes Lester Dawson dislikes her and her husband's mattresses after Trish told them he thinks they sell lousy mattresses.
  • She used to be a hand model.
  • She is very touchy on the subject of Austin's middle name, "Monica". Even becoming somewhat terrifying to Austin after he complained about his middle name.
  • She and her husband dislike Lester Dawson due to Trish trying to avoid the fact that Austin was singing.
  • She and her husband receive alerts when something new is posted on Austin's fan page. 
  • She and her husband often wear coordinating outfits.
    Parents & Punishments 52.jpg
  • She along with her husband Mike Moon returned from a long disappearance in the Season 3 finale.
  • Her first and only appearance in Season 3 was in the finale, "Relationships & Red Carpets".
  • She appeared without her husband in "Buzzcuts & Beginnings".
  • She last appeared in "Mattress Stores & Music Factories".


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