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The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Austin & Ally. Created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, the show follows the partnership between polar opposites — Austin, an extroverted musician/singer/performer, and Ally, a brilliant yet shy songwriter and their two best friends, Trish and Dez.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 19 December 2, 2011 September 9, 2012
  2 26 October 7, 2012 September 29, 2013
  3 22 October 27, 2013 November 23, 2014[1]
  4 20 January 18, 2015[2] January 10, 2016

Season 1: 2011–12

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Rockers & Writers" December 2, 2011 101 5.7[3]

Unknown to Ally, Austin and Dez accidentally steal one of her songs, record it, create a video and post it on the internet after which it and Austin become a local sensation, enraging Ally. But when Austin needs another hit song, he pleads with Ally to write one for him. It is up to Ally if she wants to continue her dream with someone that promises never to be wrong again.

2 2 "Kangaroos & Chaos" December 4, 2011 102 4.0[4]

Ally scribbles down Austin's song lyrics in illegible handwriting prompting Dez and Trish to start gathering strange props for the music video which they think correspond to her lyrics. After the odd collection of musical items begins arriving, they quickly work together to resolve the mix-up.

3 3 "Secrets & Songbooks" December 11, 2011 103 3.4[5]
Ally loses her song writing book, which is also her top secret diary, so she and Trish comb the mall looking for it, not knowing that Austin and Dez have already found it and read it, revealing that Ally has a secret crush. When Austin is convinced it's him, he tries to find a way to let Ally know they're just friends. Ally tries turns to Trish for advice once figuring out  what Austin did.
4 4 "Zaliens & Cloud Watchers" January 8, 2012 105 3.0[6]
After Ally writes a song that Austin doesn't think sounds like him, they decide to hang out more in order to learn what each other does for fun. When things get out of hand they realize that even though they are opposites thats what makes things work.  Meanwhile, Trish and Dez realize they have more in common than they thought.
5 5 "Bloggers & Butterflies" January 15, 2012 104 2.8[7]
After Austin realizes he is being followed by an annoying blogger, the gang must find a way to unmask the culprit and put a stop to the silly videos being posted online. When the culprit wants something in return Austin must make a tough desicion. Meanwhile, Dez and Trish both get a job at a fish fry restaurant and start frying up everything but fish.
6 6 "Tickets & Trashbags" January 22, 2012 107 3.0[8]
Trish books Austin a gig singing at the Miami Internet Music Awards, but when he is only offered one ticket for a guest, Ally, Trish and Dez vie for his attention in order to claim it. After Austin accidentally says yes to each person, they all get upset with him, leaving Austin wondering if he should just go alone.
7 7 "Managers & Meatballs" January 29, 2012 108 3.5[9]

Everyone's loyalty is put to the test when Austin is approached by hotshot manager Demonica Dixon, who wants to sign him, promising to take him to the top. Austin is backed into the position of having to choose between his friends and the promise of fame.

8 8 "Club Owners & Quinceañeras" February 19, 2012 109 3.5[10]

When Austin hears that a big time club owner will be at Trish's quinceañera, the gang plans a stand-out performance to ensure Austin gets noticed. Meanwhile, Trish invites Dallas to the party and Ally is nervous about dancing with him, turning to Austin for help,  when things go wrong.

9 9 "Deejays & Demos" February 26, 2012 111 2.7[11]

Austin books his first radio interview and decides it's the perfect time to give Ally the credit she deserves. However, during the interview, his plan backfires and the DJ invites both him and her to come back and perform live on the radio.

10 10 "World Records & Work Wreckers" March 4, 2012 113 3.1[12]

Ally accidentally hires her crush, Dallas, to work at Sonic Boom. When he turns out to be a horrible employee, she hesitates in firing him, fearing it might ruin her chances of him liking her. Once again turnning to Trish for help, doesn't go slightly as planned. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez compete to see who can break the world record for spinning a basketball on their finger the longest.

