Marino High School
The school's front entrance




Miami, Florida








Teal and yellow



Marino High School is a public high school in Miami, Florida where Austin, Ally, Trish, DezTrent and some of the other students on Austin & Ally attend. It was first seen in Season 2 in Backups & Breakups. The school was named after former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino.

Former Students

Known Staff


  • Basketball 
  • Glee Club 
  • Cheerleading
  • Acting
  • ChClassroom

    Chemistry Classroom

    Drama Club
  • Tech Club
  • Book Club
  • Art History Club
  • Wrestling
  • Movie Night
  • Science Fair
  • Senior Carnival
  • College Night
  • Booster Club


  • Some parts of the school, such as lockers and gathering areas, are outside.
  • Marino High School wasn't shown at all in Season 1. However, it was mentioned without its name.
  • The school's mascot is the Manatee.
  • The school's colors are yellow and teal.
  • The building shown in the show to be Marino High School is, in reality, South East High School, located in South Gate, California.
  • Austin joined the basketball team in Sports & Sprains.
  • Kimmy, Dez, and Chuck were on the cheerleading squad in season 2.
  • Austin performed at half time for the basketball game in Sports & Sprains.
  • The short story contest in Freaky Friday & Fan Fiction was hosted at Marino High.
  • Team Austin hosted auditions for a new backup dancer at Marino High in Backups & Breakups.
  • Part of The Ally Way music video was filmed at Marino High.
  • The cheerleading uniform for Marino High consists of yellow and white colors with a blue 'M' (from Kimmy's cheerleading outfit in Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction and the cheerleaders in Sports & Sprains).
  • The school was first shown in Backups & Breakups in Season 2.
  • Marino High has its own glee club as shown in Glee Clubs & Glory.
  • Ally and Gavin performed Me and You at Marino High in Hunks & Homecoming.
  • The high school prom was held at Marino High in Proms & Promises and in Last Dances & Last Chances, where Austin and Ally got back together.
  • The basketball team varsity jacket is yellow. Ironically, yellow is actor Ross Lynch's favorite color.
  • In Beauties & Bullies, the school did the play Sleeping Beauty and Trish, Dez, Austin, and Ally took part in it.
  • In season 4, the high school setting where Team Austin & Ally usually hang out looks slightly different.
  • Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez graduate from Marino High School in Cap and Gown & Can't Be Found which will be the school's final appearance in the show.



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