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I'm a singer now.
— Kira, in Tracks & Troubles

Kira Starr is a 17-year-old actress and singer. Kira was first seen in "Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath", and was a recurring character in the series. She last appeared in the Season 3 episode, "Beach Clubs & BFFs". She is portrayed by Kiersey Clemons.


Kira in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Kira Starr is first introduced in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath. She plays Austin's love interest in a music video, but she has horrible breath. Because of that, Austin does not want to kiss her. By the next episode, Girlfriends and Girl Friends her bad breath was gone. Also in that episode, she thinks that Austin and Ally like each other, and becomes Austin's girlfriend after being convinced otherwise. In Campers & Complications, she and Austin break up after discovering that Austin has feelings for Ally. In Chapters & Choices, Austin asks her to be his girlfriend, and at the end of the episode, just after Auslly kiss, she comes and accepts Austin's offer. In Partners & Parachutes, she overuses the word 'boyfriend' around Austin, making him uncomfortable. She yells at Austin for breaking up with her, but she bought the lie and forgives him. In Tracks & Troubles, she is Starr Records' new recording artist. She wanted to buy Ally's new song, but in the end, she lets her sing it. She was a witness for Austin's court case in Tunes & Trials. In the latest episode where she appeared, Beach Clubs & BFFs, she and Ally discover they have similar interests.



Season 2

Season 3


Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Kira is first introduced to both this episode and the Austin & Ally verse when she is revealed to be the girl playing Austin's girlfriend for the music video of No Ordinary Day. Austin immediately thinks of her as flawless and goes over to talk to her. That assumption quickly goes south when he, as well as Dez and Ally, smell her horrendous breath. The first scene filmed for the music video is the Ferris Wheel scene, and after a lever mishap, Austin is stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel with Kira for an hour, having to hear her babble on and on about her life story.


After that, Kira and Ally then get stuck in a giant hamster ball, try and after being released, Team Austin decide to fire Kira for her funky breath. Just as they're about to do so, Jimmy Starr appears, and it is revealed that Jimmy is Kira's father. After that, seeing as they can't fire their boss's daughter, they decide to subtly freshen her breath up.

After that fails, they get Kira to quit by making Austin pretend to have a drooling problem. She is disgusted, thus quitting. The next morning, however, Jimmy makes Kira apologize to Austin for having quit, and promises that she'll resume work on the music video.

In the end, Kira is hanging out with Team Austin while watching the music video for "No Ordinary Day", and thanks them for protecting themselves seeing as she has a cold. They all rushingly say no problem and leave, except for Dez who reveals that he knows why her cat, Mr. Whiskers, ran away, leaving Kira at Sonic Boom.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends


She first appears in this episode when she comes to congratulate Austin on having the #1 song of the day (No Ordinary Day). When doing so, he, Ally, Trish, and Dez all notice that Kira now lacks a reeking breath to their pleasure. Because of this, Austin wants to ask Kira out and tries to multiple times. The first time, she thinks that Austin and Ally are already dating, and while Austin protests, a simple friendship gesture to Ally from him quickly looks suspicious to Kira, who calls off the date before walking out.

They try many things to get Kira to go on a date with Austin, and after Dez tells Kira that he'll meet up with her to discuss a new role in a movie he's directing, they send Austin instead with a picnic basket filled with pickles, heart-shaped salami, and other meat to go to the park to watch a silent movie with her. After sending him, Dez reveals that Kira's mySpace account is very descriptive, revealing that she dislikes silent films, grass makes her itchy, she doesn't eat meat, and the smell of pickles makes her puke. On top of that, Austin accidentally has the necklace that says 'Ally' on it instead of the one that says 'Kira'.

Ally, Trish, and Dez then try to intercept and fix the otherwise doomed date. They try to swap picnic baskets with the couple in front of them, but when the guy fights with Austin for the homemade fettuccine, it accidentally spills all over Kira. Then, when Austin's about to give the necklace, Ally appears, trying to fix it but giving Kira the wrong idea. After that, Dez unleashes his idea of a distraction: the park sprinklers.

When the happy couple return, they reveal that after drying off, they went to Dez's house and played zombie games there, having a good time and possibly going on a second date soon.


Campers & Complications

Kira's first part of appearance in this episode was when Ally and Elliot walked away together, she noted that Elliot was cute. After that, Austin said he couldn't make it to the movies because of Ally spending all her time with Elliot, sounding a bit jealous and making Austin write all the songs. Kira said she was bumped he couldn't make it. So, Austin said that he would call her which left Kira alone with Dez. She later agrees to go to a Katy Perry concert with Austin but misses it because Austin spends all of their time by competing with Elliot. She realizes that Austin does like Ally, but tells him to call her when he makes up his mind.


