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I am the reporter for Cheetah Beat!

"Magazines & Made-Up Stuff" is the third episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 22nd episode overall. It first aired October 28, 2012 to 3.54 million viewers.[1]


Trish books Austin the cover of Cheetah Beat, but when the journalist shows up, everyone realizes Trish has embellished Austin's hobbies, skills, and interests. Team Austin has to find a way to keep the journalist impressed and at the same time, keeping Austin out of big trouble.

Episode Summary

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Ally, Trish, and Dez are at Mini's. Trish and Dez are reading a magazine, while Ally is waiting for Austin to return from his date with Brooke. When Austin and Brooke appear, Brooke gives him a scrapbook, and then they separate. He greets the rest of them. Dez ignores Austin because he overheard him tell Brooke he would hang out with her when he was

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supposed to hang out with Dez. Trish informs Austin she is going to get him on the cover of the magazine, Cheetah Beat. She says that there is a new celebrity issue where they interview a rising star. Trish has Austin fill out a questionnaire to submit. When Austin starts to list things he does, Trish interrupts claiming what he does is boring and uninteresting and it needs to be unique and exciting. Trish takes the questionnaire away from Austin, saying she will fill the rest of it out because she was used to making herself seem more impressive.

Austin sings the Sonic Boom Blues while Ally does her job, and he reveals that he sung it out of boredom. Trish comes in Sonic Boom to tell Austin and Ally that she has lied in the questionnaire. Ally goes on about how Trish didn't need to lie. Trish tells Austin that the reporter is Megan Simms, the most powerful reporter in the business.


Megan comes in, gushes over Austin and takes a picture of him. She hugs him and sees Ally, and takes a picture of her, too. Dez says they were looking for the reporter of Cheetah Beat, only for Megan to reveal that she is the reporter. She says there wasn't an interview, in order to get the cover, she had to see Austin do the crazy stuff Trish put in the questionnaire. Austin had to eat a cricket, pretend to own a motorcycle, do karate, and stay up all night jamming for a sleepover. He also had to do a Saturday night daily theme party. Trish decides to make that night's theme party glow-in-the-dark after seeing the glow in the dark mini-golf course store at the food court. She reveals that she told Cheetah Beat that Austin had a supermodel girlfriend, although he is actually dating Brooke. The European model keeps saying "Austin Moon, my boyfriend" because she doesn't speak English. Austin performs his song, "Who I Am", then Brooke walks in, angry that Austin never invited her to the party. The European supermodel then appears and says her catchphrase, which only makes Brooke angrier. In order to ruin the awkwardness, Austin turns out the lights and runs up the stairs.

The next morning, Team Austin gets up early to immediately pack up Megan's bag before she shows up. She appears as they finish, and says Austin has made the cover of Cheetah Beat, with everyone happy, as Ally then says lying is still bad. Team Austin walks away to stand in front of the counter, except Ally. Megan mentions that she will give Ally a shout out in the article, and asks what inspires her to write great songs. Ally says that she and Austin sit at the piano, toss around ideas, and see what sounds good. Megan thought that it would be a little more interesting, but decides to leave. Ally stops her and asks her what she meant. She thought that Ally did creative things to get inspired, then Ally lies and says she and her friends go to the highest bridge in Miami and go bungee jumping. Megan changes her mind and makes Team Austin go bungee jumping off the tallest bridge in Miami the same day, then leaves. They get upset at Ally for mentioning bungee jumping, then she says that she panicked and didn't want to let Megan down.

Austin and Ally are in the practice room, with Ally panicking about bungee jumping. Austin says what Ally said earlier in the episode, calling her a "wise women", then she cuts him off. Ally sits down, still freaked out. Austin says that he is going to call Megan and tell her that he, Ally, and the rest of Team Austin will not go bungee jumping and would rather lose the cover than see Ally scared. She asks him if he would give up a national magazine cover for her, and he says she's more important to him than all of that. Ally tells him he's really sweet, but still considers bungee jumping, since she doesn't want Megan to know she lied. Austin wants to go bungee jumping with her. Ally thinks it's not going to be that bad, but she spoke too soon.

