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Yeah, I like Austin.
Ally to Trish

"Girlfriends & Girl Friends" is the 8th episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 27th episode overall. It aired on January 27th, 2013 to 3.966 million viewers.[1]


Austin wants to go on a date with Kira, but she thinks that Austin and Ally are in love. With Austin wanting to take Kira out on the perfect date to prove that it's not what she thinks, he asks Ally for help. After a small practice date, Ally confesses to Trish that she indeed has a crush on Austin and problems ensue.

Episode Summary

The episode starts out with the song "No Ordinary Day" being revealed as the #1 Song of the Day, and Kira comes in to congratulate them. While doing so, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez notice a lack of a strong flaw in Kira: her horrible bad breath has been cured!

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Austin wants a date with Kira, but it's Ally who's getting all the flowers.

Because of this, Austin wants to ask Kira out on a date. The first time, Ally tries to make it subtle by complimenting Austin. The second time, Austin directly asks her out, and Kira laughs it off, suspecting that Austin and Ally have a thing for each other. Austin calls that crazy, and Kira agrees to go on the date, but when a simple bouquet of flowers for Ally in exchange for the Extreme Wrestling tickets gift, and for helping him make it to #1, turns into numerous bouquets, Kira calls off the date, thinking once more that Austin and Ally like each other. It doesn't help that bouquets also include a card special card that Austin wrote for her, There's no way I can make it without you, and that Dez shoots a video of the exchange while trying to keep Kira out of the shot.

Ally shows Trish the things she bought for Austin's date with Kira before revealing her crush on him.

Austin and Ally plan the perfect date for Kira. Originally he wants to take her to see a slasher film, but Ally suggests an apparent silent French romance movie being shown in a nearby park. Ally describes the scenario she thinks he'll face when he's with Kira which he seems to be more willing to expect from their date. However, during their now shared description of their impending date, Ally starts having feelings for Austin. She later tells Trish this, and throughout the rest of the episode, Trish drops subtle hints about the crush.

Dez made a Deal with Kira to be a roll in his next movie, which was a lie to get Austin to go out on a date with her. Right after Austin leaves with the perfect date idea- a picnic in the park feasting on a mostly meat meal with pickles while watching a silent film- Dez reveals that the date idea is exactly what Kira doesn't like. He says that her MyFace page revealed a lot about her, including the facts that she doesn't like old movies, grass makes her itchy, the slightest smell of pickles makes her want to puke, and she doesn't eat meat. On top of that, Trish reveals that Ally is wearing the Kira necklace, making them realize that Austin has the Ally necklace with him. Dez decided to call him, but Ally told Austin to leave his phone so he can focus on Kira. So Dez decided to text him, which was sent to his phone that Ally has.

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Austin arrived at the park where Kira was supposed to meet Dez but lets Austin have another chance. Dez, Trish, & Ally sneaked into the park. Trish was thinking of giving Austin the necklace, & scrap the picnic, but Ally said That Kira thinks they all want Ally, & Austin to be together, & if she sees them here, she will think they planned the disaster date on purpose. Dez tried to toss his phone next to him so they can text him, but threw it too far and landed in a guy's plate of grapes, & accuses Austin of throwing stuff at him. When Trish notes Meathead (Not his name) has fruit, she decided that they will try to switch the baskets while Dez creates a distraction. Taking too long Ally decided to switch the baskets with a blanket on her so no one would notice. While Austin was about to make Heart shaped salami sandwiches, & give pickles which Kira said she can't eat, Ally put the necklace in Meathead's basket. Austin sees fruit, carrot sticks & homemade fettuccine which Ally didn't pack. As they were about to have the homemade fettuccine, the man noticed his mother's homemade fettuccine and fights with it with Austin, the fettuccine ends up spilling all over Kira. He left with his girlfriend after missing the Proposal Part of the movie, & taking his basket back with Kira's necklace still in there. Ally looks in the basket she has but her Necklace was not in there because Austin took it out before Ally switched the baskets. Austin is about to give Kira the Ally necklace when she pops up and tries to say that Austin has the wrong necklace. She gives off the wrong idea, and at that very moment, Dez's distraction pops in; the park sprinklers go off, & everyone run off with Dez left alone.

