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I'm not afraid of you, Claws. I'm not afraid of anything!

"Filmmaking & Fear Breaking" is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on May 20, 2012 to 3.04 million viewers.[1]


Dez is filming his first low-budget big movie named Claws (Dun Dun Dun) and Austin, Trish, and Ally jump in to help. Austin nabs the starring role, Trish gets to play lots of characters and Ally offers to help out with props.

However, when it's Austin's turn for his big scene, something triggers a childhood fear of umbrellas and that causes Austin to panic and quit on doing Dez's movie. The cause of Ally's stage fright is also revealed to Austin. Ally supports Austin and helps him overcome his fear of umbrellas so that Dez can make his movie a great success.

Episode Summary

The episode opens with Austin and Ally at a piano in the showroom of Sonic Boom challenging each others ability to play an undetermined classical musical piece. Ally claims she can play the tune in her sleep. Then Austin challenges her to play it one-handed, and Ally responds by texting Austin on her cell phone, saying "Yes I can." to him despite the fact that they're sitting next to each other. Suddenly Trish walks in with Dez and annou

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking (1).jpg

nces that she has another new job - this time in a movie being made by Dez.

Dez sorts out his friends as cast members of his new movie.

The movie is named "Claws Dun Dun Dun," and is about a giant sand crab that threatens Miami. Dez insists on having the musical sting "Dun Dun Dun" as part of the title. He picks Austin to play Troy, the brave young lifeguard, who saves a girl on the beach, along with the rest of the town, and Trish to play "Girl #2," who originally gets killed, until she threatens Dez if she doesn't live until the end of the movie, and a character based on Ally named "Sally." Though his original choice for that role is Selena Gomez, he offers the role to Ally instead, who naturally declines because of her stage fright.

Austin tries to talk Ally into being in the movie anyway, citing the lack of an audience. But when he tells her about the manner in which her character gets killed she's even less willing to join the cast. Dez last choices for roles include Nelson who plays a scared little boy and one of two women to play the girl saved by Troy, one named Brittany and the other named Mildred. When he finds out the older one is the one named Brittany, he picks Mildred, although Brittany is later hired as a stunt double for Trish. Meanwhile, Dez seeks somebody to make props for the movie, and Austin suggests that Ally take the job, since she has no social life. After much persuasion, they both convince her to become the prop girl. Before shooting one of the scenes, Ally shows Dez one of her props, an elaborate lighthouse made mostly of popsicle sticks, with a working beacon, which he surprisingly rejects. During the filming of the scene, Austin carries Mildred onto the beach and puts her down in the sand, but when Dez insists that he put her on a rug beneath an umbrella, he suddenly quits his movie.

History repeats itself for Austin Moon.

Ally finds Austin in the practice room playing a song on his guitar and finds out he's afraid of umbrellas. In the first flashback of the episode, Austin claims that in the fourth grade, he and his class went on a field trip to the beach and they all brought umbrellas in case it rained. Austin was going to try to fly by using his umbrella, but when the hook got stuck on his belt loop, a gust of wind came and the umbrella flew away taking his pants with it, exposing his truck boxers to the class, everyone laughed at his humiliation and he runs away. After the end of the flashback, Dez storms in looking for them, and gives Ally a pair of claw crackers, telling her that she needs to make a gigantic version as a new prop, and then runs out. Realizing that his fear simply grew out of a negative memory involving umbrellas, Ally tries to counter the fear by providing positive experiences, which include his favorite things; cheerleaders, pancakes, and LeBron James. Lacking LeBron himself, she hires his limousine driver. Unfortunately, one of Florida's infamous sudden, quick-moving storms spoils her effort and sends the umbrella around the mall chasing Austin until it rips off his pants once again.

Following this ordeal, Austin becomes concerned that the rain will ruin the movie shoot, but Dez decides that his character will wear an umbrella hat. When Austin tries to talk Dez out of making him wear one, he insists the umbrellas are symbolic of protection, and thus fit his character perfectly.

Ally waited as one other girl auditioned for an exclusive music school in New York City.

Knowing he's still terrified of doing the movie, Ally decided to reveal the origins of her stage fright. Roughly two years earlier, she signed up to a musical audition, supervised by a cruel scout from New York City who said that she only had one chance to make to the big time. When her audition starts, she was so afraid of ruining her one chance, she panics. Her hands began to tremble and the piano suddenly sprouts teeth that start chomping at her and chases her toward the checkout counter as it tries to eat her. Everyone laughs at her cowardliness when she screams, she realizes it was a hallucination, she asks for a second chance, but doesn't get one.

