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I still can't believe I'm playing video games with Austin Moon!
— Dwyane Wade

"Fanatics & Favors" is the 14th episode from Season 3 of Austin & Ally. It was the ninth episode of the season to be filmed; it premiered on July 13, 2014. The episode got 2.239 million views on it's premiere night.


Austin, Ally and Trish learn that Dez has an unexpected relative who is coincidentally a huge Austin Moon fan, in addition to being an NBA superstar.

Episode Summary

Austin is nervous about his performance that would be streamed all across the world to his international fans. Jace is watching the performance, although he was frozen most of the time. Dez tells the gang that his cousin Dwayne invited them to his house tomorrow, and that he is a huge Austin Moon fan. Austin is initially reluctant, saying he should rehearse more for concert. Ally says that they should go and that Austin needs a break anyway. Austin finally agrees, saying that he owes Dez for setting up the spotlights for the performance, but they end up falling.

At Dez's cousin's residence, the gang immediately notices how nice the house is. Austin rings the door bell, and the door bell plays an acoustic version of "Heart Beat". Ally remarks that it's a little weird, but Dez just says that he is a huge fan. Dwayne's assistant, Bogues, opens the door and tells them to enter at their own risk, since he just waxed the floors. Dez's cousin comes out from the great room and is revealed to be NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. Dez explains that Dwayne is his half-second-cousin-in-law, twice removed. Trish introduces herself by saying that she has never missed a Heat game. In her defense she's not a basketball fan, but she's a Dwayne Wade fan. When Bogues makes another scary remark, Dwayne says that he would fire him, but he, too, is scared of Bogues. Austin, Dez, and Dwayne start playing Austin's favorite dance game, "Dance Explosion". When Dwayne reveals that he made his own Austin Moon avatar, Ally once again notices that it's strange.

Ally pulls Trish off to the side and tells her that she thinks Dwayne is more than just a big fan; it's almost like he is obsessed with Austin. Trish, completely blindsided by her crush, agrees that Dwayne is cute. When Ally thinks that something is definitely off, she wants to have a look around. Trish wants to call Jace, not because she misses him, but because she wants to brag that she is at Dwayne Wade's house. Jace momentarily picks up, but hangs up after saying only a few words. While Trish is mad about Jace, Ally found Dwayne's books. He had changed all the famous books to make them about Austin. Some of the books include "Austinberry Finn" and "The Austinback of Notre Dame". Trish doesn't think it's insane, but creative. Ally argues that Trish is merely blinded by her crush on Dwayne, but Trish tells her that her heart belongs to what's-his-face, or Jace. They leave to do some more snooping around.

Meanwhile, Austin, Dez, and Dwayne played 37 rounds of "Dance Explosion" without taking a bathroom break. Dwayne leaves for a phone interview, but not before convincing Austin to stay by having Bogues make him pancakes. Austin initially didn't want to impose, but in the end he couldn't resist pancakes.

While they are eating pancakes, Austin asks Dez to explain their relation once again. Dez says that his half-grandmother's second sister married Dwyane's half-brother's uncle's third cousin. Ally comes in and shares that she has found creepy Austin stuff everywhere. Bogues comes in with a stack of pancakes with Austin's face on it. Trish finally admits that it's a little creepy. Ally shows Austin the changed book titles such as "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Austin and "Austin and Juliet." Austin accidentally stumbles upon Dwayne's Austin Moon shrine. There's photos and bobbleheads, even an Austin Moon cuckoo clock. Austin believes Ally, saying that the whole thing is a little cuckoo.

Realizing that they need to get out of that house, the gang rushes to the door, only to be intercepted by Bogues. Bogues stop them, saying that no one leaves Casa D. Wade ever. Ally proposes that they plan a game of hide and seek, making Bogues "it". While Bogues counts to 50, the gang quickly uses their opportunity to escape.

Back at Sonic Boom, Dez is still oblivious to the fact that they are not really playing hide and seek. He hides inside of the piano, and Trish purposely plays it. The hide and seek ploy didn't work, since Dwayne is now at Sonic Boom. Dwayne wanted to show them his song, and was hoping that he and Austin could perform it at his next gig, since he always wanted to be a rockstar. Austin and Ally begin to turn him down, but Dez swoops them away before they could. Dez explains that Dwayne gets obsessed with things, but once he does them, he moves on. Seeing this as an opportunity to get rid of Dwayne, Austin accepts. Dwayne performs his song, but he just rhymed "girl" with "girl" 11 times.

