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You're the best.
— Austin to kira, in Partners & Parachutes

Kaustin (K/ira and Austin) is a romantic/friendly pairing of Austin Moon and Kira Starr. Austin had a crush on Kira, but she suspected that Austin and Ally liked each other. Austin tried his best to show her that he liked her and not Ally. They tried and had a perfect date, but it eventually failed. They attempted another date and the second time went successful. This pairing strongly rivals with the pairing between Austin and Ally (Auslly). In Campers & Complications, they took a break from their relationship, after Kira found out Austin tried to make Ally not like Elliot. In Chapters & Choices, Austin asked Kira to be his girlfriend again, but she told him that she needed time to think about it. Later, she agreed to be his girlfriend, but Austin knew that he wanted to be with Ally. They broke up in Partners & Parachutes because Austin wanted to be with Ally instead of Kira.

Other Names

  • Raustin (Ki/ra and A/ustin)

    Hamster ball kiss

  • Kistin (Ki/ra and Au/stin)
  • Ausira ( Aus/tin and K/ira)
  • Aura (Au/stin and Ki/ra)
  • Soon (S/tarr and M/oon)
  • Motarr (Mo/on and S/tarr)
  • Marr (M/oon and St/arr)
  • Austira (Aust/in and K/ira)
  • Kirin (Kir/a and Aust/in)
  • Austa (Aust/in and Kir/a)
  • Kirastin (Kira and Au/stin)
  • Kiratin (Kira and Aus/tin)
  • Kustin (K/ira and A/ustin)
  • Kirstin ( Kir/a and Au/stin)
  • Kiraustin (Kira and A/ustin) or (Kir/a and Austin)
  • Mostarr (Mo/oon and Starr)
  • Moorr (Moo/n and Sta/rr)
  • Irstin (K/ir/a and Au/stin)
  • Stoon (St/arr and M/oon)
  • Moostarr (Moo/n and Starr)
  • Stoonarr (St/arr and M/oon)
  • Kistinra (Ki/ra and Au/stin)


  • They both eat and like pancakes.
  • They both think Dez has an awesome TV.
  • They are both friends with Ally, Trish, and Dez.
  • They both know Jimmy (Jimmy is Austin's record deal signer and Kira's dad).
  • They both play the guitar.
  • They both can sing.
  • Both like video games.


Kaustin Moments

The following is a set of moments in each episode in Austin & Ally between Austin and Kira. Please only add true moments, and no false information or you will be blocked.

Season 2

Kira and Austins first kiss. Well sort of....

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

  • Austin said she was flawless.
  • Austin didn't want to hurt her feelings.
  • Austin tried to comfort Kira on the Ferris wheel.
  • Kira apologized to Austin about his so-called drooling problem.
  • Kira played Austin's girlfriend in the music video.
  • They kissed. (But through separate human-sized hamster balls).

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

  • Austin helped Kira play the guitar.
    Kira and Austin.jpg
  • Austin asked Kira out on a date.
  • Kira agrees to go out on a date with him.
  • After Kira starts to leave Sonic Boom, Austin runs after her.
    Kaustin Pic.png
  • Austin and Kira begin to date.
  • Austin got Kira a necklace with her name on it.
  • Kira thought it was cute of how much Austin wanted to teach her to play guitar.
  • Austin says Kira is so pretty, it's thrown off his whole game and makes him act weird.
  • Austin and Kira both agree that Dez has an awesome TV.
  • Austin and Kira had pancakes and played video games in Dez's basement.
  • Austin bought Kira 4 slices of pizza.
  • Austin let Kira use his shirt as a napkin.
  • Kira and Austin came back to Sonic Boom, after their second first date, really happy.

Campers & Complications

  • At the beginning, Austin and Kira walked in Sonic Boom with Austin's arm around Kira and Kira's arm around Austin's waist.
  • Ally thought Austin won Kira a panda.

    Austin & Kira in Campers & Complications

  • Kira reveals that she won Austin the panda, but he told her not to tell anyone.
  • Kira says Austin's so cute when he pouts and rubs the panda's hand on Austin's nose. Austin says Kira's cute when she says he's cute and did the same thing Kira did.
  • Kira asked Austin to take her home, but Dez did instead.
  • Kira said she meant Austin.
  • Austin was running after Dez and Kira.
  • Kira won Austin a panda.
  • Austin was going to take Kira to see a Katy Perry concert (until the drama with Elliot)
  • Austin and Kira took a break from their relationship after Kira found out Austin tried to make Ally not like Elliot, so she wouldn't want to be his girlfriend.
  • Austin tried to prove to Dez he liked Kira more than Ally.

Chapters & Choices

  • Kira agreed to be Austin's girlfriend again.
    Kaustin in Chapters & Choices.png
  • At the end, Kira hugs Austin, although he doesn't hug back because Austin had just kissed Ally.
  • Kira says Austin changes his mind a lot but she might think about being his girlfriend again.
  • Austin says he likes Ally, but Kira is great too.
  • Austin didn't overthink the outcome of becoming Kira's boyfriend
  • Austin asks Kira to be his girlfriend instead of Ally.

Partners & Parachutes

  • Kira tells Austin that they shouldn't think about Jimmy, they should just be happy.
  • Austin wants to make sure Jimmy approves (though he actually wants him to disapprove).

