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Well, then I guess I'm sorry.....that I'm never ever gonna apologize to you!
Dez to Chuck

"Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction" is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 31st episode overall. It first aired on April 7, 2013 to 3.56 million viewers.[1]


After Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez find a magical typewriter, it falls into the hands of a thief named Chuck, who uses it to mess with Austin and his friends, doing things such as switching their bodies, making Austin be unable to dance, etc. Will Team Austin be able to stop Chuck before he ruins Austin's career?

Episode Summary

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The episode starts out with Trish talking to her mother on the phone and complaining about her current job at the old antique shop. After she unintentionally sends a customer off by insulting her, her current boss, Mr. Gower, tells her to try to sell something- it's either that or get fired. Dez, Austin, and Ally then come into the shop, and Dez asks Trish if she has any typewriters like the one that Ernest Hemmingway wrote on. She shows him "the perfect one", and after he exclaims that he'll win the short story contest with it, his rival, Chuck, enters and says that he'll win.

The two have a word war, and Chuck wins. He then flirts with Trish before leaving. Dez then tries out the typewriter, and after using it three times, he is convinced that the typewriter is magical. Trish and Ally, on the other hand, are unconvinced. Even after Ally becomes somewhat convinced, Trish is the last to be convinced- she is only convinced after Dez ends up getting a giant Meatlover's Sub. Dez then does the rest of the gang a few favors- Ally gets a wagon full of books, Trish gets a money tree, and Austin gets a cheerleader girlfriend as well as successfully scoring a goal in basketball.

Chuck comes in, and he and Dez once more start a short story wordplay contest. While doing so, however, Dez accidentally reveals to Chuck that the typewriter possesses magical abilities. The gang tries to convince Chuck otherwise, but when he walks away, they all worry enough to lock it in the practice room of Sonic Boom.

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While in the practice room, Austin types up that a giant elephant scares the customers away so that Ally doesn't have to deal with them, and the two then go downstairs. Chuck sneaks in, and after successfully retrieving the magical typewriter, he sneaks away.

The next morning, Dez walks into the practice room, and after finding only a cowboy accessory and no typewriter, Dez knows that Chuck has stolen the typewriter. Chuck immediately starts having fun with the typewriter- he makes Dez's fingernails grow super long.

Later on, the four meet up, each having been affected by Chuck's typing spree. Dez keeps buying churros that turn into sticks, Ally has purple hair, Austin has purple hair and no longer has his cool dance moves, and Trish has purple hair, her money tree died, and the antique store is no longer her's. After finding Chuck again, they are unsuccessful at getting the typewriter back, seeing as he doesn't have it with him.

When the four get back to Sonic Boom, their hair is back to its original color, and they think for a second that maybe they've experienced the worst that Chuck can give to them. They are quickly proven wrong when they all swap bodies- Austin becomes Dez, Dez becomes Austin, Ally becomes Trish, and Trish becomes Ally. They all go through an identity crisis- Austin in Dez's body tries to flirt with girls, but since he's Dez, he fails. Lester then comes in, and he hears the voices that are coming out of the wrong bodies. They gang try to convince him that they truly have swapped bodies, but they are unsuccessful. 

Chuck -3-.jpg

After Trish tries to explain, Trish and Austin both return to the correct bodies, and judging this logic to apply to all of them, Ally in Dez's body hugs Lester. Lester is freaked out; he runs away, screaming. They then resolve to get the typewriter back before Chuck does anything worse than making them switch bodies and having their head face the wrong way.

They go to Mini's to confront Chuck once more, but it starts out unsuccessful when both Ally and Trish become smitten with Chuck due to the typewriter. And after Austin tries to get Chuck to stop, he reveals that he'll stop, but only on one condition: that Dez apologizes to Chuck for stealing his original, wacky style. Dez starts to say he's sorry, but it turns out that he's apologizing for the fact that he will never apologize. He then starts to give Chuck ideas- such as the fact that Ally is going to give a speech for her dad and that Austin has his driver's test- and Chuck disappears, ready to use those situations against the two.