In the practice room, the gang try to decide who is gonna tell Dwayne that his song is horrible. Seeing as they have no other choice, Austin suggests that they try and fix the song, inviting Dwayne to an emergency songwriting session. Ally comes up with a better idea. She suggest that they take the new song they just finished, and trick Dwayne into thinking that he wrote it.

Down at the grand piano, Austin and Ally begin their emergency songwriting session by saying that they have a few minor suggestions. They changed the key and the lyrics to the song, and Dwayne is happy with the outcome, saying that he is a better songwriter than he originally thought. Austin says it's amazing what a few minor changes can do.

Ally is nervous about the performance, as she keeps pacing around. Bogues shows up and reassures them they have nothing to worry about, since he helped Dwayne with his choreography. On stage, Austin gives a shout out to his fans all around the world and introduces Dwayne Wade as the songwriter. They successfully perform "What We're About".

After the performance, Dwayne reveals that he knows that Austin and Ally tricked them, and that he knows that he didn't write the song. Dwayne forgives them because he got to be a rockstar because Austin. They do the "Austin and Dez" handshake, which is originally Dwayne's. Dwayne leaves, saying that he'll see Dez at Thanksgiving.

Dez comes into Sonic Boom with a cart full of stuff from Dwayne's Austin Moon shrine. It turns out that he threw out everything, even the cuckoo clock. Dez is back to being the #1 Austin Moon fan, and he accidentally reveals that he has an Austin Moon shrine too. Meanwhile, Jace got Trish a chair delivered to Sonic Boom. Trish initially wasn't a fan of the chair, but it is revealed to be a massage chair with a TV and a cooler. Jace explains that he wasn't blowing her off, but working extra hours to afford the chair. He wants to make up for not always being there for shoulder rubs, movies and milkshakes. Trish admittedly says that it was a sweet gesture, and apologizes to Jace for ever doubting him.

Memorable Quotes

Did he just rhyme girl with girl eight times?

I think it was twelve.

Here you are... a stack of Austin Moon pancakes.
Whoa! Is that my face on those?
Okay, that's a little creepy.

Hey, look, I'm Austin. Can you eat it? With syrup-up-up?

Well, while you're off solving the case of the paranoid songwriter, I'm gonna call Jace.
You really miss him, huh?

No, I'm gonna brag that I'm at Dwyane Wade's house.

Ah, sorry. I've just been busy with work. But, hey... we just shared our first concert together. Well, at least the part I saw. Which was mostly Dez crying through "I think about you."

Well, excuse me for having a heart.

Dwayne Wade
I still can't believe I'm playing video games with Austin Moon.

I still can't believe we played 37 games without taking a bathroom break.

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Guest Cast


  • NBA basketball player, Dwyane Wade, guest stars in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of the series to have someone famous on the show.
  • Austin performed in world live streaming in this episode.
  • Dez's last name, Wade, is revealed in this episode.
  • In the show, Dez and Dwyane are related, meaning Dez is of English-African descent.
  • Dez and Dwyane are both known as "D-Wade".
  • You can see the Auslly magazine from Partners & Parachutes in Dwyane Wade's secret shrine for Austin.
  • Dez also has a secret shrine to Austin.
  • Dwyane tends to get obsessed with stuff in general, but once he does then he moves on.
    • When he was a kid wanted to be: fireman, astronaut, chef, and ballerina.
  • Trish has a crush on Dwyane, shown by when she calls him cute, and even momentarily forgets the name of her boyfriend, Jace.
  • Dez revealed that he has an Austin Moon shrine.
  • The book that Dwyane transformed with Austin name on them were:
    • Austin in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)
    • The Adventures of Austin Berry Finn (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
    • The Austin-back of Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    • Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Austin (Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
    • Austin and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
    • Can you find Austin? (Where's Waldo)
  • The "Austin" sign on the books were the same as the "Austin & Ally" logo.
  • It was seen that Dwayne has a Romeo and Juliet book, but changed it to 'Austin and Juliet'. Ironically, Romeo and Juliet is Ross' favorite movie.
  • It was revealed that Austin' favorite dance game is called Disco Explosion.
  • When Dez sang "Can you eat it? With syrup, up, up", it was a pun of Austin's song, Can You Feel It.
  • Dwayne's 'Team Austin' t-shirt is similar to Dez's 'Team Ally' t-shirt from Partners & Parachutes.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Jace.
  • Dwayne's doorbell ringtone was Heart Beat.
  • In this episode we find out that Austin and Dez's "What up" handshake was born by Dwyane, that used to do it with Dez.
  • Trish's hair came back normal (curly), as she had straighter hair in Hunks & Homecoming and Fashion Shows & First Impressions.


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