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Lester Dawson is Ally's father and the owner of the music store, Sonic Boom. He is a recurring character on the show. In Chapters & Choices, it is mentioned by Penny that she wants Lester to be happy after their divorce. He is not very strict, as he seems to allow Ally to do whatever she wants, although he often leaves her alone.

Lester is portrayed by Andy Milder.


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Season 4


  • Lester doesn't seem to mind that Ally and Trish hang out with two boys that he has only met a few times.
  • He seems to be out of town a lot.
  • He claims to have a bad back.
  • At first, he doesn't allow Trish to work at Sonic Boom, due to her being a horrible employee, but, ironically, in a later episode, hires Carrie, who also has a reputation of being a bad employee.

Ally with her father :)

  • He is a cheapskate. (Taking money out of the mall fountain, claiming his wish is to earn more money; giving Ally an allowance of fish sticks (Soups & Stars); getting a popcorn machine from a dump (myTAB & My Pet); ordering the inventory for the store all at once to save 4 dollars and 36 cents; etc.)
  • He goes to an Accordion Convention every year.
  • He is very picky with certain stuff.
  • He must trust Ally a lot; he leaves her alone to watch the store several times while he is at a convention.
  • His first Season 2 appearance is Parents & Punishments.
  • He thinks Mike and Mimi Moon don't like him because they think he sells lousy instruments, but this is not true as Trish was the one who made this up to avoid them from meeting and talking about Austin's performance in the fundraiser. Even after that, he and Austin's parents still do not get along.
  • He and Ally have a handshake, but was only shown once in Rockers & Writers.
  • What would make him happier is if all of the instruments were to be sold.
  • He is similar to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • He was upset Ally was leaving in Albums & Auditions.
  • He can speak Korean, as seen in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath.
  • He is divorced from Penny.
  • He seems to not be very bright.
  • In Chapters & Choices, one of the apes in Penny Dawson's book is revealed to be named after Lester.
  • It is revealed in Chapters & Choices that he joined a couponing club.
  • His first appearance in Season 3 was in Road Trips & Reunions.
  • Lester revealed he went to prom with his mother in Proms & Promises.
  • He enjoys painting, primarily pictures of giraffes acting like people (mowing the lawn, using an ATM, etc.) (Records & Wrecking Balls)
  • At one point, he planned on selling the store - and, at the time, looked forward to doing so - but was eventually convinced by Team Austin & Ally not to sell it. (Records & Wrecking Balls)
  • He doesn't like Dez and has a dartboard with Dez's face on it, in his office. (Records & Wrecking Balls)
  • His first appearance in Season 4 was in Mattress Stores & Music Factories and his last is in Bad Seeds & Bad Dates, which was also his last appearance on the show.


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