Team Austin is standing on a very tall bridge. Ally says that it's really bad, with Trish and Dez agreeing with her. The European supermodel shows up unexpectedly. Trish tried to fire her, but she doesn't speak English. Ally gets nervous and doesn't think she can do it, then Austin offers her to hold his hand and for them to jump together. Brooke also shows up, angrily asking Austin why he didn't tell her he had a supermodel girlfriend. Austin then decides to jump with Ally, and they bungee jump off the bridge together. Ally and Austin say that it's the coolest thing ever, with a K, like what Megan says. Dez offers Trish to hold his hand and jump with him, just like what Austin and Ally did. Trish denies and jumps by herself. She yells that she is going to puke, and Dez says he can't do it and decides to text his mom to come pick him up. He takes the phone out of his pocket but drops it and bungee jumps off the bridge.

Ally, Austin, and Dez are sitting together at Mini's, when Trish walks up to them and says "Guess who's on the cover of Cheetah Beat?", and it turns out Austin landed the cover, with Ally in the background. Austin puts the magazine behind him and says he hopes to never lie and do crazy stuff again. Dez says he never wants to see Megan again, but she shows up once again, and he calls her a "little angel". Megan says that she had so much fun, she decided to hang out with the gang again the current weekend, too and asks who wants to hang out. Austin, Trish, and Dez lie about their plans and says unusual things they are doing and walk away. Ally decides not to lie and she says she has no plans. Megan says she is "fuh-reaking" that she and Ally get to hang and hugs Ally. Ally agrees and walks away with Megan still hugging her, and the episode ends.


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Memorable Quotes

Well, Austin Moon collects grizzly bears!
It's teddy bears.

I'll just fill this out for you. I'm used to making myself seem more impressive. How do you think I got my job as a lifeguard? I can't even swim!

O.M.G. Austin Moon; it's really you! [takes picture of him]
Not now kid, we're waiting for a reporter from Cheetah Beat.
I am the reporter. Megan Simms. [shakes hand with Austin]
But you're like 5.

I'm 10, and I don't usually get starstruck, but I am fuh-reaking! [takes another picture of Austin]

Austin, the secret is to visualize your hand going through the board. It's a piece of cake. HIII-YAHHHHH! [tries to break piece of wood]

[starts screaming really loud and high-pitched]

Ahhhh! I just had the worst nightmare; we were hanging out with this 10-year-old girl, and she just wouldn't leave us alo- [spots Megan] -o-one... Good morning, little angel.


I-I'm sorry! I panicked! I didn't want to let her down!

Well now we're all going down a giant bridge, with a rope tied around us! Thanks Ally.

Yeah, do it! Do it.

Yeah, do it. Do it.

You know what they say, if a friend jumps off a bridge, you should too!

I don't think that's what they say.

You shouldn't have lied. Being cool isn't about doing crazy, exciting things. It's those special qualities you have deep down that make you cool.

Yeah, that sounds like something an uncool person would say.

Songs Featured


  • Cheetah Beat is a parody of Tiger Beat.
  • This is the second Disney TV show to have a parody of Tiger Beat. The first show was JESSIE in the episode Used Karma with Leopard Beat.
  • This episode was scheduled to air a week after Shake It Up, Make Your Mark Dance Off, where Ross Lynch performed the opening number Can You Feel It.
  • In this episode Austin is dating Brooke, one of his three confirmed temporary love interests in Season 2.
  • The episode was the most viewed episode that night on Disney.
  • The episode title refers to Team Austin having to complete tasks that Trish claimed Austin has done, for an interview for the magazine, Cheetah Beat.
  • It is revealed that Austin and Brooke had 3 dates. Brooke had a napkin from their first date, a mini-golf scorecard from their second date, and a crouton from the salad they just had.
  • Trish revealed in this episode that she is unable to swim.
  • This episode is the first one featuring three songs (not including Can't Do It Without You).
  • Ally likes the word "bungee".
  • When the European Supermodel is introduced, she is wearing the same dress as Trina Vega in the Victorious episode "Prom Wrecker".


  • Megan said that she couldn't wait for the theme party, implying that it was Saturday. The sign on the table said Taco Tuesday.
  • When Austin is performing "Who I Am" at the Glow-in-the-Dark party, he isn't actually playing his guitar. He's just holding it and strumming, but not actually playing any chords on it.
  • Dez said that he put the crickets in worms when it obviously was spaghetti noodles.

Running Gags

  • The European model only says, "Austin Moon my boyfriend!"
  • Dez more than once called Megan "Little angel", when he was talking badly about her and then she comes.


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