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Glee fever!
— Ally to Trish

"Glee Clubs & Glory" is the 6th episode in Season 3 of Austin & Ally and the 51st episode overall. It first aired on January 19th, 2014 to 3.0 million views.[1]


After the tenor gets hurt, Austin joins Ally's glee club. But when he gets his own ideas on what the music should be, he forms a rival glee club. Will Austin and Ally be able to work together and win regionals? Or will they lose not only the competition but their partnership as well?

Episode Summary

In order to replace an injured tenor, Austin joins Ally and Trish in Marino High's Glee Club. He is introduced to several other members of the club, including Miles, a boy with a quiet voice, B.B., a girl who happens to hate everything, Sunhee, a girl who speaks fluent Korean, and Elle, who is shown to have a giant crush on Austin, as well as the sponsor in charge, Coach Simmons.

In the midst of one of their rehearsals, he has an idea to change the club's style that would lead away from its traditional roots. As Ally doesn't like it, he; Trish; and some of the other kids start their own rivaling glee club against Ally's. In order to counter against Austin's team, Ally allows Dez to join her team so that she has enough members.

In a later rehearsal, the two teams duke out in a mini-musical competition. Though, because of their fighting and arguing, Coach Simmons kicks both Austin and Ally out of the club, somehow making


Dez the new club president. However, Dez's leadership, dance moves, and ideas are so strange and annoying that it makes Trish tell Ally to make up with Austin. After a talk in the practice room, the duo makes up, thus having Trish then getting the coach to let them back in the club. Then, combining and compromising both of their ideas for a new song, the glee club sings the Austin & Ally Glee Club Mash Up, having them win first place at regionals.

At the end in Sonic Boom, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez agree to keep the trophy on the counter, but they all rush back because they want it. They end up breaking it, then tossing the pieces back, not wanting it anymore.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: Let's do our warm-ups. Row, row, row your boat (rest of Ally's team begins) gently down the stream.

Austin: Ally it's for you, it's the 1800s; they want their song back.

Ally: I don't know if I can catch glee fever again.
Trish: Are you sure? It's contagious.
Ally: That's not gonna work [Trish grabs her shoulders]- Ooh.
Trish: I don't know, I think it's spreading.
Ally: Wait, I do feel something...
Trish: Uh huh.
Ally: My fingers are starting to tingle.
Trish: Oh yeah.
Ally: My hands are getting jazzy.
Trish: Oh no.
Ally: Trish, call the doctor!
Trish: Don't tell me you have-

Ally: Glee fever!

Ally: You know why I'm so crazy about glee club? It's the one thing where I get to do everything. The music, the choreography, it's all mine.
Austin: I get it. That's what I get to do with my concerts. Only I'm not an annoying control freak.

Ally: Not what your band says...

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • The events in this episode share similarities with the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect and the FOX TV series Glee, in particular the latter, in which Riker Lynch, brother of Ross Lynch and fellow member of R5, portrays one of the Dalton Academy Warblers.
    • Perhaps intentionally, the B-Sharps boys' performance outfits in this episode resemble those of the Warblers.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2014.
  • This episode displayed the first usages of a capella songs.
  • This episode had several Season 1 and Season 2 songs.
  • This is the episode with the most featured songs in it.
  • Mollee Gray also appeared in Teen Beach Movie with Ross Lynch, where she portrayed the character of Giggles.
  • The a capella mash-up at the end of the episode is featured on Disney's Play It Loud album.
  • This is the first time Dez and Trish have sang a real song on the show (Second for Trish if you include What If's & Where's Austin).
  • According to the Writers' Twitter, the mash-up took over 6 hours to do.[7]
  • This was the first episode to have a mash-up of songs.
  • Coach Simmons, wrestling coach and Glee Club teacher, was introduced this episode.
  • Laura Marano and Raini Rodriguez previously appeared on True Jackson VP along with Ashley Argota.


  • When Austin was singing Timeless in the practice room, Ally comes in and says "Well, we wrote it together. However, Austin and Ally wrote the song in Austin's dream from Future Sounds & Festival Songs, so real Ally couldn't have written it. Unless she did write it but it was unseen and unknown.
  • In previous episodes, Ally is shown to not being able to dance very well, but she danced very well in the performance. However, she might have learned how to dance.


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