    Austin & Kira hugging

  • When Kira walks over to Austin, she says, "Hey, boyfriend", and puts her arm around his neck
  • Jimmy wants Austin and Kira to be together.
  • Kira is happy when Jimmy lets her date Austin.
  • When Kira can't hear Austin try to break up with her except for him saying "Please don't hate me...", she says "Why would I hate you? You're my boyfriend."
  • Kira calls Austin her boyfriend, four times
  • When Austin says boyfriend is a great word when used appropriately, Kira says "I couldn't agree more, boyfriend". She then smiles lovingly at him.
  • Austin, Kira, and Jimmy have a group hug after Jimmy allows them to continue dating. Kira smiles and happily rests her head on Austin's shoulder
  • When Austin breaks up with Kira, she says she doesn't hate him and she understands making Austin happy.
  • Austin just nods and agrees with Kira's rant at him.
  • Kira agrees to stay friends with Austin.
  • They hug after breaking up, causing Megan to think that they're dating still.
  • Austin says that Kira is the best for understanding.

Tracks & Troubles

  • Austin told Kira that she sounded good when singing her song, Elevator Doors.
  • Austin knew that Kira sang while doing yoga.
  • Kira brings up dating Austin twice in this episode.
  • Kira said a compliment about her singing meant a lot coming from Austin.
  • Austin told Kira that maybe they could work together someday.
  • Kira agreed that maybe they could work together.
  • Kira convinces Jimmy to give Austin his record deal back.

Tunes & Trials

  • Austin trusted her with a secret.
  • Kira was the only person Austin told about getting Maroon 5 to play at Ally's surprise party.
  • Kira helped Austin plan a surprise party for Ally.
  • Kira called Austin a sweet guy for planning the surprise party for Ally.
  • Trish and Dez thought Kira was a suspect of who Austin wrote the song "Steal Your Heart" about.
  • Austin was singing to Kira (and his other ex-girlfriends except for Ally).
  • Cheetah Beat thinks Austin wrote the song about Kira (plus Ally, the European Supermodel, and Brooke all who had dated Austin).

Season 3

Beach Clubs & BFFs

  • Austin thought Kira was excited he was back.
  • Austin offered to tell Kira all about his tour.
  • Kira offers Austin and the rest of the gang to check out Shredder's Beach Club.

Kaustin Quotes

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Austin: Whoa, who's that?

Dez: That's Kira, she's playing your girlfriend.
Austin: She's flawless...

Kira Hi Austin! I'm Kira. I'm such a huge fan!

Kira: Are you crying?

Austin: Yeah, that last story really got to me.
Jimmy: Austin, There's someone here who wants to apologize.
Kira: Austin, I'm sorry for quitting. I shouldn't have been so insensitive about your drooling problem
Austin: Nawww, it's okay.
Kira: So good news. I've decided to finish the video!

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Austin: I was wondering if you like to, you know, go out sometime? Like on a date?

Kira: A date? Are you being serious?
Austin: Huh, Not exactly the response I was looking for.
Kira: No it's just, I thought you and Ally liked each other.
Austin: Whaaat? Me and Ally? Psst... no way!
Kira: Really? Because I've never seen a boy and girl spend so much time together who weren't boyfriend and girlfriend.
Austin: Trust me. Ally and I are just friends. We like each other a lot, but not in that way!

Kira: OK, fine. As long as there's nothing going on between you and Ally, I'll go out with you.

Kira: Nope! My dad knew your video was going to be number one so he told me to give you these!
Austin: Congratulations on behalf of Starr Records enjoy these four ultimate wrestling tickets! Awesome! *High fives Dez*
Trish: Oh, ultimate wrestling tickets! Something we can all enjoy...
Ally & Trish: *Sadly high five* Yeah...
Austin: Hey! Lets all go celebrate by getting pizza, on me!
Dez: Yes!
Ally: Yeah!
Austin: Wanna come with Kira?
Kira: Sure! As long as you promise not to order garlic and anchovy. I used to eat it everyday, but I think it made my breath stink!

Austin: Pfft, no.

Kira: That was the best date ever! I can't wait to go on a second date!
Ally: Wait, you guys had a good time?
Austin: After we dried off, me and Kira had pancakes and played video games in Dez's basement.
Kira: He has an awesome TV!

Ally: So I've heard...

Partners & Parachutes

Kira: Hey boyfriend!
Austin: Hey Kira.
Kira: Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend. I like the sound of that.
Austin: It's a great word! When used appropriately.

Kira: I couldn't agree more, boyfriend.

Kira: Hey, boyfriend.
Austin: Hey Kira. Listen. I need to tell you something. I think we should, (mouths a speech but Kira can't hear him because of the jackhammer) So anyway... please don't hate me.

Kira:Sorry, I couldn't hear a word you just said. And why would I hate you? You're my boyfriend!

Kira: *finishes yelling at Austin* Woah, that felt good.
Austin: Are we cool now?
Kira: Yeah, you're still working with my dad, and there's no reason that we shouldn't try to be friends.

Austin: You're the best. *They hug*

Tunes & Trials

Austin: For now, it'll be our little secret.
Kira: You know, you're a really sweet guy.

Austin: I know. *shrugs and smiles*


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