I am the reporter for Cheetah Beat!

"Magazines & Made-Up Stuff" is the third episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 22nd episode overall. It first aired October 28, 2012 to 3.54 million viewers.[1]


Trish books Austin the cover of Cheetah Beat, but when the journalist shows up, everyone realizes Trish has embellished Austin's hobbies, skills and interests. Team Austin has to find a way to keep the journalist impressed and at the same time, keeping Austin out of big trouble.


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  • Cheetah Beat is a parody of Tiger Beat.
  • This is the second Disney TV show to have a parody of Tiger Beat. The first show was JESSIE in the episode Used Karma with Leopard Beat.
  • This episode was scheduled to air a week after Shake It Up, Make Your Mark Dance Off, where Ross Lynch performed the opening number Can You Feel It.
  • In this episode Austin is dating Brooke, one of his three confirmed temporary love interests in Season 2.
  • The episode was the most viewed episode that night on Disney.
  • The episode title refers to Team Austin having to complete tasks that Trish claimed Austin has done, for an interview for the magazine, Cheetah Beat.
  • It is revealed that Austin and Brooke had 3 dates. Brooke had a napkin from their first date, a mini golf score card from their second date, and a crouton from the salad they just had.
  • Trish revealed in this episode that she is unable to swim.
  • This episode is the first one featuring three songs (not including Can't Do It Without You).
  • Ally likes the word "bungee".
  • When the European Supermodel is introduced, she is wearing the same dress as Trina Vega in the Victorious episode "Prom Wrecker".

Memorable Quotes

Dez: Well, Austin Moon collects grizzly bears!

Austin: It's teddy bears.

Trish: I'll just fill this out for you. I'm used to making myself seem more impressive. How do you think I got my job as a lifeguard? I can't even swim!
Megan: O.M.G. Austin Moon; it's really you! [takes picture of him]
Dez: Not now kid, we're waiting for a reporter from Cheetah Beat.

Megan: I am the reporter. Megan Simms. [shakes hand with Austin]
Austin: But you're like 5.

Megan: I'm 10, and I don't usually get starstruck, but I am fuh-reaking! [takes another picture of Austin]
Dez: Austin, the secret is to visualize your hand going through the board. It's a piece of cake. HIII-YAHHHHH! [tries to break piece of wood] [starts screaming really loud and high-pitched]
Dez: Ahhhh! I just had the worst nightmare; we were hanging out with this 10 year old girl, and she just wouldn't leave us alo- [spots Megan] -o-one... Good morning, little angel.
Ally: I-I'm sorry! I panicked! I didn't want to let her down!
Trish: Well now we're all going down a giant bridge, with a rope tied around us! Thanks Ally.
Megan: Yeah, do it! Do it.
Ally: Yeah, do it. Do it.
Austin: You know what they say, if a friend jumps off a bridge, you should too!
Ally: I don't think that's what they say.
Ally: You shouldn't have lied. Being cool isn't about doing crazy, exciting things. It's those special qualities you have deep down that make you cool.
Dez: Yeah, that sounds like something an uncool person would say.


  • Megan said that she couldn't wait for the theme party, implying that it was Saturday. The sign on the table said Taco Tuesday.
  • When Austin is performing "Who I Am" at the Glow-in-the-Dark party, he isn't actually playing his guitar. He's just holding it and strumming, but not actually playing any chords on it.
  • Dez said that he put the crickets in worms when it obviously was spaghetti noodles.

Running Gags

  • The European model only says, "Austin Moon my boyfriend!"
  • Dez more than once called Megan "Little angel", when he was talking badly about her and then she comes.


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