Ally and Trish expect them to not go on a second date, but to their surprise, Austin and Kira had a great first date playing zombie-themed video games at Dez's house, and are looking forward to a second date. Kira then apologizes to Ally for having assumed that she purposely tried to ruin the date, and Austin thanks Ally once more before they both leave.

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Trish heads up to the practice room, and Ally stays down for a moment. She re-reads the card that Austin wrote for her, There's no way I can make it without you, and puts it in her songbook diary with a sense of disappointment before heading upstairs. As Ally and Trish feast on the picnic leftovers, jokingly acting like a couple in a way, Ally wishes that Dez were there to help them finish up the meal, and Trish wonders where he is. The scene then cuts to Dez watching the romantic silent film in the park crying while the park sprinklers are still on, and the episode then ends.

Memorable Quotes

Trish: So what'd I miss?
Austin: Video Countdown Live is almost over, and still no sign of "No Ordinary Day".
Ally: That means No Ordinary Day is either number 1 or out of the Top Ten completely.
Dez: We can't be out! Yesterday we were number four, the day before, number seven, before that it was five, four, eight, five, five-
Trish: Dez!

Kira: My Dad knew you were going to be #1 and asked me to give you these. (hands him wrestling tickets)
Austin: Ultimate Wrestling tickets?! Yes! (does his 'what up' with Dez)
Trish: Oh, Ultimate Wrestling tickets... (sarcastically) Something we can all enjoy...
Ally/Trish: (does a lazy, disappointed high-five) Eh.

Kira: Sure! As long as you promise not to order garlic and anchovy pizza. I used to eat it every day but I think it made my breath stink...
Austin: Nooooo.
Ally: You kidding me?
Trish: Whaaaaaat?
Dez: Guys, remember, it was disgusting- (gets hit in the stomach by Trish) -ly excellent. (raises his hand for a high-five) ...Saved it.

Ally: What you need is for someone to subtly talk you up. Allow me. (grabs napkins that Kira brings back) Thanks, Kira. How amazing is Austin? He's funny, talented, awesome dancer, can count to ten in Spanish, has amazing hair... (shortly strokes his hair) What am I forgetting?
Trish: Just the subtly part.
Kira: (notices their interaction) You're right, Ally. He's a good one.

Austin: So Kira, I was maybe wondering if maybe you'd want to, you know, go out sometime? Like on a date?
Kira: A date? Are you being serious?
Austin: Huh, Not exactly the response I was looking for.
Kira: No! Its just, I thought you and Ally liked each other.
Austin: What? Me and Ally? Pssssh, no way!
Kira: You sure? Because I've never seen a guy and girl spend so much time together that weren't boyfriend/girlfriend.
Austin: Trust me. Ally and I are just friends. We like each other a lot, but not in that way!
Kira: Alright, as long as there's nothing going on between you and Ally, I'll go out with you.

Dez: Whoa! The zoom on my new camera is amazing! By the way Trish, I think you have a tiny cavity on your upper left wisdom tooth.
Trish: You have a giant cavity where your brain should be.
Austin: Kira, can I get you another slice?
Kira: Nope! Still good with the four you already gave me.
Austin: Are they too hot? I can blow on them for you!
Kira: That's okay! I'm going to go grab some napkins.
Austin: Use my shirt.
Kira: I'll stick with paper napkins; thanks.

Ally: (about Kira) I say go for it. Follow your heart. Don't let anyone get in your way. (turns around)
Dez: (blocking her with his camera)
Ally: (annoyed) Dez, you're in my way.

Ally: Imagine! Kira's there, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. The breeze blowing her hair, Breeze, breeze, breeze, breeze. What can you do to show her how you feel?
Austin: I can get her a gift! Oh, I know! I'll get her a necklace with her name on it just like yours!
Ally: (looks a little hurt) Perfect! She'll Love that.
Austin: I'll wait to the most romantic part of the movie.
Ally: She'll be all cute and love-y.
Austin: I'll lean in, put my arm around her.
Ally: She'll nuzzle up, feeling butterflies.
Austin: My heart will be beating out of my chest. It'll be...
Austin and Ally: Perfect.