Ally trying to protect Austin.

Convinced that Ally's backstory of her stage fright is far more pathetic than his umbrella incident, Austin decided to return to the movie, only to find that the beach is now cluttered with umbrellas. Furthermore, Dez rejects Ally's giant claw cracker. Austin tries in vain to avoid the umbrellas as he runs on the beach to attack the monster. He uses an oar to battle the sand crab, but it breaks. He then picks up another de-facto weapon, which much to his dismay turns out to be a wrapped up umbrella. Nevertheless, he remains in character, and Ally smiles in the background as she realized he may have overcome his phobia. "Troy" fights the movie martial arts-style and the movie ends with Austin delivering cheesy dialogue right before being splattered with the crab's innards, which is cut to Team Austin reviewing a copy of the movie before he submits it to the film festival. Dez reveals that he knew about Austin's phobia and deliberately uses it to his advantage, and also deliberately annoys Trish, and angers Ally when he reveals he never used any of

Trish uniquely takes her anger out on Dez.

her props. Trish, however, decides to use Ally's giant claw cracker on Dez in retaliation. The episode ends with a series of failed takes from Dez's movie, which includes Ally trying to sneak one of her props in various scenes, Trish overacting, and Austin paraphrasing various other movie lines from the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's as he's about to kill the monster crab.


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Memorable Quotes

Austin: Can you play this? (plays tricky melody)
Ally: Oh please. I can play that in my sleep. (fake yawns, then plays same melody)
Austin: Can you play it this way? (puts one arm up; plays melody with one hand)
Ally: (texts while playing melody. Austin's phone buzzes)
Austin: "Yes I can."

Ally: Ooh, Claws, I like that title.
Dez: It's not Claws. It's Claws: Dun Dun Dun.

Trish: Who cares about the title or the stupid crab? My character's the true star: Girl #2.
Dez: Girl #2 gets eaten in the first scene.
Trish: What?!?!?! You didn't tell me that! If Girl #2 doesn't live until the end of the movie, neither will the director. DUN DUN DUN!
Dez: Fine. Your character won't get eaten until the end. But just so you know, I'm naming the crab Trish, 'cause it's mean and everyone's afraid of it.
Trish: Aww Dez, that's so sweet.

Dez: You're gonna be in the movie too. You're going to play Troy - the handsome lifeguard who battles the crab and saves the town.
Austin: Awesome! Now I'm officially a quadruple threat! Actor. Singer. Dancer. And Ballooner.

Dez: And Ally. That leaves just one role left. The cute songwriter who works at the local music store: Sally. I wrote it specifically for the most talented girl I know.
Ally: Dez, I'm flattered.
Dez: Not you. Selena Gomez. But she's unavailable, so do you want to play the part?
Ally: As much as I appreciate being your second choice, I can't do your movie! I have stage fright.

Austin: But you have the most gruesome death in the movie! The crab rips you in half, and then your head gets to watch him eat your legs!
Ally: (pretending to be excited) No way! That changes everything!
Austin: Really?
Ally: No.

Nelson: I'm ready to audition for Santa Claus!
Dez: Nelson, the movie's called Claws, not Santa Claus.
Nelson: Aww narts! You know how hard it was to build this (points to snowman) in Miami!

Trish: I hope you don't mind. I made some small changes to your script. Starting with the title.
Dez: Girl #2 versus Claws.
Trish: If you don't like that, we can always go with Girl #2: The Movie.

Austin: Hey Dez! Let her do props. Didn't you say you wanted someone to build you a miniature lighthouse?
Dez: Yeah, but that's going to take hours and hours. I need someone with, like, no social life.
Austin: That's perfect for Ally!
Ally: Hey, I have a social life! I'll have you know, I went to a party last year.
Trish: It was Back to School Night.

Ally: Here's your lighthouse Dez! I spent all night making it!
Dez: This is amazing.
Ally: Thank you. It took 7,000 toothpicks, 83 bottles of glue, and 1 trip to the emergency room to get a glued tooth pick out of my nose, but it's done!
Dez: Wow! It lights up, it spins around, and everything! I almost feel bad for cutting it out of the movie.

Ally: You're cutting my prop?
Dez: Oh, yeah. We're not going to shoot that scene so we don't need that lighthouse anymore. Man, isn't show biz fun?

