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"Fashion Shows & First Impressions" (also known as "Austin's New Crush") is the 13th in Season 3 of Austin & Ally. This was the twelfth episode to be filmed in Season 3. It aired on June 29, 2014. The episode earned 2.1 million views on it's premiere night.


Austin must prove that he’s not shallow to impress a girl he wants to take on a date.

Episode Summary

Having been one month since Gavin and Ally started dating, they are off celebrating their one month anniversary. Austin is still shown to be slightly upset about them dating, but decides that he is ready to move on from his songwriter. In an attempt to set Austin up, Dez reveals that Carrie has a great sister. However, upon seeing a picture of her that doesn't quite seem attractive to Austin, he rejects the idea of ever getting together with Carrie's sister.

Later on at the beach, Austin runs into a girl named Piper and decides to ask her out on a date. However at Sonic Boom the next day when Piper comes along and Austin introduces her to the rest of the gang, he discovers that Piper is really Carrie's sister. Dez reveals to her that Austin did not like her upon first sight and Austin discovers the picture he saw was of one taken on Nerd Day at school. Piper is upset that Austin would be so quick to judge and cancels the date, thinking that he is shallow.

In an attempt to make it up to Piper, Austin writes Piper a small poem and makes her carrot-based foods as well as telling her that he would do anything for her. Piper tells Austin that she doesn't believe in various basic things such as bottled water, clothes, soap, toothpaste, and hair products. This leaves Austin filthy as it is, still wanting to go out with Piper, but to no avail has she let him yet. Dez then realizes that there is an upcoming fashion show that showcases clothing based on a very special bird and figures that Piper would hate this kind of thing. Austin decides that he should protest, or rather, try to ruin the show as a statement for Piper, to which he thinks she will love.

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Meanwhile, Trish is able to get Ally in that very fashion show, who gets the chance to become a model as well, showcasing a dress that is made of fallen feathers of an endangered bird. Though, Ally is a bit clumsy walking on heels and isn't quite the best model in the world, they decide that they should work on some of her modeling techniques and walks.

Trish and Gavin help Ally train for her model debut, but the two are not so impressed with what Ally has come up with. The three model walks she shows off do not seem as great as she thought they would be as shown by the reactions of Trish and Gavin.

Prior to the fashion show, Dez goes over to Trish, Carrie, and Piper, telling them about the plan Austin has to ruin it. Upon hearing this, Trish remembers that Ally is the starring model in the fashion show, leaving the four to run to the show, as Piper also made Austin give up his phone, due to her "disbelief" in technology. Piper also reveals that she was testing Austin all along to see how far he would go for her and realizes that he is genuinely a great guy as they rush to the show.

At the fashion show, Ally is already on the runway and the four reach Austin within seconds of what is about to happen to Ally and the rest of the models. Austin's plan was to drop buckets of paint all over the models to ruin the show. Since Austin is not able to stop the timer, he goes through the crowd and ends up pushing Ally off the stage in order to save her from the humiliation.

Afterwards, Piper admits to Austin about how she was testing him and now knows that he isn't so bad of a guy after all. They start over and agree on a date. Ally then confronts Austin, to which Austin first apologizes to Ally about ruining the show. But, her model debut specifically is not what Ally wanted to talk to Austin about. Ally tells him that she thinks it's sweet that Austin would go out of his ways for a girl and is happy for him.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: (Walks over to everyone, wearing a sweater) 'Sup, guys? What do you think of my sweater? (Spins around.)

Austin: It only has one arm.
Ally: I could take it or "sleeve it". Is it just me, or are my jokes getting better?

Trish: It's just you.

Austin: What does Piper eat?

Dez: I heard that she's a vegan.

Austin: And I'm a Capricorn. But what does she like to eat?
Austin: I'm not shallow, I just like pretty girls.

Austin: (sees Piper) Whoa. Hello. I mean... (gets up off the beach towel) 'sup? (walks up to Piper) I'm Austin.

Piper: I know who you are. I'm a big fan. I mean... (imitating Austin) 'Sup? I'm Piper.

Piper: There's much better scenery here, if you know what I mean.

Austin: Thanks. (Flexes his muscles) I did some push-ups earlier.
Piper: I was talking about the beach, spaghetti-arms. (Touches Austin's arm) Are you sure you're doing those push-ups right?
Austin: Very funny. You just wanted to touch my arm.

Piper: Maybe.

Ally: Austin, I can't believe it.

Austin: I know. I'm really sorry I ruined your show.
Ally: No, I mean you and Piper. I'm really happy for you.
Austin: Thanks. So, you're not mad at me for causing all this?
Ally: No, I think it's romantic you made a fool of yourself to impress a girl.
Austin: But I ruined your modelling début.

Ally: Eh, I'm sure I would've ruined it sooner or later. Have you seen me walk in heels? (Poses; trips and falls on Austin.)

Songs Featured


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Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • It is revealed that Carrie is Piper's sister.
  • Austin starts dating Piper in this episode.
  • This episode is also known as "Austin's New Crush" and is frequently referred to as such.
  • This is the second episode to have "New Crush" in the alternative title, the first being Hunks & Homecoming with "Ally's New Crush."
  • The title refers to Ally being the lead model in a fashion show, and Austin trying to make a good first impression on Piper, and to impress her.
  • As of this episode, all four main characters are dating someone.
  • Since Ally and Gavin mention they've been dating for a month, that means a month has passed since the last episode ("Hunks & Homecoming").
  • This is the first time someone tries to change Austin.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Piper (Hayley Erin) and the second appearances of Carrie and Gavin Young.
  • This episode continues the Auslly Arc (eleventh part).


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