As Ally gives her speech, she turns into Abraham Lincoln, and Austin's hands turn into hooves right as he starts his test. The two seemingly unconnected events turn out to become connected once Austin, still attempting to drive, crashes the car into Sonic Boom. Chuck, who is in Sonic Boom, runs to hide from the car, and he and Dez then battle for possession of the typewriter. Dez ultimately wins, and he uses the typewriter to shrink Chuck down- that way, he can never mess with Team Austin ever again!

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It is then revealed that all of those events were, in reality, the short story, and due to that being his short story, Dez wins first place. Dez then retells all of this to the man that works at Mini's, and he reveals that he will win first place at the cake-baking contest next week. Chuck then appears, and much like the beginning of the episode, the two battle, wordplay-style. The only difference is that Dez wins this time- the episode then ends with Chuck being enraged at having lost the wordplay battle.

Memorable Quotes

Austin in Dez's body: I am Austin.
Dez in Austin's body: I'm Dez!
Ally in Trish's body: Dad, we can explain.
Trish in Ally's body: Guess who's trapped in Ally's body?

Austin: We've gotta get that typewriter back before Chuck makes this any worse.
Dez: How could it get any worse than switching bodies? [his head is revealed to be facing the wrong way] Oh, hey! My voice is back! Woo hoo!

Austin in Dez's body: Whoa, I feel weird. What just happened?
Trish in Ally's body: You're always weird, you doof. What else is new?
Dez in Austin's body: Ally, why is Trish's voice coming out of your body?
Ally in Trish's body: Austin, why is Dez's voice coming out of your body?
Dez in Austin's body: Uh, 'cause i'm Dez! I'm trapped in Austin's body!
Trish in Ally's body: And i'm Trish! We're all trapped in each other's bodies!
Austin in Dez's body: Chuck made us switch bodies?
All: (screams)

Austin: I can't dance anymore! I lost all my cool moves.
Ally: Uh-oh. I hope I didn't lose mine. Whew, still got it.

Trish: Wait a sec; I'm Trish again!
Austin: I'm Austin again!
Ally in Dez's body: I'm just so glad things are back to normal!

Chuck: My story's so short, you could see its feet on its driver's license.
Dez: My story's so short, it's not allowed to go on any carnival rides.
Chuck: My story's so short, when it sits on a dime, its feet don't touch the ground.
Dez: My story's so short, that it's, um, that it's, uh, oh.

Dez: My cake's so sweet, you get a cavity just by looking at it.
Chuck: My cake's so sweet, my grandma wants to squeeze its cheeks every time she sees it.
Dez: My cake's so sweet, instead of having a sweet sixteen party, girls have a my cake sixteen party.
Chuck: Well my cake's so sweet, instead of having a sweet sixteen party, girls have a my cake sweet sixteen party. You already said that.
Dez: Ha! Sweet, sweet victory. Or should I say, my cake, my cake victory?

Chuck: Adios muchachos! (to Trish) That's right Trishita bonita, I know Spanish. (winks)
Trish: (gives him a disgusted look)

Ally: Okay, there's a logical explanation for all of this. Guys eating sushi go into stores. Cuckoo clocks go off every hour. Hot dogs fall from the sky! Okay, maybe it is a magic typewriter...
Trish: The only thing magic about that typewriter is that I was able to get some sucker to buy it for 50 bucks. Thanks again, Dez.

Dez: Please. My story's so cool, it's going to host the next Winter Olympics.
Chuck: My story's so cool- when my air conditioning breaks, I stand next to my story to cool down!
Dez: Yeah? Well, my story's so cool because everything I type on my magic typewriter comes true! [gasps; puts hand over mouth]

Trish: You're so cute, kittens look at pictures of you on the internet.
Ally: You're so cute, instead of calling babies cutie-pies... They call them Chuckie-pies.
Trish: Back off Ally! He's mine!
Ally: No, he's mine.
Chuck: Ladies, ladies. There's enough Chuckie-pie to go around. Everyone gets a slice.

