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Helen, in Rockers & Writers
Full Name

Helen (unknown surname)



Resides in

Miami, Florida


Television Host

Eye Color


Hair Color



The Helen Show

First Episode

"Rockers & Writers"

Last Episode

"Duets & Destiny"

Helen is the host of The Helen Show (Parody of The Ellen DeGeneres Show). She appeared in the episode Rockers & Writers. She is a minor character only seen in the pilot episode, Rockers & Writers as well as the series finale, Duets & Destiny.
R&W --36--
Helen was played by Mim Drew. Drew played Liz Forman on the Nickelodeon sitcom Marvin Marvin, starring Lucas Cruikshank until the show ended in 2013.


Helen is very energetic, much like Ellen DeGeneres, and she usually dances on her show. Helen seems to have a very excited attitude and shows to be very comfortable on her show.


Helen invited Austin to perform on The Helen Show to sing Double Take. After the performance, she encouraged Austin to come back and perform another original song the next day. He is nervous because he has never before written a song, so he and Ally stay up all night to create a song. On the next day, Austin is about to sing Break Down The Walls, but he makes Ally play the piano for him. She denies because she has stage fright. Ally hides behind the curtains to play the piano. Austin gives Ally credit for the song. He shows Ally in front of everyone in an attempt to cure her stage fright. Ally starts to destroy the set, leaving Helen and Austin speechless and surprised. Ally's stage fright incident on the show was recorded and put on MyTewb. The video surpassed Austin's video performing Double Take and was bumped to #1, in which the video shows Ally throwing up on Helen.


  • Helen is a parody of Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Although it was not shown, Austin mentioned that Ally threw up on Helen.
  • Not much is known about this character.
  • She is the host of the Helen Show.
  • She has a personality like Ellen.
  • She has short hair like Ellen.
  • She kind of dresses like Ellen.
  • Her name, Helen, rhymes with Ellen.
  • She first appeared in the series premiere and made her final appearance in the series finale.
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