Chapters & Choices

In this episode, she's still trying to get Austin to pick between her and Ally, and when Austin picks her, she's skeptical and thinks he'll change his mind. She then finally agrees just after Austin and Ally kiss, though she doesn't know that they kissed.

Partners & Parachutes

In this episode, Kira is back together with Austin. After multiple failed attempts to break up with her, Austin finally breaks up with her. She doesn't take it so well at first- it's assumed that she started cursing at Austin, hence the construction sounds blocking her screaming- but after that, the two hug and agree to be friends.

Tracks & Troubles

Singing Kira.jpg

In this episode, Kira is signed on to Starr Records and wants to perform Ally's new song, Finally Me, but Ally is against it, so Kira records her song Elevator Doors, despite still wanting Ally's song for her upcoming concert. After Team Austin accidentally records over her singing Elevator Doors, they go to yoga with her because she sings during yoga, and attempt to record her singing. However, they record over this as well, getting Austin fired. Later on, Ally confronts Kira, agreeing to give her the song if she talks to Jimmy about re-hiring Austin. Kira is unsure since it seems unlikely that they accidentally recorded over her song (she finds it a little more believable once hearing Dez was there), but says she'll think about it. After being called up, she talks about Ally's song and decides only one person should sing it- Ally. While Ally is performing, Kira tells Jimmy what happened, convincing Jimmy to not only forgive Austin but offer Ally a record deal as well. After this, Kira heads back up to finish her concert.

Tunes & Trials

In this episode, Kira is one of the witnesses in Austin's case at court. This is because Dez saw Them together saying they had a secret. Kira admitted the secret saying they were trying to get Maroon 5 to play at Ally's surprise party. Kira dances with Austin when he sings Steal Your Heart.

Beach Clubs & BFFs

In this episode, Kira and Ally find out they have a lot in common.



  • She had funky breath in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath.
  • Her bad breath could be is likely result of her eating habits. For example, in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath, she ate a garlic and anchovy pizza.
  • She was once stuck in a hamster ball, along with Ally.
  • Kira was also stuck on a Ferris wheel with Austin.
  • She thinks that Austin and Ally like each other.
  • She once had a cat that she sung to every night until it ran away. 
  • Austin calls her flawless, although that was before he smelled her breath.
  • In Girlfriends & Girl Friends, Austin attempts to "woo" Kira over.
  • She's scared of heights.
  • She had a cat named Mr. Whiskers that ran away.
  • When she turned 6, Jimmy gave her a new cat to replace Mr. Whiskers.
  • Dez thinks Kira's cat ran away because of her bad breath. 
  • She's been playing the guitar since she was 4.
  • She stopped eating garlic and anchovy pizza starting in Girlfriends & Girl Friends, thus losing her bad breath.
  • She doesn't like old movies.
  • Grass makes her itch.
  • The smell of pickles makes her puke.
  • She doesn't eat meat (which means she is a vegetarian), she eats other things such as vegetables, maybe sweets, or pancakes (As shown in Girlfriends & Girl Friends). However, she used to eat anchovy and garlic pizza, which would go against the vegetarian ethics.
  • She speculates romance between Austin and Ally as shown in Girlfriends & Girl Friends.
  • She loves Katy Perry.
  • She officially becomes Austin's girlfriend in Chapters & Choices.
  • She had a goldfish named Mr. Gills.
  • Mr. Gills died during the events of Partners & Parachutes.
  • She's signed to her father, Jimmy Starr's record label Starr Records as shown in Tracks & Troubles.
  • Talking helps her calm down.
  • She and Austin broke up in Partners & Parachutes.
  • She sings when she does yoga.
  • She does yoga from 2:15 to 3:45 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Kira realized her breath was bad in Girlfriends & Girl Friends.
  • Kira came back in Season 3.
  • Kira had feelings for Austin.
  • She has an unnamed brother.
  • She and Ally find out that they have a lot in common in Beach Clubs & BFFs and call themselves "twinzies", even though in previous episodes they weren't that good friends.
  • She last appeared in the Season 3 episode, "Beach Clubs & BFFs".


Thank you so much for getting us down, what can I do to repay you?
Kira, bored. [points to Katy Perry sign] Can we go now?
You inconsiderate- [is cut off by construction noises]
Yup! (singing) I got signed by my daddy!
"Thanks Ally"
Honestly, this was the longest month of my life.


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