Austin: Better get to my perfect date. Don't want to keep the perfect girl waiting.
Trish: Sometimes, the perfect girl is closer than you think.
Ally: (looks at her as if to say 'Dude, why?!')
Austin: (oblivious) Not really. The parks a good twenty-minute walk from here.

Austin: I'm going to make sure Kira knows how much you helped. There's no way she'll still think we like each other.
Ally: No way! Pal! (awkwardly attempts a second playful punch)
Austin: Ow! Stop punching me!

Ally: I like Austin, Heart Shaped Salami's...
Trish: Wait, say that again.
Ally: Heart Shaped Salami's?
Trish: No, the part about you liking Austin!
Ally: Oh, right, that? Yeah, I like Austin! (they hug)
Trish: (excited) Ally this is huge! What happened?
Ally: I don't know! We were pretending we were on the perfect date, and it felt like...Like we were on the perfect date! (they hug again) Trish I'm freaking out! What should I do?
Trish: Well, for starters, I wouldn't help him plan a date with another girl. You need to tell Austin, you like him.
Ally: But he likes Kira.
Trish: Maybe he wouldn't if he knew how you felt
Ally: If I say something, and he doesn't feel the same way, everything will be ruined, our friendship, our partnership, everything! Please promise me you won't say anything.
Trish: Your secrets safe with me. [stands up] Hey stranger, Ally likes Austin!! Now, your secret is safe with me.

Ally: Okay! I've got everything ready for Austin's date! He said he wanted to give Kira a necklace like my Ally one, so I had the jewelry store copy mine.
Trish: You should have gotten one for yourself that says, "I'm not even going to try to go after the boy of my dreams!"
Ally: That would never fit on a chain.

Ally: I genuinely want them to have a perfect date.
Dez: Well then, I hope you packed a lot of vegetables.
Ally: Well, there are some pickles, but mostly meat. Why?
Dez: Kira doesn't eat meat.
Ally: What?
Dez: She has a very detailed myFace page. Check it out!
Trish: Look! Old movies are boring, grass makes me itch.
Ally: The smell of pickles makes me want to puke! Oh no! The date is all wrong! Kira's going to think I sabotaged the date on purpose!
Trish: Um, Ally? Why are you wearing a necklace that says 'Kira' on it?!?!
Ally: What?! Oh no, I must have put the wrong one in the basket! Which means Austin's going to give Kira the one that says...
Dez, Trish, and Ally: Ally!

Trish: Look on the bright side. Austin and Kira are definitely not going on a second date.
Kira: That was the best date ever! I can't wait to go on a second date!
Ally: Wait, you guys had a good time?
Austin: After we dried off, we grabbed pancakes and played video games in Dez's basement!
Kira: He has an AWESOME TV!
Ally: So I keep hearing...

Kira: Ally, I'm sorry I thought you liked Austin. What you did to try and save the date tonight proves you don't.
Ally: (gives a sad smile)
Trish: (nervous) Yup. That proves it.

Ally: (reading Austin's note) "There's no way I can make it without you..." (smiles sadly; slips the note into her songbook)
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Trish: Heart Shaped Salami?
Ally: I thought you'd never ask. Too bad Dez isn't here to help us finish all of this...
Trish: Where is Dez anyway?
Dez: (cuts to park, Dez is sobbing) Oh, why don't you tell him you love him already?!?!

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  • In this episode, Ally reveals her feelings for Austin.
  • In this episode, Kira loses her bad breath.
  • Kira reveals that she's been playing guitar since she was 4.
  • "No Ordinary Day" was the #1 video of the day that this episode starts on Video Countdown Daily.
  • The episode title refers to Kira becoming Austin's girlfriend and Ally staying Austin's girl friend.
  • This is the first episode that's title has two homonyms.


  • This episode begins the 'Auslly Arc'.
  • Laura wrote the line Breeze Breeze, Breeze, Breeze.
  • Austin starts dating Kira in this episode until their split in "Partners & Parachutes".


  • Kira left after eating but when she leaves, you can still see the four slices of pizza on her plate.
  • In "Backups & Breakups", we learn that Austin likes romance movies. But in this episode, he is disappointed when Ally suggests that he and Kira watch a romantic movie on their date.
  • Kira supposedly doesn't eat meat, however, in "Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath" Kira is eating Garlic and Anchovy pizza (Anchovy is meat).


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