That girl can't take a hint, or a mint!
Trish to Ally talking about Kira

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath is the 7th episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 26th episode overall. It was the third episode filmed for Season 2.  It first aired January 13th, 2013 to 3.27 million viewers.[1]


Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez are excited to make their first big-budget music video; but when Kira, a girl with terrible
breath, who is Jimmy Starr's daughter, gets hired to play Austin’s love interest, the gang must find a way to finish the video without hurting Kira's feelings.

Episode Summary

Austin's next video will be produced by Starr Records, and Dez gets to direct it. He chooses to film the music video at an amusement park. In order to skip out of getting a permit, Trish quits the one job she likes (Puffy's Pillows, where they actually want her to sleep all day) and gets a job at Phil's Fun Town. They meet Kira, the girl who was hired to play Austin's girlfriend. But, they discover that she has horrible breath.

The first scene they film in on a Ferris Wheel ride, which gets stuck, and Austin has to spend an hour with Kira babbling about her life story. Then Kira and Ally get stuck in a giant hamster ball, and they decide they should fire her.
Ferris Wheels & Funkey Breath
Then they learn that Kira is Jimmy Starr's daughter, so they have to keep her. In an attempt to subtlety fix her breath, Trish carries around a cart of free mints, but then people take all of them away before Kira can get one. Dez offers a corn dog with toothpaste on it, but Kira denies it, calling saying corn dogs are disgusting and eats a garlic-anchovy pizza instead. They also do a water shooting game and fill it with mouthwash, and Austin attacks Kira, but none enters her mouth.

They decide to try and get Kira disgusted so she quits. They give Austin a device that makes it seem like he's drooling and, like planned, she quits, disgusted. The next day, when they are recasting, Kira apologizes and decides to finish the video. Then Jimmy Starr empathizes with Austin for his drooling problem, claiming that he used to have a problem, too. He arranges for Austin to speak to a bunch of kids about how drooling doesn't stop you from reaching your dreams. During the speech, the drooling tool malfunctions, and Team Austin admits that they wanted her to quit because of her bad breath. Jimmy apologizes, and we learn that when he had surgery for his drooling problem, he lost his sense of smell. Jimmy promises to help with her breath, but they can't do it in time for the video, which is due that night. 


Dez ends up filming the video properly, and the kissing scene is done where Austin and Kira are in separate hamster balls and they kiss through the plastic. As Team Austin goes back to Phil's Fun Town, the little girl with the lollipop ends up being the complainer that got Trish fired. Before the episode ends, Team Austin take pictures in the photo booth, after that the episode ends.

Memorable Quotes

Lester: Honey! We just got our first guitar from our new supplier! It only cost us 10 bucks.

Ally: How do they make a guitar so cheap?
Lester: They don't; you do! [tosses guitar pieces out of box] The instructions are right there.
Ally: They're in Korean.

Lester: Good luck, or I should say, haeng un el bin da (행운을 빕니다). [bows]
Austin: You've never been in love, have you?
Dez: No. But I have thrown up a lot.
Ally: Finished! That wasn't as hard as I thought.

Austin: Whoaaaa! Cool guitar; let me try it! [strums it; it falls apart]

Ally: Oh, maybe these weren't extra screws...
Jimmy: Sweetie!

Kira: Daddy!
Ally: Jimmy's Kira's dad?
Austin: Aw man, you know what that means?
Dez: She'll have a ride home after we fire her?
Trish: No! It means we can't fire her!

Dez: Okay, it is that bad. Maybe we should say something...

Ally: You guys can't do that; it'll hurt her feelings.

Austin: She's hurting my nose's feelings! Go talk to her; you'll see.
Trish: Attention! The Wheel of Terror Ride is now closed. Please vacate the area.

Sydney: No fair. I've been waiting here for an hour. You can't close the ride!
Trish: *moves arrow up so little girl isn't tall enough* Awwww, now you're too short. You couldn't have gotten on the ride anyway.
Sydney: Fine. But I want the face of this sad child stuck in your brain. [pouts her lips into a frown]

Trish: I'll file it with the others.
Austin: [Finally getting off the Wheel of Terror ride] Yes! [kisses the ground] Sweet, sweet freedom...

Kira: Thank you so much for getting us off. How can I ever repay you?

Trish: [smells her breath] Don't say another word and we'll call it even.
Austin: You want to put a hamster ball...with [breathes] HER?

Dez: It's symbolic. It shows how you share the same love. BREATHE the same air.

Austin: But I don't WANT to breathe the same air!
Trish: Attention! The Tubs of Fun ride is now closed! Please vacate the area!

Sydney: Again? You're destroying my childhood memories!

Trish: Memories are overrated. Stop living in the past.
Jimmy: Austin, I heard what happened.

Austin: You did?
Jimmy: How could you not tell me you have a drooling problem?
Austin: What?
Jimmy: Kira told me you drool. It's okay, son. I too was a drooler.

Austin: Uh... Well... Then you must know. It's been hard.
Austin: Great... Now, we can do the kissing scene...

Jimmy: [jokingly] You better not enjoy it. [laughs]

Austin: Oh, trust me, I won't.
Dez: It's okay, Buddy. It's nice that you're sharing your drooling problem.


Dez: But, you clearly have some anger problems. It's probably a side effect of the drooling problem.
Kira: I really appreciate you guys wearing those masks so I don't catch a cold.

Austin: No problem!
Ally: Very sick!
Trish: So contagious!

Dez: I know why your cat ran away...
Trish: I hope you guys had fun because I just got fired.

Ally: What happened?
Trish: Somebody complained about me.

Sydney: [turns around to face Trish] I wonder who.

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  • This is the first episode where Austin loses his temper.
  • Austin and Kira "kiss" in the episode for the music video "No Ordinary Day".
  • This is the first episode to air in 2013.
    Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath Pic
  • In this episode, Jimmy Starr said he lost his sense of smell at the age of 8, after he had his drooling problem fixed.
  • This episode is the first one with a "kiss".
  • The episode title refers to how Austin and Kira were stuck on the Ferris Wheel for an hour, and Kira's horrible breath.
  • This episode, as of now, is tied for least viewed episode of Season 2 along with Crybabies & Cologne and Parents & Punishments.
  • Sophia Cruise, the girl who played Sydney, played her first ever role in this episode.
  • In some scenes it's possible that Austin is wearing a circular plaster. Although, it's unlikely that it was used for filming purposes but Austin's portrayer, Ross Lynch, must have hurt himself somehow.
  • This episode was filmed and took place between Backups & Breakups and Crybabies & Cologne
  • This episode aired out of order on Disney Channel Australia on 26th April 2014, despite having season three episodes already aired.
  • Some scenes of Austin drooling were censored in the reruns shown on Disney Channel Australia.


  • After Kira talks to Trish, as she walks down the Wheel of Terror, if you look closely she bangs her foot on the lever.
  • When Austin and Kira are in the Tubs when Kira is talking to Austin and Dez about how she wasn't able to do the video, none of them cringed like they did before.
  • Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish should have actually known that Jimmy and Kira were related because Kira must have had to fill out an audition form, like the other girls, which usually you have to write your full name down and 'Starr' is an unusual surname.
  • You can clearly tell that the caramel apple Dez is eating isn't real, and he isn't really licking it.
  • When Trish puts Dez a caramel apple on his forehead, his forehead isn't greasy or sticky but it had to be since caramel is greasy and sticky.


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