11 11 "Songwriting & Starfish" March 11, 2012 110 2.6[13]
The gang tries to help Austin get ready for the Hot Summer Jam Contest on the beach, where he could win a chance to have his song played on the radio. Turning to a cold, yummy treat to help them  with all there needs, jail suddenly is in their future. Meanwhile, Ally tries to put her previous, unpleasant beach-going experiences behind her. 
12 12 "Soups & Stars" March 25, 2012 112 2.6[14]
Trish's new boss at Miss Suzy's Soups is also Ally's former elementary school teacher, when Ally inadvertently posts a pic of a spider in her soup on Tweeter, Miss Suzy's business starts to suffer. Ally feels terrible, so she, Austin, Trish and Dez come up with a plan to help get customers back in the door. Meanwhile, Ally is trying to become a cooler Tweeter and also earn the beloved gold star.
13 13 "Burglaries & Boobytraps" April 15, 2012 106 3.3[15]

When there's a thief on the loose in the mall, Ally and Trish come up with ideas to catch him. But when the clues all point off to Austin, they have to confront him and Dez, learning that Austin was framed. They find out that the thief steals from stores in alphabetical order. When there plan to catch them doesn't go as planned, the unbelievable happens.

14 14 "myTAB & My Pet" April 22, 2012 114 2.9[16]
Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez take turns waiting in line for the new myTAB, but after Dez lets everyone go ahead of him, Ally and Trish have to take over line duty. Now Austin and Dez are left in charge of watching Ally's pet bird, which they accidentally let escape. Meanwhile, Ally is making people frustrated by her constant control of the line rules.
15 15 "Filmmaking & Fear Breaking" May 20, 2012 112 3.0[17]
Dez is filming his first big movie and the whole gang jumps in to help. Austin nabs the starring role, Trish gets to play lots of characters and Ally offers to help out behind the camera. However, when it's Austin's turn for his big scene, something triggers a childhood fear and causes him to panic, turning to Ally for help.
16 16 "Diners & Daters" June 17, 2012 116 2.9[18]

Trish gets a job at a diner and when the gang goes for lunch, Austin instantly falls for one of the waitresses. But when she tells him she doesn't have time to date, Austin gets a job at the diner and enlists Ally to help win her over. Meanwhile, Dez continues trying to fend off Mindy's attention, but falling for something may  make that harder.

17 17 "Everglades & Allygators" July 15, 2012 119 3.5[19]

The gang heads to Shiny Money's houseboat and, while Austin and Ally are working on a song, Trish and Dez accidentally lure in a legendary alligator. Chaos quickly ensues as they try to keep the houseboat and their summer vacation afloat. While the question of the new song is on their minds, when an unexpected and unwanted visitor comes.

18 18 "Successes & Setbacks" August 19, 2012 117 3.3[20]

Austin gets signed to a big record deal. But when he practices all night, he strains his voice. Austin must make the decision to get a procedure that will allow him to sing but his voice has the chance of sounding different as he sings, or he could never sing again. Taking over the family mattress business is also an unwanted option.

19 19 "Albums & Auditions" September 9, 2012 118 3.0[21]

Austin completes his first record and to celebrate its release, Jimmy Starr plans a big party. Ally gets accepted to a music school and is so excited that Austin, Dez and Trish sent in an application on her behalf. But this great school is in New York, forcing Ally to decide if she wants to move and leave her friends behind. Austin performs his new song, illusion and a surprise helps make her decision.

Season 2: 2012–13

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
20 1 "Costumes & Courage" October 7, 2012 201 4.0[22]
Austin's new record label owner, Jimmy Starr, invites him to perform at the Starr Records Halloween Party, where he will perform a duet with a famous musician to Ally's newest song. However, when Dez and Trish's ghost-hunting mission goes awry, the musician is unable to perform and Ally steps in to save the day once again.
21 2 "Backups & Breakups" October 14, 2012 202 3.7[23]
Trish's new boyfriend, Trent, auditions for a role as Austin's backup dancer and she decides to keep their relationship a secret so as not to influence Team Austin's decision. However, when Ally sees Trent flirting with another girl, she has to decide whether or not to tell Trish.
22 3 "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff" October 28, 2012 205 3.5[24]
Trish books Austin the cover of a popular teen magazine, but when the journalist shows up, everyone realizes Trish has embellished Austin's hobbies, skills and interests. The gang has to find a way to keep the journalist impressed while not getting Austin into trouble.
23 4 "Parents & Punishments" November 4, 2012 206 3.3[25]
Ally accidentally gives away all of the instruments in the Sonic Boom so Ally, Austin, Trish and Dez decide to host a fundraiser in order to get the money needed to buy the instruments back. However, when Austin gets grounded for bad grades, the gang is left needing a backup plan.
24 5 "Crybabies & Cologne" November 11, 2012 204 3.3[26]
Trent asks Ally to write him a song so he can become famous like Austin, however, when they find out Trent stole the song he overheard Austin and Ally working on, the gang must find a way to right the wrong.
25 6 "Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year" December 7, 2012 211 4.8[27]
Austin, Ally Trish and Dez travel to Times Square where Austin is booked to perform on New Year's Eve. When they can't get through New York City's crowded streets, Jessie comes up with a plan to get them to the stage and to ultimately have Austin record one of her songs.
26 7 "Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath" January 13, 2013 203 3.3[28]

Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez are excited to make their first big budget music video, but when Kira, a girl with terrible breath, gets hired to play Austin’s love interest, the gang must find a way to finish the video without hurting Kira’s feelings.

27 8 "Girlfriends & Girl Friends" January 27, 2013 207 4.0[29]

Ally, Trish and Dez step in to help when Austin decides he wants to ask Jimmy Starr’s daughter, Kira, out on a date. Ally even agrees to go on a "practice date" with Austin, in order to help him plan out the perfect date for him and Kira. However, trouble and confusion arises when Ally falls for Austin in the process and decides to tell Trish about it.

28 9 "Campers & Complications" Feburary 17, 2013 208 4.9[30]
When Ally’s old summer camp friend, Elliot, comes to town to pay a visit, he and Ally spend a lot of time catching up and reminiscing about the past. Though Austin is now dating Kira, he suddenly finds himself jealous of Ally’s friendship with Elliot.
29 10 "Chapters & Choices" Feburary 24, 2013 209 4.0[31]
Ally's mother Penny Dawson visits Miami to have a book release party, and Austin's performing at the party! Will Ally conquer her stage fright and perform with Austin?
30 11 "Partners & Parachutes" March 17, 2013  210 4.4[32]
After talking to her mom and Trish about Austin, Ally decides to focus on her music career now that she's conquered her stage fright. Meanwhile, Austin is unsure about his friendship with Kira.
31 12 "Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction" April 7, 2013 217 3.6[33]

Dez buys an antique typewriter from Trish to use for a story writing competition, only to discover that it's magical, and anything he writes actually happens. When the typewriter falls into the wrong hands, Team Austin find themselves put in many wacky situations.

Note: This episode was a part of a special Disney Channel event. Many of its shows, including Shake It Up, ANT Farm, Dog with a Blog, Jessie, and Phineas and Ferb, will have episodes with fictional plot lines where characters somewhat become one another.

