Jett Deely
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Jett Deely




Host of Miami Countdown Live/Host of America's Top Talent/Host of Miami Video Music Awards

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Girlfriends & Girl Friends

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Dancers & Ditzes

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Russ Marchand

Jett Deely is the host of Miami Countdown Live and America's Top Talent too. He appears to be very impatient, because when ever the people he interviews say they're not ready he starts the interview anyway. He was rude to Ally in the episode Austin and Alias. He has appeared in 3 episodes of Season 2 and has appeared in his first Season 3 episode, Austin & Alias. He also appeared in Videos & Villains, where his impatience increases and in Records & Wrecking Balls.

He's portrayed by Russ Marchand.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Girlfriends & Girl Friends

In Girlfriends & Girl Friends Jett was the VJ for Miami's Video Countdown Live announcing that the song and music video No Ordinary Day is the #1 Song of the Day. No contact between the host and Austin or his friends are made.

Boy Songs & Badges

Boy Songs & Badges was the first episode where Jett had direct contact with Team Austin. Trish books Austin an interview on "Video Countdown Live", who automatically goes to Ally to think of a new song since he will be on "New Music Tuesday". But when Ally is too busy writing three new songs for her demo reel, Austin tries to write his new song by himself. However, after eight hours have gone by, Dez (Dezmond Hatfield Wade) comes up and shares the Pioneer Ranger motto with Austin. This inspires Austin to write Call a Pioneer Ranger! However, the song ends up being quite atrocious, and so they try to back out of the interview by telling Jett that he will be volunteering at the camp-out.

Moon Week & Mentors

In Moon Week & Mentors, Jett became the host of America's Top Talent. Before the show, he gave Team Austin a tour of the show. Him and Austin were laughing at the joke contestants from the past. Later he thought Lucy Gluckman looked cute. He thought Austin and Ally couldn't train her but they could. They believed in her. Austin didn't want to pick her at all but Ally forced him to.

Austin & Alias

In Austin & Alias, Jett made his fourth appearance on Austin & Ally. He interviews Austin and Roxy on Video Countdown Live in order to get to know Roxy a bit more. Though slightly weirded out and frightened by her, he is impressed with fiery personality that she gives off, that Ally apparently didn't have. Upon finding out that the show got high ratings because of Roxy, he does become disappointed when he is told that "Roxy" is no longer Austins songwriting partner.

Videos & Villains

In Videos & Villains, Jett made his fifth appearance on the show. Again, he appeared on Video Countdown Live and was supposed to interview Austin, about his new pair of sneakers, called 'Moonwalkers'. He kept becoming impatient that Austin didn't show up for the interview, unaware that Brooke had kidnapped Austin, and threatens Team Austin & Ally that if Austin doesn't show up within 5 minutes, Jett's channel would never show another Austin Moon video again. At the end of the episode, Austin finally shows up and performs a newer version of Upside Down, which everyone and Jett enjoys.

Records & Wrecking Balls

In Records & Wrecking Balls, Jett made his sixth appearance on Video Countdown Live, this time from the premiere party for Ally's album "Finally Me" at Sonic Boom on what seems to be the store's closing date. Prior to performing her song "Parachute," Ally was able to conduct her interview smoothly, after Austin tried to give her advice on how to do so, which she refused to heed.

Dancers & Ditzes


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