Austin: You're okay. I'm gonna put you on the sand. Nothing bad can happen to you on the sand. (nervously breaking character) Are you sure it has to be under the umbrella?
Dez: CUT! (to Austin) Uhh, yeah. It has to be under the umbrella.

Dez: Did he just say he can't do my movie?
Trish: What was that about?
Dez: Maybe he caught stage fright... from Ally.

Austin: That's ridiculous. I mean, who's afraid of umbrellas?
Ally: I know. That would be weird, right?
Austin: That's not weird.
Ally: No way, you're afraid of umbrellas.
Austin: I know you are, but what am I?
Ally: You're afraid of umbrellas.

Austin: Go ahead laugh. I know you think it's silly.
Ally: What. I don't think it's silly. I'm afraid of umbrellas too. Every time I see an umbrella I'm like... Aah, umbrellas are so scary.

Austin: Can you keep a secret?
Ally: Who am I going to tell, I go to one party a year.

Dez: Oh, and before I forget. Ally, I need you to make one of these claw crackers for the movie.
Ally: That shouldn't be too hard.
Dez: It's got to be five feet tall and I need it in one hour. See ya guys.

Austin: Wow, Ally. I'm just afraid to be embarrassed again, your fear is way worse than mine.
Ally: That's kinda why I told you the story.
Austin: Like ten times worse. I mean, my umbrella fear doesn't stop me from chasing my dreams, but your stage fright, wow. You're a mess.
Ally: Okay, I get it.

Dez: Okay, Austin. Mildred is under that umbrella, unaware Claws is behind her. You have to run through this maze of umbrellas and battle claws to death with this oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: Or what?
Dez: This oar.
Austin: This or what?
Dez: Just fight him with the paddle.

Ally: If you knew Austin was afraid of umbrellas, why did you put them all over your movie set?
Dez: Because, an awesome director knows how to get real emotion out of people. I made Austin scared, Trish annoyed, and you angry.
Ally: I'm not angry.
Dez: I didn't put any of your props in that movie.
Ally: I know. How could you do that?

Song Featured


  • Austin refers to various movies during the end of the gag reel:
    • Lethal Weapon: "I'm getting too old for this crab."
    • Sudden Impact: "Go ahead, Claws, make my day."
    • Terminator 2: Judgment Day, "Hasta la vista, crabby."
    • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, "Crab, I am your father."
    • Apocalypse Now!: "I love the smell of crab meat in the morning."
    • Scarface: "Say hello to my little umbrella."
  • Also, Austin grabbing an umbrella to battle a monster is similar to how Zack Fair fights in the beach scene of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
  • Dez mentions Selena Gomez, most prominent for her lead role in former Disney live-action series, Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • Sally (the songwriter in Dez's movie) shares many similarities with Ally.
  • This is the first time we see Austin in his underwear.
  • According to Dez, Austin only wears boxer shorts with trucks on them.
  • This is the 2nd time someone comments that Austin's middle name is Monica ("Burglaries & Boobytraps" being the first time).
  • The smoothie Ally had in her hand was from a smoothie store in the mall, Zinga Juice, a spoof of Jamba Juice.
  • Dez's movie, Claws: Dun, Dun, Dun, is a parody of Jaws.
  • Uncredited roles include Brittany, Mildred, Dez's script supervisor, the two cheerleaders, LeBron James' limo driver, and the rejected girl who played the piano before Ally.
  • This is the second time Austin is seen shirtless, the first being in "Songwriting & Starfish".
  • This episode title refers to Dez filming Claws: Dun, Dun, Dun, and Austin overcoming his fear of umbrellas.
  • When Austin is playing the guitar in the practice room after fleeing from the movie set, the song he is playing sounds like "Wouldn't Change A Thing" from Camp Rock 2.
  • For the week that this premiered, this episode was #25 on the list of the Top 25 Cable Shows (same reference from above)
  • This is the last Season 1 episode where Ally's hair have a clothespin.
  • Miles Elliot guest stars in this episode as Young Austin who is known for his recurring role on the Nickelodeon live-action series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.


  • Sonic Boom has a strict No Food policy, but Ally had a smoothie in the practice room.
  • When Austin was doing the role in Dez's movie, he took his shirt off and threw it on the sand, but when he ran off to the practice room and Ally came back, he had the same shirt on.
  • The beach where Dez shoots his movie and the beach in Austin's flashback are the same because absolutely nothing has changed, not even the large sand dune.


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