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Michael "Mike" Moon is the father of Austin Moon and Mimi Moon's husband. He and his wife are the owners of Moon's Mattress Kingdom. He told Austin that music was a waste of time and that he had a "bazillion" to one chance of making it. He also claims that Austin gets his love of performing from him because of the theatrics he and Mimi Moon put in their commercials for Moon's Mattress Kingdom. Mike is very persistent on getting Austin to join the family business.

Mike is portrayed by Wipeout co-host, John Henson, who is married to Jill Benjamin who portrayed Mimi Moon.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Successes & Setbacks

Mike and Mimi's first appearance is in this episode. They join Austin at the doctor's office to find out what is wrong with his voice. After learning what has occurred with his son's voice, Mike and his wife attempt, and fail, to convince Austin to join the family business. 

Parents & Punishments

Austin becomes very focused on music, but he gets bad grades continuously at school. Mike and Mimi ground Austin for getting another bad grade on his test. After that, he and Mimi go out to watch the fundraiser Ally was hosting. He donates $100.00 to the fundraiser.



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