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"Family & Feuds" is the twenty third episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 42nd episode overall. It aired on September 1st, 2013. The episode was the twenty third episode to be filmed of season 2. It earned 2.44 million viewers on the night of its premiere.


Austin, Ally, and Trish join Dez at a birthday celebration for Dez's younger sister, Didi, but are mortified to find that Didi's new boyfriend is Dez's arch-enemy Chuck.

Episode Summary

Dez decides to sleep in at Sonic Boom when one of his father's inventions (a robot guard dog) goes haywire, even though the rest of his family is staying at a hotel. Just then, Trish announces that she has a job as a DJ at FM 109, and is hosting a contest with a pink scooter as the prize, which Dez decides to win as a gift for his sister Didi's 16th birthday party. Dez enters to win it for Didi, but suddenly Chuck strolls into the crowd to compete with him for the bike and ends up winning. Team Austin goes to Didi's birthday party to find that Chuck is her new boyfriend, which causes Dez to faint.

Chuck seeks Dez's parent's approval to date Didi.

The rest of Team Austin find out that there has been a feud between Dez and Chuck's families, which dates back to the Middle Ages. In spite of this, Chuck convinces his parents to put their differences aside and let them date. Dez however, wants no part of this agreement, and Austin decides to support Dez. Trish's loyalties are simply based on monetary compensation, which Dez gladly provides. The next day at school, Dez, Austin, and Trish to pull a prank on Chuck. Trish uses her broadcast time at FM 109 to claim Chuck dedicated the Austin Moon song "I Think About You" to an imaginary girlfriend he was supposed to spend more time with after dumping Didi, which causes Didi to break up with him. He gets back at Team Austin with lots and lots of strawberry jam. So much of it, that Dez decides to camp out in the practice room of Sonic Boom with stockpiles of tuna fish cans from his father's survivalist shelter until Chuck goes to college.

Is the centuries-old family feud about to come to an end?

Once they realize how depressed Didi has become as a result of the break-up, Dez's family, along with Austin, Ally, and Trish(for $20 once again), decide that it is time for the feud to end. Ally purposely lures Chuck into Sonic Boom using a cover story about a non-existent pie-baking contest at the store. Suddenly Trish broadcasts a fake Emergency Broadcast System alert, and both are misled into believing that the zombie apocalypse that both boys and Dez's father believed was inevitable has started. Austin and Ally help Trish with the scam, although Austin's not exactly impressed with her zombie impersonations. Nevertheless, the fake zombie alert makes them work together and put their differences aside. At the end, the two become friends, even after Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez's family reveal they faked the whole incident. Chuck and Didi reunite, and Dez even goes so far as to loan him his Panini press, with extensive conditions.

Songs Featured


Main Cast

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Guest Cast


  • This episode will be the first time that we meet any of Dez's family members.
  • Dez's sister's name starts with the same letter as his does.
  • This episode has a reference from the Season 2 episode Future Sounds & Festival Songs; Dez's father's job as an inventor is once more mentioned.
  • Didi is revealed to be dating Chuck.
  • Dez and Chuck end their feud.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Trish wears the same shirt Sam wears in the Sam & Cat episode "#NewGoat".
  • The episodes Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction and Spas & Spices are mentioned when Dez tells Chuck he beat him in the chili contest and short story contest.
  • Chuck's surname is revealed to be McCoy.
  • In some parts of the episode, a reference to the Hatfields and the McCoys a family feud that goes way back is similar to Chuck and Dez's families as their own feud goes far back and as Chuck's last name is McCoy.
    • Dez's middle name is Hatfield, signifying that his mother might have been born a Hatfield before marrying a Wade.
  • Twice in this episode, Dez's last name is almost revealed.
  • I Think About You is played in this episode.
  • Austin reveals he knows Romeo and Juliet well enough (including the ending) to complete a quote from it. The fact he can surprises him.
  • In this episode The Cast Of Austin & Ally And Chuck Made Weird Voices.
  • It is revealed that Dez and Chuck both believe in zombies.
  • From this episode, all of Team Austin's parents have been seen on the show.
  • Austin is playing Better Than This on the piano in the scene where Dez comes in with "Pinch Me" sign on his shirt.
  • The zombie-related scenes of the episode could relate to a cannibal that attacked another man in May 2011 that many people are saying a "zombie attack".
  • This episode might be a parody of the TV show Family Feud.
  • This episode aired on January 13th in the UK.
  • This episode seemed to have been like the movie Romeo & Juliet with two people who want to be together, but their families won't let them because of the feuds. Ironically, Romeo & Juliet is Ross' favorite movie.


  • If you look closely, you can tell Dez is not playing the flute when he sees Chuck in Sonic Boom for the pie baking contest.

Memorable Quotes

Guess who got a job at FM109?
What are you, the nighttime janitor?

No. I'm hosting the love song dedication show. They hired me for my warm, gentle personality.

I can't believe I lost to Chuck again.
Oh, don't feel bad, honey. Chuck's just better than you at most things.

Thanks, mom. You always know what to say. [the two hug]

It's just that his last name is McCoy and our last name is-

Dad's right!

These violent delights have violent ends.

A plague on both your houses. Why do I know that?

You're going to pay for this, Red! You too, Blondie! And you too...whatever color your hair is.

I didn't have to do anything with it! And it's chestnut with amber highlights.

[to the phone trying to pretend to be a zombie] MUST EAT BRAINS!

Really? That's the best you can do?

I just want you to know that if we make it out of here alive, I'd be proud for you to be my sister's boyfriend.

I can't do that now; she's a zombie.

I wasn't scared.
Me neither.
So why are you still holding hands?
Dez and Chuck

[they let their hands go]


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