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(sings) I got dumped by my horse on prom night.

Gavin Young is a famous country singer and was the boyfriend to Ally Dawson. His last appearance on the show was in Last Dances & Last Chances.


He appears to be extremely friendly (taking the time to find and bathe a missing dog, messaging his fans goodnight, bringing Ally coffee, going with her to the pickle factory, etc.), though he also tends to brag (saying everything he did after he found the dog, mentioning having studied music theory since he was 3, etc.). According to Ally, he also has a good sense of humour, although Trish and Austin may disagree.


Ally Dawson


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Ally is Gavin's ex-girlfriend and former songwriting partner, whom he met in Hunks & Homecoming. Before deciding to date, they worked on 2 songs, one of which was Me and You, and the other an unknown solo. Gavin seemed to really care about Ally, going to great lengths to make her happy. They broke up in Last Dances & Last Chances, because Ally realized he's not the right guy for her and that they aren't meant to be.

Trish De la Rosa


Trish and Gavin first met in Hunks & Homecoming. Trish hoped to be Gavin's manager, but Gavin already had one, so he turned her down. Nevertheless, Trish considered herself the best potential manager for him. Trish was the first one to suggest inviting Gavin to work with Ally. Like Ally, she also found it sweet when Gavin found the missing dog.

Austin Moon


Like Ally and Trish, Gavin also met Austin in Hunks & Homecoming. They seemed to have made a good first impression on each other, and had the potential to be friends, but, once Ally started having feelings for Gavin, there was some animosity on Austin's part, due to jealousy. Austin tended to be annoyed by Gavin, and once even did an impression of him. By Fashion Shows & First Impressions, Austin seemed to be more okay with Gavin and Ally dating, and presumably less annoyed by Gavin.



  • Gavin was a recurring character.
    • He was also the third recurring character introduced in Season 3 after Carrie and Jace.
  • His first appearance was in Hunks & Homecoming where he first started dating Ally.
  • He met Ally through Trish, who organized for Ally to write a song with him.
  • He has a strong Southern accent.
  • He and Ally broke up in Last Dances & Last Chances.
  • Gavin was the second boyfriend of Ally shown in the series, Austin being the first. He also was the second professional singer boyfriend of Ally, Austin again being the first.
  • Although Austin disliked Gavin, he seemed to like Austin.
  • His last appearance was in Last Dances & Last Chances.
  • He seems to be very knowledgeable about music, having been learning music theory since he was 3. Ally said that he was the first person she met to know as much about music as her.
  • He finds candles romantic.
  • He is a famous country singer.


It's nice to meet you, Ally. I'm sorry I'm late. On the way over, I came across a sign for a lost Basset hound and I couldn't not look for it. Then, when I finally found Barnaby, I couldn't return him without giving him a bath first. Then, I brushed his teeth, then bought him a chew toy, and, well, y'all know how that goes.
Thanks, but I already have a great manager, and it'd just break his lil' heart if I left him.
What's with all them black dots and lines stuff up there?
Oh, I'm just kiddin'. I know that's a major pentatonic scale. I've been studying music theory since I was 3.
Well, we make a good team. We're really "in tune" with each other.
I got this, sir. She's my precious angel.
(sings) I got dumped by my horse on prom night.


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