Dez: Listen up, Chuck. I'm going to make your life worrisome by winning the contest with my wild, witty, wondrous writing... Oh yeah, I'm pretty good at wordplay too...
Everyone: (leaves)

Ally in Trish's body: Maybe next time you should sing "I fall down down down down". Am I right?
Trish in Ally's body: I'm not high-fiving you for that.
Ally in Trish's body: Huh. I can't even get a high-five from myself! Am I right?
Dez in Austin's body: (sighs, high-fives Ally)

Ally in Dez's body: I'm just so glad everything's back to normal. I love you, dad.
Lester: (screams)
Ally in Dez's body: Dad, come back!
Dez in Ally's body: Bye, Mr. Dawson! You know, I'm not entirely sure everything is back to normal.

Dez: Sorry, Austin. It's a matter of principle. I can't apologize to him. I don't care if he does turn me into a cactus... (turns into a cactus) or a goldfish... (turns into a goldfish) or Ally's dad wearing a chicken outfit... (turns into Lester wearing a chicken suit) or one of those dinosaurs with the...
Austin: Dez, stop giving him ideas!
Dez: (turns back to normal)

Chuck: CHUCK DISAPPEARS!!! (Chuck disappears)
Trish: Did He Really Just Leave The Typewriter?
Chuck: (runs back to retrieve the typewriter) I meant..."Chuck disappears with the type writer!" (Chuck disappears with the typewriter)

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  • This episode will be a part of the "Freaky Freakend" event.
  • This episode does not impact any part of the ongoing storyline; it is a filler episode.
  • Similar to cartoons, the characters swap voices when they swap bodies.
  • The song "Don't Look Down" is briefly featured in this episode.
  • If you listen closely during the Live Webcast at December 3, 2012, the Austin & Ally cast members mention this episode where they have purple hair.
  • The episode title refers to the 1976 film, starring Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris, or the book by Mary Rodgers, Freaky Friday, where the characters would switch bodies, and fictional stories written on the magical typewriter.
  • Chuck reveals that the main reason to "attack" Dez and his friends is that he claims Dez stole Chuck's original style.
  • Dez is the main character in this episode, as the events only happened in his short story.
  • This episode was supposed to air after Tracks & Trouble but was reset to air in April because of the Freaky Freakend event.
  • When Dez had super long fingernails he had the same outfit as in Campers & Complications.
  • This episode won the Austin & Ally Wiki award for the funniest episode.

Chuck's Attacks on the Gang

In the episode, Chuck messed with Austin, Trish, Ally, and Dez in interesting ways:

  1. Dez:
    1. His fingernails grow super long.
    2. All the churros that he bought turned into sticks.
    3. He swapped bodies with Austin.
    4. He swapped bodies with Ally.
    5. His head was turned 180 degrees around.
    6. He was turned into a cactus.
    7. He was turned into a goldfish.
    8. He was turned into Lester wearing a chicken suit.
  2. Austin:
    1. His hair turned purple.
    2. He lost his cool dance moves.
    3. He swapped bodies with Dez.
    4. His hands turned into hooves while he was taking his driver's test.
  3. Ally:
    1. Her hair turned purple.
    2. She swapped bodies with Trish.
    3. She swapped bodies with Dez.
    4. Chuck made her fall in love with him.
    5. She turned into Abraham Lincoln while giving her speech.
  4. Trish:
    1. Her hair turned purple.
    2. Her money tree died.
    3. The antique shop was no longer her's; due to this, Mr. Gower was also her boss again.
    4. She swapped bodies with Ally.
    5. Chuck made her fall in love with him.


  • Trish's boss complained about how Trish insulted 6 customers before her lunch break, but when the bird came out of the clock, it was 3 o'clock.
  • If you look closely at Trish when she has purple hair you can see her real hair poking out.
  • Dez says they should have used the typewriter to get girls too but they already had because Austin had used the typewriter to get Kimmy, the cheerleader.
  • When Austin, Dez, Trish, and Ally were in the mall talking about their purple hair and ran into Chuck, Austin was wearing red shoes. When Austin, Dez, Trish, and Ally were walking back into Sonic Boom and their hair was back to normal, Austin was wearing blue shoes. 
  • When Dez tries to show Chuck up and turns him into a tiny Chuck, you can see what he's typing on the paper, and the paper he's typing on is clearly blank.
  • The number of keys that were pressed on the typewriter didn't correspond with what the person was actually typing.


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