32 13 "Couples & Careers" May 5, 2013 212 3.7[34]
Austin and Ally are finally a couple, and go on their first date. However, everything is awkward, so they wonder if they're making a mistake. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez try to win a contest so they can see Zaliens 8 My Brains early.
33 14 "Spas & Spices" May 19, 2013 213 2.6[35]
Trish gets a job at a spa and invites Ally for some treatments before an upcoming photo shoot. Austin agrees to pick up Ally's necklace for her, but things go awry when he drops it in a pot of chili that Dez is entering in a chili cook-off.
34 15 "Solos & Stray Kitties" June 2, 2013 218 3.2[36]
As Ally's manager, Trish gets her an audition for a big showcase.
35 16 "Boy Songs & Badges" June 8, 2013 214 2.5[37]
When Ally is busy, Austin tries to write a song for himself instead of relying on Ally.
36 17 "Tracks & Troubles" June 23, 2013 216 3.3[38]
Team Austin accidentally records over one of Kira's demos for her new album.
37 18 Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing July 14, 2013 219 3.2[39]
Ally is nominated as one of Miami’s up and coming new artists, and attends a party with Austin, Trish and Dez to celebrate. However, when producer Jean Paul Paul-Jean notices Ally doing her signature dance, he warns that this may prevent her from winning.
38 19 Tunes & Trials July 19, 2013 220 4.1[40]
Austin writes a song about a girl and after it becomes a musical sensation, fans begin to question who it’s about. In response, Val sues Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez, claiming that the song was stolen from her newest artist and the matter heads to court where the foursome decides to represent themselves.
39 20 Future Sounds & Festival Songs July 28, 2013 226 3.3[41]
When Austin is transported to a fantastical future, they realize that advanced technology can feel less personal when it comes to song writing, and learn to appreciate the traditional process.
40 21 "Sports & Sprains" August 4, 2013 221 2.9[42]
Spirit week at school prompts Austin to join the basketball team.
41 22 "Beach Bums & Bling" August 11, 2013 215 3.1[43]
Austin helps out one of his old rock and roll heroes.
42 23 "Family & Feuds" September 1, 2013 223 2.4[44]
Austin, Ally and Trish join Dez at a birthday celebration for Dez's younger sister, Didi.
43 24 "Moon Week & Mentors" September 15, 2013 222 3.6[45]
Austin and Ally are asked to be celebrity judges on a singing competition show that is celebrating "Austin Moon Week." Ally takes a contestant under her wing that reminds her of her former, shy self and she and Austin work to make the girl a top contender.
44 25 "Real Life & Reel Life" September 22, 2013 224 3.2[46]
When Dez and Trish decide to make a movie about Austin and Ally, they bring up unknown issues in Austin & Ally’s musical partnership that strain the duo’s current friendship. Trish and Dez are left to bring Austin and Ally back together as a team while still finishing their movie.
45 26 "Fresh Starts & Farewells" September 29, 2013 225 3.3[47]
Ally, Trish and Dez prepare to join Austin on his first national tour. However, after performing as his opening act in Miami, Ally receives an offer to help launch her own music career and is faced with the difficult decision of staying behind or joining her friends on tour.

