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Welcome to the Austin & Ally Wiki Forum

This is a place to talk to other Austin & Ally fans, share your opinions, have a full conversation about the show, and just have fun! Not only that, but you can use forums to ask a question involving the wiki, make a suggestion for the wiki, share a complaint, or just tell your thoughts about this wiki: the Austin & Ally Wiki! Nothing is too small or insignificant. Please search the forum before making a new one, so we can prevent duplicates. NOTE: If your purpose is specifically for the admins, please see the Admins page.

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A few pointers to remember when posting to the forum:

  • Please make the title as specific as possible. Titles such as "Problem - need help" give others no indication of what might be going on.
  • Please provide links when necessary!
  • Sign your posts. That way respondents know to whom they are speaking.
  • Be nice! This is a community with users of all different abilities, so be respectful when both asking and answering questions.
  • If you need specific help from admins, you can look at the contacting procedures at the Admins page.
  • To attract the attention of an admin to a specific discussion, please add.
  • To "sticky" a thread, you can add Category:Stickied threads to the post.
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