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That's a tough one. I'm not really into music.

Elliot is close friends with Ally. They met at an art camp when they were younger. When Elliot comes to town to visit Ally, they spend a lot of time together, making Austin jealous. He is portrayed by Cody Allen Christian.


Elliot is shown to be very polite and friendly. He feels guilty when he and Ally make plans to weave baskets together and Ally is supposed to be having a Girl's Day with Trish, he asks Trish if she wants to join them, but she declines. He's also competitive, as shown during the 'competition' between him and Austin.

Elliot also seems to be very passionate about arts and crafts, to the point of even bringing a glue gun with him at all times. However, it is shown that he is not into music, which is a huge disappointment for Ally, as "music is life".


Ally Dawson


Close Friends/Former Crush

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Elliot and Ally are very close friends. They spend a lot of time together when Elliot comes to town. Ally seems to enjoy hanging around with him. They both have a lot in common and met while at a camp when they were younger. They both seem to like each other but have nothing else to talk about besides what happened at camp, which leads to them agreeing to just be friends.

Austin Moon


Elliot and Austin aren't seen hanging around with each other, but they don't seem to hate each other. Austin is jealous of his and Ally's relationship. During Campers & Complications, Austin challenges Elliot to see who will win trivia night. They both tie for last place. Austin says he won't leave until he beats Elliot. They go through a series of games such as table hockey, basketball, and tug of war. Elliot lets go of the rope after Ally asks him "Why do you care about beating Austin?" After Austin gets hit with buffalo sauce and egg salad, Austin declares he won.

Trish De la Rosa

Possible Enemy

Trish doesn't seem to like Elliot very much and is angry that he and Ally are spending so much time together. When Elliot asks her if she wants to join him and Ally for basket-weaving, she declines, saying it sounds awful yet comments to Austin that if she were to spend time with "A cutie like him: you may never see Ally again."



Elliot and Dez aren't seen together very much, but they are shown to be friends with each other. When Dez saw Elliot in a picture, he called him a nerd, but when actually meeting him, Dez called him a "hunk".

Kira Starr

Possible Friends


Not much is known about these two, but it is shown that Kira thinks he's cute.


  • He enjoys basket-weaving.
  • In the photo that Ally showed to her friends of Elliot as a kid, it's revealed he used to wear glasses and braces.
  • He always carries a glue gun in his pocket.
  • He went to Camp Craft-A-Monga with Ally, where they were known as the 'Art & Craft Rebels'.
  • He agrees with Ally that they don't have much to talk about BUT camp.
  • He owns a pet turtle.
  • Elliot is a big fan of Austin and enjoys his album.


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