Season 3: 2013–14

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
46 1 "Road Trips & Reunions" October 27, 2013 301 3.3[48]
After missing most of Austin’s tour to focus on her music career in Miami, Ally longs for her friends and decides to catch Austin’s performance in Portland. Ally barely makes it on time, and is now torn between continuing to work on her own music, or joining her friends for the last leg of Austin’s tour.
47 2 "What If's & Where's Austin" November 3, 2013 302 3.5[49]
Austin goes to get breakfast burritos so Dez won't have have to cook again and make a horrible mess. As he is gone, Ally, Dez, and Trish all start to worry where Austin is, since he is taking a while getting breakfast burrito. As a result, Ally, Trish, and Dez begin to imagine what life will be like if the day Austin and Ally met was different.
48 3 "Presidents & Problems" November 10, 2013 303 3.0[50]
Following the last show of Austin’s tour, the gang does some sight-seeing at a Washington D.C. museum, where Austin accidentally gets stuck to a priceless object and must find a way to return it before performing for the President.
49 4 "Beach Clubs & BFFs" November 24, 2013 304 3.1[51]
Trish becomes jealous after she convinces herself that Ally has a new best friend. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez find a treasure map on the beach.
50 5 "Mix Ups & Mistletoes" December 1, 2013 310 3.2[52]
Trish is organizing a Kids Club holiday party at which Austin and Ally will perform their original holiday song and distribute Austin Moon dolls, but a mix-up at the toy factory leads to a scramble. Meanwhile, Trish puts Dez and his arch nemesis, Chuck, through a competition to determine who will be a better Santa for the party.
51 6 "Glee Clubs & Glory" January 19, 2014 313 3.0[53]
Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez team together to try and win a Glee Club competition.
52 7 "Austin & Alias" January 26, 2014 305 2.7[54]
Ally takes on an alias in order to continue to be Austin’s song writer.
53 8 "Princesses & Prizes" February 9, 2014 306 2.7[55]
Austin agrees to auction himself off on a date to help raise money for Ally's charity.
54 9 "Cupids & Cuties" March 9, 2014 307 2.2[56]
Trish is nervous about an upcoming visit from a boy she has a crush on and does not act like herself when he takes her out on their first date.
55 10 "Critics & Confidence" March 16, 2014 308 2.0[57]
Ally, Trish and Dez help relieve Austin from the slump he's fallen into after he receives his first negative review from a critic and is afraid to perform.
56 11 "Directors & Divas" April 13, 2014 317 2.3[58]
Dez gets an unexpected opportunity to direct a movie that Austin is in, but things prove problematic when he has to work with Austin’s co-star, Brandy Braxton, a high-maintenance actress.
57 12 "Hunks & Homecoming" June 22, 2014 311 2.9[59]
When Ally's record producer pairs her with a new artist to record a duet, she is caught off-guard to learn he has a crush on her.
58 13 "Fashion Shows & First Impressions" June 29, 2014 312 2.1
Austin must prove that he's not shallow to impress a girl he wants to take on a date.
59 14 "Fanatics & Favors" July 13, 2014 309 2.2
Austin, Ally and Trish learn that Dez has an unexpected relative who is coincidentally a huge Austin Moon fan, in addition to being an NBA superstar.
60 15 "Eggs & Extraterrestrials " July 27, 2014 321 2.7
When Dez, Trish and Austin convince Ally to attend the annual Zaliens Convention that's being held in Miami, Trish and Dez happen to stumble upon real Zaliens and the gang must devise a plan to survive.
61 16 "Proms & Promises" August 10, 2014 315 2.3[60]
Ally questions her relationship with Gavin when he doesn't ask her to the prom. Meanwhile, Austin's not sure he made the right decision asking Piper to the prom.
62 17 "Last Dances & Last Chances" August 24, 2014 316 2.2
Carrie threatens to tell her sister Piper, who happens to be Austin's prom date, that he'd rather be at the prom with Ally. Meanwhile, Piper is growing suspicious of Austin's relationship with Ally.
63 18 "Videos & Villains" September 21, 2014 320 1.9
When Austin disappears before his scheduled performance on “Video Countdown Live,” the gang soon discovers Brooke is holding Austin captive until he writes a song for her.[61]
64 19 "Beauties & Bullies" September 28, 2014 319 2.1
When Trish gets the lead role in the school play, she drops out when she learns someone is making fun of her online.
65 20 "Horror Stories & Halloween Scares" October 5, 2014 318 2.4
When a power outage leaves the four friends locked in Sonic Boom overnight on Halloween, they pass the time by seeing who can tell the scariest ghost story.
66 21 "Records & Wrecking Balls" October 12, 2014 314 2.1
As her album is preparing to be released, Ally realizes that with all the time she's spending with her music, she won't have time to work at the store anymore, and is forced to quit, which allows Lester to finally sell the store- but when the gang finds out that the new owner, Ms. Krum, wants to demolish Sonic Boom to turn it into a box store, they must find a way to stop Lester before it's too late. Meanwhile, Carrie requests Trish and Dez's help to find a new job when she gets fired from Shredder's.
67 22 "Relationships & Red Carpets" November 23, 2014 322 2.9
Austin & Ally have been nominated for best debut album in the Worldwide Music Awards and are excited to reveal their couple relationship to the public. However, Jimmy Starr tells Austin that he can't have a girlfriend as he has millions of teenage girl fans. Jimmy orders Austin & Ally to keep their relationship a secret and forbids them from going to the WMA's together. Meanwhile, Dez's girlfriend, Carrie reveals that she is moving to L.A. which heartbreaks Dez. At the WMA's, Austin consults Jimmy about him not wanting to hide his relationship with Ally, but Jimmy warns him that he would be forbidden to produce music, albums or go on tour, due to his contract with Starr Records. Ally meets Austin outside, saying that she doesn't want him to have to choose between her and his career. Austin & Ally reluctantly break up, when after Dez reveals to Austin that he is moving to L.A. with Carrie and attend film school, due to his love for her. During the award show, Austin goes on stage and confesses that he doesn't care about his career anymore. He says "I love you Ally" and Ally responds "I love you too Austin", and the two share their 4th kiss onstage with the audience cheering. With Austin's career gone, he goes with Ally on her first tour, while Trish starts her own management company with a bunch of new clients. Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez all hug and leave.

Season 4: 2015–16

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
68 1 "Buzzcuts & Beginnings" January 18, 2015 401 3.1[62]
The gang shares an emotional reunion in Miami at Ally's triumphant homecoming gig. When Austin learns that the foursome's time together is only temporary, he contemplates enrolling in military school.
69 2 "Mattress Stores & Music Factories" January 25, 2015 402 2.2
Unable to find a new passion, Austin feels forced to take a job at his parents' mattress store, and Ally struggles to keep up with an influx of music students. Dez and Trish try and help the duo to come up with a plan that will solve both of their problems.
70 3 "Grand Openings & Great Expectations" February 8, 2015 403 2.0
The gang has less than a week to teach first-time music students how to play in a band in anticipation of the A&A Music Factory’s grand opening.
71 4 "Seniors & Señors" February 15, 2015 404 2.3
The foursome’s plans to enjoy their senior year together are put on hold when Austin learns that he’s a credit short.
72 5 "Homework & Hidden Talents" March 29, 2015 405 1.4
Ally wants to prove to Austin that she can unlock the hidden musical talent of a new student named Shelby who's lives her life under the shadow of her older sister Violet, a self-taught teenage violin virtuoso who was able to master the violin at the age of 3. Austin and Ally make a bet with each other over her ability to teach Shelby to play the violin. Along the way, they find that Shelby is a much better dancer than a violin. 
73 "Duos & Deception" April 19, 2015 409 2.2
Trish books Billie and Bobbie of "The Billie and Bobbie Show," a famous brother and sister duo, to talk and perform with the students of the A&A Music Factory. Meanwhile, when a code inspector comes to look at the music school and threatens to shut it down, the foursome learns the famous duo have ulterior motives.
74 7 "Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds" May 3, 2015 406 1.9
When Austin and Ally are paired together in Home Economy, they get to imagine life together as a married couple. Meanwhile, Trish helps Dez book a job directing a commercial.
75 8 "Karaoke & Kalamity" June 14, 2015 412 1.7
Desperate to perform again, Austin begins singing at a karaoke club in disguise. Back at the A&A Music Factory, Ally mentors a student with stage fright.
76 9 "Mini-Me's & Muffin Baskets" June 21, 2015 413 2.0
The gang prepares for the A&A Music Factory’s first showcase and Austin wants to surprise Ally by teaching their students one of her songs.
77 10 "Dancers & Ditzes" July 12, 2015 407 2.2
Ally is performing at an awards show but the producers are worried about her dancing abilities.
78 11 "Mysteries & Meddling Kids" July 26, 2015 417 2.1
A mystery unfurls when Ally’s songbook is stolen from the school’s ’70s-themed party. The gang goes in search of the culprit.
79 12 "Comebacks & Crystal Balls" August 9, 2015 408 2.1
A visit with a fortune teller convinces Austin that something bad will happen during his comeback concert. Meanwhile, Trish believes she is going to meet a prince.
80 13 "Burdens & Boynado" August 23, 2015 418 1.9
When Trish's boy-band client "Boynado" threatens to split up, she searches to find a way to fix their problems. Meanwhile, Austin and Ally try to help a former impersonator find his own voice.
81 14 "Bad Seeds & Bad Dates" September 20, 2015 411 1.8
Ally learns that the new woman her dad is seeing also happens to be the mom of a very difficult student at the A&A Music Factory.
82 15 "Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories" October 4, 2015 414 2.1
The NYC Central Park Spooktacular inspires the gang to tell a few scary stories of their own.
83 16 "Rejection & Rocket Ships" November 8, 2015 415 1.7
When Ally is rejected from college, she decides to let go of her “perfect student” ways. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez discover their favorite childhood ride will shut down forever.
84 17 "Cap and Gown & Can't be Found" November 22, 2015 416 1.7
When a missing library book threatens to keep Ally from graduating, Austin tries to find it. Meanwhile, Trish fakes some memorable moments in an attempt to get more photos in the yearbook.
85 18 "Santas & Surprises" December 6, 2015 410 1.5
One of Austin & Ally’s music students is upset about spending Christmas away from her father, so the gang does everything they can to try and make her happy and realize that they’re her family too.
86 19 "Musicals & Moving On" January 10, 2016 420 2.8
As the rest of the group prepares for the next phase of their lives, Trish is still determining what her next steps will be.
87 20 "Duets & Destiny" January 10, 2016 419 3.2
Years after the gang has gone their separate ways, Ally, Austin, Trish and Dez meet-up and learn what they have all been up to, individually.


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